Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, December 30, 2013

Crossfire by Jodie Bailey

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book; Crossfire by Jodie Bailey. I really enjoy Jodie's work and this was an exceptional one. A story of a couple who as teenagers crushed on each other, although neither shared that fact with the other. His best friend and her brother kept them from the knowledge. Now the attraction is not only still there but overpowering.

Andrea Donovan, once in the Army,  is a counselor to Army personnel having substance abuse problems or PTSD issues. Unable to save her brother, it had become her life work.  She left her office to go shred some of her notes when a large man blocked her way. He demanded one of her patients, Wade Cameron, or his file, when she refused, he attacked her.

First Sargent Josh Walker was torn between aiding the woman or catching the man that had attacked her. Chasing the man he was able to see the car but unable to get the plate numbers, going back to the woman he receives a hard fist to his face. When he was finally able to get her attention and calm her down he recognized his high school crush. Guilt from her brothers death had kept him from becoming a part of her life, now her life was in jeopardy.

A fast paced, well written story of wounded people trying to survive in a complicated world but finding only God can make a way. I know you will love the book. God bless you and have a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Love on the Slopes by Elizabeth Goddard

My book review today is on the Heartsong Presents; Love on the Slopes by Elizabeth Goddard. I love Elizabeth's books, most of the ones I've read were suspense so I was surprised when I received this one. I loved it though. A story about skiing is perfect when we are gearing up for the Olympics and of course it's a great love story. I love the characters in the story, both are broken and trying to find away for redemption. God has a plan though, He always does though.

Shannon De Croix is a skier. She is out to earn a place on the U S Ski Team when she has a serious accident. Her boyfriend left her but her coach was there for her. After surgery and months of rehab she is determined to train again. Her father has bought a ski resort, hired coaches, and is sponsoring a team so she can so she can be a winner. Winning is everything. Shannon and her coach have a difference of opinion. She defies him and skis a forbidden slope, he quits, leaving her floundering.

Hudson Landers was once an Olympic Champion. He had everything he once dreamed of but after pushing his sister after an injury, she fell and was left paralyzed. Now blaming himself he tries to convince Shannon to take it easy but her winning is everything attitude forces him to quit.

Shannon doesn't understand Hudson. He had stood beside her after her injury telling her he'd be there for her. She had never realized how much he meant to her until he was gone. She follows him to neighboring resort where he is helping the disabled. She volunteers in his program to try to talk him into coming back.

Hudson has been in love with Shannon for a long time but he can't allow himself to be happy, not after what he did to his sister.

A great story. I know you will love it. You need to run out and get a copy. I hope you have a great week end.


Monday, December 16, 2013

The Unexpected Gift

My post today is different. Yesterday my Pastor spoke on the unexpected gift. The Old Testament is full of scriptures foretelling of the Messiah but the people were expecting a King, a Ruler, the son of David, not a baby born in a manger. Most of the people refused to believe this baby would someday be the Savior of the world.

Jesus was raised by a couple who knew he was God, knew how he was conceived and yet didn't really believe he was here to do the Father's business. The town refused to see Jesus was anyone other than a carpenter, Mary and Joesph's son. They wouldn't even believe he was a prophet.

It was difficult for even the disciples to see Jesus as the son of God. They expected Jesus to throw over the government and become the king of the Old Testament. They were shocked when He was crucified. But are we that much different?

Jesus is The Unexpected Gift. We wander through life trying to do what we think is right or what we think will make us happy and most of us don't give a thought to the wondrous gift God gave us.

This last few weeks my church has been on a mission to save souls. My church is small; we average about fifty to sixty people a week in attendance but we have led over a hundred people to Jesus using a simple tool called a Salvation Script in a program called Witness, Win, and Bring Them in. Ordinary people like you and me are leading sinner to Christ. This Christmas season more than a hundred and fifteen people have found the Unexpected Gift and have turned their lives around.

Have you met this Unexpected Gift? He is the most wondrous gift that God had to give. Your life can be turned around too, just repeat this prayer after me: Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive me of my sins. Wash me and cleans me. Set me free. Jesus, thank you that you died for me. I believe that You are risen from the dead and that You're coming back again for me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Give me a passion for the lost, a hunger for the things of God, and a holy boldness to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Jesus name Amen. If you prayed this prayer with me please contact me and I will send you a copy of a little book about being born again. God bless you all!

Friday, December 13, 2013

There Comes A Season by Carol Steward

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book There Comes A Season by Carol Steward. This book is about a widow and a widower, both flawed and dealing with past hurts. I'm divorced and have know concept of what widows go through. I do know that usually they remember only the good, where we that are divorced tend to remember only the bad but this one was irritating with so many ups and downs. 

Laura Bates was a fairly new widow with three children struggling to learn to live again. She runs a daycare center and is just trying to survive. She seems to have a great deal of trouble dealing with her three children, her past, her attraction to a new parent, and letting go.

Bryan Beaumont just found out that when his estranged wife died she had been keeping his infant son from him. Bryan is now forced to deal with the issues from his marriage. Is this child even his? Hs secretary recommends a daycare. Bryan is drawn to the lovely widow and her children but feels unable to cope even with his own son.

They have a long journey of up and downs and past issues. They will learn there is a season for everything. You can find this book through Love Inspired or Amazon. Have a great weekend and God bless you.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Her Christmas Cowboy by Brenda Minton

My book review today is on second story in the Love Inspired Novella Christmas Gifts. This story is Her Christmas Cowboy by Brenda Minton. I love Brenda's work and this story was one of my favorites. I just finished one of her books about the Cooper men (I have read them out of order) that I loved so I was thrilled to read about Travis. I hope to read more about the large family of Coopers. Brenda's characters are all flawed but manage to trust in God to get them straightened out. I love that. Travis is ADHA, a problem a lot of our kids deal with. It's great to see how he struggles but stays a man of God.

Elizabeth Harden comes to a bull riding event for her father. Recently dumped by her fiancee` only to have him run off and elope with someone else, she sends her parents on the honeymoon she was to take. Now she is here to help her father who is sponsoring this event. A cowboy comes to her rescue, sweeps her off her feet, and saves her from being mauled by one of the bulls.

Travis Cooper is a bull fighter. His job is to distract the bulls while the rider gets to safety. On this night he manages to save a beautiful woman. He has heard all about what has happened to her from her father. He's well aware of the fact that she has been badly hurt. He knows she isn't a woman to trifle with.

Unable to fly out because of the weather, she accepts Travis help but tries to guard her heart. Travis is a womanizer just like her fiancee` she must protect herself.

This is a great book and I know you will love reading it. You need to run out and get this book. God bless you all. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Small Town Christmas by Gale Gaymer Martin

My book review today is on the first book in the Christmas Gifts novella by Love Inspired. I really liked this story. Gail is an awesome writer and I have always enjoyed her work. Plus I love Christmas stories and I had a set of twins so of course I loved this one.

Amy Carroll lost her job in Chicago and moved home temporarily to take over a second grade class. Before she even starts her first day she meets Mike Russet, the father of a set of twin girls. The girls are acting out in class , probably because of the death of their mother. Amy has her hands full as tries to figure out how to handle the girls and to keep ahead of their matchmaking attempts.

Mike Russet is a widower who allowed his girls to become bullies and run all over him in his grief. Amy's grandmother babysit for him and is able to control the girls but Mike has no idea how to do that. He soon sees that Amy is able to handle them and asks for tips on how to deal with them. While the girls decide Amy is perfect for them.

A very cute story. I know you will all enjoy. Have a great week and God bless you.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Frame-Up by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Frame-Up by Jill Elizabeth Nelson. I really enjoyed this book. It is well written and very hard to put down. The characters are dynamic. A story of faith, trust, and love.

Laurel Adams was on her way to a speaking engagement at Estes Park when she encounters a white out snow storm. There is no way she can make it. She and her teenage daughter pull into the drive way of a small cabin, hoping to take refuge. She recognizes the man who opens the door as a man that was accused of murder. How could she trust him but she didn't have much choice. When they go to unload the luggage they find a dead body in her trunk.

David Greene had woke up three years ago to find his girl friend dead. He was arrested but was later released because of lack of evidence. He has turned his life around but lives with the stares and bad attitudes that surround him every where he goes. So when they find a dead body in the trunk of this beautiful woman and her young daughter he's determined to help them. There is also a link between this young woman shoved in the trunk and his dead girl friend. This might be the clue to break the case wide open.

An awesome story, I know you will love it. It is in the January edition of Love Inspired. Now I want you all to have a great week end. God bless you all.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Hickory Ridge Christmas by Dana Corbit

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, A Hickory Ridge Christmas by Dana Corbit. I love Christmas stories and this is a good one. I know you will enjoy it.

Hannah Woods is a preacher's kid and an unwed mother. Five years ago she was only seventeen and madly in love with the boy next door. Suddenly he left with his parents, not even saying goodbye. She had been so hurt that she hadn't accepted any of his letters or phone calls. When she found out about the baby she refused to tell anyone who the father was, not even Todd. Imagine her surprise when he walked into her father's church.

Todd McBride left the love of his life when his father was transferred out of the country. He did everything in his power to communicate with her but she refused, now five years later he came home to apologize and win her heart. What he found was his beautiful daughter he hadn't known existed.

A journey of forgiveness, undying love, and God's plan for His children. A great story that is well written. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. God bless you all.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Safe By The Marshall's Side by Shirlee McCoy

Welcome back! I hope all my followers had a wonderful holiday. I had a great day. Now back to work. My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book Safe by the Marshall's Side. This is the first book in a new series by Love Inspired, Witness Protection. I was thrilled to find out they had started a new series and all of the writers are favorites of mine. Shirlee is one of the best and I loved this first book.

Annie Delacort witnessed her husband's murder, she and her two year old daughter has now been in witness protection for over a year. She spent a year in Milwaukee but had now been brought back to St. Louis to get prepped for the trial.

U. S. Marshall Hunter Davis has been in charge of Annie's case from the beginning but now that she was back in St. Louis he was by her side full time. Hunter was a by-the-book kind of guy and was struggling against his attraction to the beautiful woman and sweetest two year old he had ever met. Now suddenly he was confronted with the fact that his team was not secure, everywhere he moved Annie they ran into problems.

So starts the journey to save and protect until after the trial. A story of faith, love, and commitment. I loved every minute of it. You need to get a copy of this book. Now have a great week.

Monday, November 25, 2013


My post today will be different. I just have to take this opportunity to thank God for the marvelous things he is doing in my life and what he has done this last year. God is so good to me and my family. I must Praise Him and give Him all the glory. I don't understand how people can survive with out him in this world we live in today. I'm not saying I have all the answers and I'm not saying that my life is always easy and without opportunities to doubt or give up but it is so worth the effort.

First of all my grandson Paul got married. He and Kendra his wife gave me a new great granddaughter Kida. I moved out of my daughter Kellie's and for the first time in seven or eight years I am living alone. I love my new home, it is small and cosy. I have been able to decorate it however I want to. No matter how much they tell you it's your home too, it just doesn't feel that way. I still don't have a car but I found the Handibus and it takes me where I need to go.

Jeremy (Kellie's other son) and Timarie got married and are now expecting a baby in the spring. They aren't sure what it is yet but are both thrilled. Timarrie's two year old, Harmony, isn't sure about what's going on but she's practicing her maternal skills on her dolls and is become quite good at caring for them.

My granddaughter Kirstina and her husband Cole have recently given me a new great granddaughter, Elliot Nicole. She was born on my mother's birthday, I think that was so sweet of God to do that for me.

I just found out my other grandson Michael is going to be married in July. I haven't met Lisa yet but the family says it's a good fit.

I started a new book, I'm really excited about it. My best friend read my book, Little Girl Taken and said it really opened her eyes to the problem of human trafficking. This book is the second one in that series. I just pray for open doors to publish them. I just love the book.

My church has become one of the most important things in my life right now. We are having revival. In the last four weeks we have seen over a hundred people give their lives to Jesus. I have never been apart of such a move of God. The devil has attacked me in many ways but it hasn't stopped me from witnessing to others. I am more in love with Jesus than I have ever been in my life. I can hardly wait to see what will happen next.

God bless you all and don't forget to give God thanks.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Best Christmas Ever by Cheryl Wolverton

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, The Best Christmas Ever by Cheryl Wolverton. I haven't read any of Cheryl's books for awhile, I'd forgotten how much I like her work. I love Christmas stories so this was a really good fit for me. I really enjoyed it. She has a real way with the faith message.

Sarah Connelly is at the end of her rope. She has lost everything and is now living in a homeless shelter when a good friend tells her that her brother-in-law is looking for a housekeeper/babysitter. Two years ago, after the death of her sister, she had taken Justin to court to get custody of her niece. Although he had won there was serious issues in their relationship. Desperate she goes to see him, unable to tell him why she has come she stays with her niece when Justin is forced to go to work and has no one to watch Mickie.

Justin was shocked to see her but Mickie has been asking about family so he lets her stay.  After she leaves, he realizes he has no one for tomorrow. He tries to call but the phone was disconnected. He finally calls their mutual friend, Bill and finds out her fiance`, her boss, has broken up with her, she has been fired, and has lost her home.

Bill contacts her at the homeless shelter and tells her Justin wants her to come to his home. And so begins the journey of three lonely people. Mickie wants a mother, Justin finds Sara everything he had hoped his wife would have been, Sarah is falling in love with Justin but is hiding a secret that could destroy everything.

A great book I know you will love. Have a great weekend and God bless you all.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wilderness Peril by Elizabeth Goddard

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book Wilderness Peril by Elizabeth Goddard. This was an awesome book, I love Elizabeth's work. A story of faith even in dire circumstances. The characters were great, not really what you would expect, but great.

Shay Ridiker is an airplane mechanic for Deep Horizon Recovery Services. She's a tough little woman that likes to be in the background, not wanting any of the men to see through her facade. She agrees to accompany pilot Rick Savage to Alaska to help Rick's brother Aiden with a repossession of a small  plane. She brought tools and the part she determined she would need to repair the plane. What she's not ready for is her attraction to Rick.

Rick Savage and his brother were ex-marines. Rick had issues with PSTD, having once pulled a gun on Shay when she had woken him from a nightmare. Aiden had dealt with his memories by resorting to alcohol. Aiden had been clean for a while but when he didn't show up when they arrived, Rick's mind went right to that possibility.

Shay and Rick are ran off the road, kidnapped and taken to a gold mine ran by the man who had defaulted on the plane, along with several gun toting members of the mob. Shay has seen Rick's nightmares and has no desire to lean on him for protection.

You can find this book on her website, or on I know you will love it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Desecration by J.F.Penn

My review today is on the book Desecration by J.F. Penn. This book is very different than the other books written by J.F Penn. I have enjoyed her ARKANE stories and looked forward to reading this one. Desecration is well written, fast paced intrigue. It is much more on the dark, graphic side. I'm sure if you're into that kind of fiction you will love it. I'm sure it will be a very successful series.

Detective Jamie Brooke is struggling with the fact that her daughter is dying and there's nothing she can do to help her through it when she's caught up in the investigation of the bizarre murder of a young woman whose parents own a large pharmaceutical company. the parents and the company are into some pretty dark and shady dealings that could impact Jamie in a way she could never have imagined. The plot thickens and the suspense builds to an exciting and heart wrenching conclusion. 

It might not be something some of my  Christians friends might not enjoy this book as it is very graphic.
You can find out more about this book on

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Doctor's Christmas by Marta Perry

My review today is on the Love Inspired Book The Doctor's Christmas by Marta Perry. I really enjoyed this book but then I always like Marta's books. They are always well written and full of faith. I love that. I know you will love it too.

Dr. Grant Hardesty volunteers for a month in a free clinic in a small mountain town called Button Gap. His future partner wants him to work there with the hope of improving his bedside manner. Grant lost his young brother years ago, he hasn't really dealt with his grief, choosing to blame God and his parents. He is totally shut off.

Maggie Davis is the permanent nurse in the little clinic in Button Gap. Maggie was raised in an abusive home. Her mother was unable to keep her husband from hurting her. Finally she ended up in foster care, moved from one home to another. Her favorite home had been with Aunt Ellie here in Button Gap. Grown up and a nurse she came here to give back. Maggie is trying to help an abused woman with her children. Nella's husband was recently killed but Nella didn't have the strength to go on. Nella asks Maggie to care for her three children and then runs off.

Grant is a by-the-book doctor so Maggie tries to keep the story from him. It's the worse time possible to have him in the clinic. Mrs. Hadly, the same social worker that ruined Maggie's life is set on finding the kids and taking them away.

This is a great story of a town the takes care of their own, the return of faith, and God's plan for the people. You will love it. You can buy this book on Amazon. Have a great weekend and God bless you all.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing by Brenda Minton

My book review today is on the Love Inspired book The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing. This book is one of the Cooper Creek Series by Brenda Minton. I really liked this book. It's well written and I loved the characters. I must confess I have a thing for cowboys. I don't date them because around here there isn't many Christian cowboys.

Jackson Cooper is at home trying to recover from a bad fall off one of his horses, when he has unexpected visitors. A sullen teenage girl and the school teacher that bought his grandmothers place next door. It seems Jade's aunt brought her to the wrong house so Madeline Patton brought her to him. She tells him her mother is dead and has a copy of her birth certificate with Jackson's name as the father. Jackson wasn't an angel when he was on the rodeo circuit but he knows this girl isn't his but he doesn't send her away. He asks Madeline to help him with her. He doesn't think she should stay alone with him.

Madeline Patton is a survivor of child abuse. She knows well about the "system" and doesn't want Jade to go there so she agrees to help Jackson even though she's really nervous around him. Jackson doesn't believe Jade's mother is dead so he takes her back to Oklahoma City to find her mom.

A great story, I know you will love this story. You can find it on Amazon. God bless you all. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Force of Nature by Dana Mentink

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Force of Nature. The second book in the Stormswept Series by Dana Mentink. I always enjoy Dana's books, she has such away with suspense and intrigue. I really liked this story, after the last story I wondered about Antonia and enjoyed hearing her story. A story of faith and forgiveness.

Antonia Verde has just returned to Florida after almost dying in an earthquake in California. Life is a mess. Her sister was put in prison for attacking her husband and is now out and on the run with her young daughter. Antonia's brother-in-law and his connection to the drug world has come between Antonia and the love of her life. Reuben has chosen to believe his brother and not Antonia, although they have loved each other for years.

Reuben Sandoval's mother left his drug dealing father to save her two sons. Reuben's brother had once worked for drug smugglers but now says he is clean. Reuben needs to believe him but it costs him Antonia.

Antonia is on the beach when she is chased by thugs. heading for the ocean even though a storm is causing problems. Reuben rescues Antonia but they end up trapped on the island with the brother, killers, and hurricane Tony trying to kill them.

The book is fast paced and full of action. I know you will like this book. You can buy it through Amazon or Love Inspired. Have a great week, God bless you.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mistletoe Matchmaker by Lissa Manley

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, Mistletoe Matchmaker. the second book in the Moonlight Cove Series. This is a cute story written by Lissa Manley.  I enjoyed the story and I'm sure you will too. A couple who want no part of romance, thrown together, and their struggles with their attraction.

Molly Kent lost her mother years ago. Her father couldn't face his grief so he lost himself in his work, leaving little Molly to struggle through her years alone and unloved. She swore she would never be hurt like that again, turning to God as her only love.

Grant Roderrick is a workaholic. When his mother died and God didn't answer his prayers he turned from Him and threw himself into his work. He didn't need God nor did he need a relationship. He came to Moonlight Cove to dog-sit for his aunt. He also came to catch up on his work. He had an important deadline to meet. The dog had a mind of her own and fled the moment the door was open, ending up in Molly's Dog Boutique. Molly tries to help him with the poodle.

Molly doesn't mention that she is the resident matchmaker. She has promised Grant's aunt to make a match for Grant, but find he is a better match for her than anyone else. She doesn't want a match, especially a workaholic like her dad. So goes the struggle.

You can find this book on Amazon. It's really cute so run out and get a copy.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Critical Care by Candace Calvert

My book review today is on the book Critical Care, Mercy Hospital Series, book one. This book was written by Candace Calvert. I don't think I have read any of her books before but I loved this one. I use to work in a hospital and in rest homes so I love medical stories. This one is well written, the character's, although flawed are totally believable, and there is just the right amount of faith in the story.

Claire Avery was once an ER nurse but after the death of her brother in her ER, she has not been able to handle it. She is now working as an educator of nurses. Claire is called into the emergency room to do an assessment on the staff during a medical crisis. Her job is to help staff with the trauma of dealing with overwhelming emergencies. Entering into the world she swore she would never enter again was extremely painful.

Dr. Logan Caldwell is the ER director better known by his staff as Dr. McSnarly. He sees no use in counseling, in the Faith QD prayer group or in God for that matter. He runs a tight ship and expects only the best from his team. If that means nurse run from him or go to the higher ups to complain so be it. But Logan is strangely drawn to the pretty educator.

This is a great story as the two battle against their pasts and the faith issues. I highly recommend this book. You need to get a copy right away. You can purchase it on Amazon. God bless you all.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Revival at last!

My post today is going to be going to be different. It is a testimony to God on the wondrous things God is doing in my church. In the last few months we have seen eighty-six people who have given their lives to Jesus. In a small church that averages between forty to sixty people each week that is an awesome thing.

We had three people come up in an alter call that were radically saved, then we had the Power Force come and minister. Sixty-nine lives were changed at that event. I loved seeing the youth go up. My two grandsons, their wives and my granddaughter went forward, so that makes it that more special, plus three of the people I invited went forward. It was such an awesome night.

Last month my pastors went to a conference in Colorado. There they heard about a  church in Fort Worth that has come up with a script that makes leading people to Jesus simple.If you can read the card you can lead someone to Jesus, it is so easy. I personally have witnessed to two people, one was already saved but I was able to lead the other one to Christ. What a great feeling that is, almost like getting saved all over again. Pastor has implemented it in our church and now the total lives changed are eighty-six and growing daily.

Yesterday, we had such a move of God that it almost took your breath away. People were healed and set free. I had a chance to share what God is doing in my life and to pray for people. It was glorious and I want to give God all the  glory! God bless all of you and have a great and blessed week.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Yuletide Jeopardy by Sandra Robbins

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Yuletide Jeopardy by Sandra Robbins. It's the second book in the Cold Case Files Series, it was good to visit the characters in the first book. It is a well written story and I enjoyed it. It's an action packed story, returning them back to their high school days.

Grace Kincade returns to Memphis to help care for her father. She becomes a TV Anchor woman at WKIZ-TV. She is called out to talk to a man that is threatening to jump off the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge. The man is the father of a boy she dated in high school. A boy that supposedly took his own life. The father wants her to promise to find his son's killer.

Alex Crowne is called to the bridge only to find his ex-fiance` talking to the man from their past. He manages to save Grace as the man grabs her wrist as he jumps over the edge. Alex is a police officer assigned to the new Cold Case Division, so he opens the case with Grace to help him.

They are thrown into a world of chaos as they find out there is indeed a killer and he wants Grace to be his next target. The differences that once tore no longer seem important as they try to survive.

A great story I know you will love it. Have a great weekend, God bless you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let it Snow by Yvonne Lehman

My book review today is on the Heartsong Presents book Let it Snow by Yvonne Lehman. I really enjoyed this book. It's a cute story about young love, rejection, and God's plan working in your life. I loved the ending, It was great.

Nancy Walker loved Woodrow Lawing from the time she was ten, Woody was her brother's best friend. At age seventeen, she confessed her love and kissed the twenty-three year old. Woody gave her a lecture on how she was too young to know love. She was in high school and he was in college. She felt that meant she needed to wait for him, after all his kiss proved he loved her. Several years later, she got pretty much the same story, now he was in a masters program and couldn't get involved with her, she was only a freshman. Woody did love her but refused to tell her so because he had years of work to finish before he could support her. Now in a doctorate program he finally wrote a letter telling of his love. Thrilled she wrote back and proposed. Neither one of them heard from the other again.

Nancy was heartbroken when Woody didn't answer her proposal but went on with her life. A good Christian man came into her life and even though she confessed her school girl crush for another, he loved her and won her over. They were married, he became a pastor, and they had a daughter but Ben died of heart problems. So now in her early forties she was a widow, her daughter getting married and going into mission work, and Nancy's life was over. She came home to help her mother when her best friend became ill. (Woody's mother) How do you face someone who had rejected you all those years ago?

Woody had become the professor at a college and was living the life he once dreamed of but had never gotten over Nancy's rejection. How was he suppose to face her now? He needed to care for his mother but everywhere he turned was the love of his life.

Great story, like I said I loved how Yvonne handled the end. You just need to read it and find out how it worked out.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Canyon Springs Courtship by Glynna Kaye

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, A Canyon Springs Courtship by Glynna Kaye. A well written love story about a fallen relationship that God brings back together. A couple who holds on to the hurts and lets go of the love, but are unable to move on. Both are led by the need to please other people. A common flaw among people, but there comes a time when we realize we can't please others. You just need to please God if you want to be happy.

 Macy Colston was once an investigative reporter. Her boyfriend confided facts that she took and ran with to build a story that got her the attention she felt she needed to kick off her career. Jake didn't seem to understand and the relationship ended with a lot of pain for all concerned. Six years later Macy visits a small town in Arizona to do a series of articles for her famous blog. The town of Canyon Springs has asked her to come in hopes of putting them on the map. Macy needs an exciting scoop to make her sponsor happy and get a TV reality show. She wasn't aware that her former sweetheart was living here.

Councilman Jake Talford has done everything in his power to keep the town from hiring Macy, now he feels he must check up on her to keep her from revealing some gossip or scandal. Unfortunately the story she digs up is about Jake's beloved grandfather.

A good story about forgiving the past and putting your trust in God and in His plans. I enjoyed this story, I'm sure you will too. I hope you had a great weekend, now God bless your week.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Christmas Cover-up by Lynette Eason

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Christmas Cover-up by Lynette Eason, the second book in the Family Reunion Series. I have to tell you I had problems with this book. I had a really busy day Wednesday, I got home late and picked up this book to read a chapter and go to sleep. I was up half the night, I couldn't put the book down. It is a very well written book, fast paced, and action packed. I recommend you don't start it unless you have plenty of time to finish it. I love that about Lynette's books.

Detective Katie Randall became a detective to search for her little sister that was kidnapped fourteen years ago. Katie had been watching her outside when she stopped to help the neighbor, Lucy was gone when she returned. Her family still blamed her so she had set out to find answers. A year ago she had been so obsessed with the case her boss threatened to fire her, so now after a break, she decided she needed help. She hired her best friends company Finding the Lost but her friend sent the one man she couldn't work with.His family like her own blamed her for the death of their child. How much guilt could she carry.

Former FBI Agent Jordan Grey took the case knowing that it would be a difficult case. Katie had been the police officer that arrested his brother a year ago. After being put in a holding cell, his brother had been killed, his parents still blamed Katie for his death. Jordan had forgiven her, he knew his brother had made his own choices that had led to his death but Jordan had his own issues to deal with. He had been working in a missing children division and lost a child, he felt the same guilt that Katie did. Could he work with her?

Great story of redemption, forgiveness, and faith. I know you will all love this one. You can get it through Love Inspired or on Amazon. It's a great book. Now have a great weekend, God bless you all.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Fireman's Homecoming by Allie Pleiter

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book in the Gordan Falls Series, The Fireman's Homecoming by Allie Pleiter. A great story, well written, with characters you'll fall in love with. I enjoyed the book very much. A story of faith, redemption, and forgiveness.

Clark Bradens was the black sheep of his family. After years of teenage rebellion Clark leave town swearing never to return. Clark returns to Gordan Falls to take his fathers place as chief of the fire department but it is anything but easy as the town seems to remember every one of his indiscretions.

Melba Wingate returns to Gordan Falls to care for her father. He has been diagnosed with Alzheimers but is ill with some kind of infection. While suffering from a high fever he reveals a secret. Melba's world is turned upside down.

These two start a journey to find the answers they need as their lives are intertwined. Their search through the past and the things that surround them brings them closer to God and each other. I'm sure you will enjoy the book. You can find it on Amazon. God bless you all.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Her Mistletoe Protector by Laura Scott

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Her Mistletoe Protector by Laura Scott.
This was a great suspense, well written and fast paced. I liked her characters, flawed but believable. I liked the way Laura's faith played an important part of the story.

Rachel Simon survived marriage to a man involved in the mafia. She managed to divorce him and with her family's help, she and her son had made a new life for themselves. Rachel was now CEO of the company her father had left for her inheritance. Life seemed normal until she started receiving threats. Convinced the mafia was involved she called the only man she felt she could trust since the mafia influenced everyone.

Detective Nick Butler had been involved in a case involving the mafia and hoped working with Rachel would open doors in his investigation. Determined to protect her, he follows her to her son ball game but is held up when she leaves, arriving right after her son is abducted.

Rachel refuses to allow him to call in backup. She sells her shares in her company to come up with the ransom. Nick believes someone else is behind the situation as they struggle to find her son.

Nick shows Rachel how faith in God can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the violence all around them. God is the only one that can keep her son safe and show them how to get out of the mess they are in.

A great story of redemption, trust, and faith. I loved it and I know you will too. Have a great week.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Healing The Forest Ranger by Leigh Bale

My review today is on the Love Inspired Book, Healing The Forest Ranger by Leigh Bale. I'm not sure if I have ever read any of Leigh's books before, but I did enjoy this book. I loved all the facts about the wild horses. It's great read.

Widow Lyn Warner has taken a new job in a new town. The death of her husband and the loss of her daughter's leg has left a huge hole in her life, moving seems to be the best way to heal. She has been told that the doctor in this small town is one of the best for amputees and he will be able to help her ten year old daughter. Since her husband's death she has tried to control her daughter and has become very over protective.

Doctor Cade Baldwin is out riding when he hears the wild horses he loves. A woman screams and he rides to the rescue and saves the day only to find out the woman he saved is his enemy, a forest ranger.
Then he finds out that this beautiful woman is the mother of his new patient. In an effort to keep tabs on what this woman is doing to his beloved wild horses, he makes arrangements to go with her on her trips to check out the horses. She opens his eyes to the plight of his horses.

A book about not judging others before you know all the facts for him, but for her it is about returning to her faith and letting go and trusting God. It is so easy to blame God when things go wrong. to lose your faith when you really need it the most. God doesn't go around killing people, that's the devil. Evil men cause evil things to take place in the world, that when we need to lean on God and let Him work through the trying times. We all go through those trials but we need to believe that He will finish to work He started in our lives and it will be good. God bless you all this week end.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

High-Stakes Holiday Reunion by Cristy Barritt

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, High-Stakes Holiday Reunion, this is one of The
Security Experts Series. I have enjoyed this series about Eyes Security. I really love Christy's work. Her books are always well written, action packed stories of faith and love.

Today's story is about Ashley Wilson. She witnesses her brother and her nephew's abduction. Fearing for their lives she goes to the only man she can trust despite their troubled past. Christopher is the only man who will find David, but how does she tell him David is really his son.

Christopher Jordan paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country. A Navy Seal can't afford to not be focused at all times so he breaks up with the only woman he has ever loved. Now in an effort to recover from the horrors of war he has taken a job with Eyes Security. He doesn't understand why Ashley would come to him for help after he had broke her heart. When faced with the truth about his son he must find a way to forgive Ashley and learn to trust her again. Ashley and David's lives are on the line.

A great story you can receive through Love Inspired or Amazon. I know you will love it. God bless you all. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Montana Stand Off by Sharon Dunn

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Montana Stand Off by Sharon Dunn. I really enjoyed this book. It was very well written, fast paced, and very intriguing. I'm sure you will enjoy reading this story. I loved the way she weaved faith into the story.

Sarah Langston is on her way to work when she's kidnapped. Driven out into the wilderness, her captors threaten to kill her if she doesn't tell them where her brother is. Sarah has no idea where her addict of a brother is. As they cover her eyes and prepare to kill her, she's rescued by her former boyfriend.

Bryan Keyes is a forest ranger. He had left town years ago when Sarah gave up their daughter for adoption. After being a police officer for several years he has returned to town on a case. Working with the police force for quite awhile, he decided to take a leave of absence. Watching the area for fires he sees men dragging a woman out of a van at gun point. He takes off down the mountain to rescue her, but finds the love of his life. They take off across country but they manage to find them where ever they go.
This has to be about more than a simple debt.

This is a hard book to put down you need to get a copy right away. God Bless you and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Day In Budapest by J.F. Penn

My book review today is on the book One Day in Budapest. I really enjoy the way J.F.Penn writes. Her stories take place all over the world and contain so much information about religious antiquities and artifacts. It always makes me want to go out and see the world. This one, although short and only lasting one day, is one of those stories. Isn't it wonderful that you can go anywhere and be involved in anything through books.

Morgan Sierra of the ARKANE is back. She still hasn't completely recovered from her injuries from the last story and is waiting for her partner to recuperate from his injuries, so she takes a short assignment. ARKANE is returning two precious artifacts to the Synagog in Budapest, an early painting by a Jewish-Hungarian artist and an antique Torah. Both were stolen from the Gold Train during World War II. Morgan volunteered for the mission in hopes of it bringing her closer to her Jewish father. Although she was brought up in Israel she had never embraced her fathers religion.

When Morgan arrives at the Synagog to meet with the Curator of the Museum, the Synagog is attacked.
A priest at the Basilica had been murdered and the Holy Hand of St Istvan has been stolen, the symbol of the Hungarian nation. A Star of David was painted in the priest blood at the Basilica and a message in Hebrew. A anti-Semitic group is out to destroy the Jewish people of the city.

Security Consultant Zoltan Fischer works with Morgan to find the Holy Hand and calm the terrorist threats to destroy the city. He leads her through another world where Jewish are hated and unrest has taken over the city. This is a fast moving, well written story. I love Morgan and was glad to read more about her. I recommend this book, it is a great intrigue.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rescuing Christmas by Terri Reed

My book review today is on the second Novella in the Love Inspired Suspense, Texas K-9 Unit Christmas, Rescuing Christmas by Terri Reed. I loved this story. Terri writes such great intrigues and suspense stories. This one is well written and action packed. It's a story of vengeance, forgetting the past, and finding God's plan for your life. It is a must read.

Lily Anderson has moved to Sagebrush Texas to get away from her past. She now works for the K-9 Unit to train the dogs. She's very good at what she does. She has managed to keep her past from everyone but her boss. She's kidnapped and taken to the woods but she manages to escape her kidnapper and runs headlong into a car on the highway. Is this man the man who had abused her, he was still in prison. right?

Jarrod Evans has his own issues as he drives to Sagebrush to train with Lily, she's said to be one of the best. Imagine Jarrod's surprise when she runs out into the road right in front of him. He manages to miss her and get her to the emergency room. He makes it his personal mission to become her body guard.

Danger and threats surround them as they try to train his dog. Will he be able to keep her safe? Neither are ready for a relationship but are drawn to each other. Does God have His own plan? You'll love this story, run out and get a copy. Both of these stories are excellent. God bless you this week.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Holiday Hero by Shirlee McCoy

My review today is on the first novella in the Love Inspired Suspense, Texas K-9 Unit Christmas, Holiday Hero by Shirlee McCoy. I loved the Texas K-9 Series a few months ago so I was excited to receive this book and I can assure you that it wasn't a let down. I loved this story. Shirlee does a great job with suspense and intrigue. It is fast paced and well written, you'll love it.

Emma returns to Sagebrush Texas to care for her aunt. She never planned to return to this place but now with her aunt's growing dementia she is in the process of getting ready to open a diner. Working late one night painting, she turns off the lights and prepares to leave when she is attacked and left for dead.

Texas K-9 officer Lucas Harwood receives a call from the Emma's aunt saying Emma should be home by now. Lucas former childhood friend sets out to check on Emma only to find her in a heap in the diner. Lucas makes it his mission to protect Emma as the attacks escalate.

It's a awesome story, you need to grab a copy. Now, have a great weekend, God bless you all

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Carpenter's Inheirtance by Laurie Alice Eakes

My book review today is on the Heartsong Presents book The carpenter's inheritance by Laurie Alice
Eakes. I really enjoyed this story. It's always great to read about women's struggles with the past concerning their occupations. We don't see a lot of that now but it is still a problem in some cultures. It's amazing what some women have had to endure when they were just following God's leading for their lives. We have come so far.

Lucinda Bell is called to be an attorney, she comes from a long line of them and just wants to keep the legacy going but in 1893, Virginia refuses to allow women to practice the law. Lucinda buys a dying practice in Loveland, Massachusetts. She is determined to prove herself qualified. She has great dreams of acceptance, friendship, and hopefully in time a husband and children but that's not what she finds. She finds few people will not have anything to do with her, several are trying to force her to leave town. Her office has been gutted before she arrives but is broken into on several occasions, she's then threatened and is eventually abducted.

Matthew Templin is the local carpenter. Lucinda hires him to fix her office. A quiet man with a less than desirable past, he finds papers that prove his parentage, so now has need of a lawyer. Matthew is drawn to the beautiful lawyer but knows there can be no future for them until his situation is resolved. There are men that want to keep his past hidden and will stop at nothing to  cover up the past.

It's a great story, well written and with intriguing characters. A must read. You may find it through Heartsong or on Amazon. God bless you all.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Dating Dance by Grace

My book review today is on the book The Dating Dance by Grace. Dancing through the fifties. I was asked to read and review this book, I have to say I was disappointed in this book. It is like a diary of
Grace and her friend's encounters with men at Country bars. Then she starts going to Tango lessons and Salsa bars. I have to tell you this brings back memories of where I was before I got saved. I remember going to these bars and leaving empty and alone. I thank God for picking me up out of the bars and setting me at the Kings table. I never am alone now. God's love fills those empty places in my heart. Asking Jesus into my heart took all that pain away.

Grace is divorced, the mother of two children. She decides to enter the dating scene again. Although after reading the book you do see that she really was dating all along, she just changed venues. I had to laugh at her lists of rules to start  the dating process.

I don't date at all but I have to tell you after reading this book I remember exactly why I quit. God bless you all and have a good week.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Stars in Her Eyes by Erica Vetsch

My book review today in on the Heartsong Presents, Stars in Her Eyes by Erica Vetsch. It was historical romance from the wild west days. It was a very cute story and I really enjoyed it. There were several words that one might have to look up in the dictionary that was distracting to me though. I loved her characters.

Pastor Silas Hamilton is a single pastor in a small church. One of the ladies of the church is determined to marry him off to her daughter. Neither Silas or the daughter are open to that. Silas is sure that when he meets the right woman he will know it, so when he rescues a beautiful young woman from a fall in the icy Colorado river he knows she's the one.

Willow Starr is an actress. She's been traveling with this troupe her whole life. Her parents taught her and her sister to act as children. The stage is not where her heart is, neither is dealing with her sister's drama. Willow falls head over heals for the Silas but is it enough to give up an opportunity to act in New York City? Can she handle the attitude of some of his church members?

I enjoyed it and I know you will too. You should run out and get a copy. God bless you and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rock Harbor Search & Rescue by Colleen Coble & Robin Caroll

My review today is on the book from the Rock Harbor series. Search and Rescue. I really enjoyed this story of a young girl stating to come of age. Her one goal is to be like her stepmother and work in search and rescue. It was great how her faith kept her going when things got totally out of control. The story is very well written and I loved the characters. It's hard to write as a thirteen year old.

Emily O'Reilly wants to get her own puppy to train to be a search and rescue dog. Her families good friend and fellow rescuer Bree has just the puppy and her parent tell her if she will pay half they will pay the rest for her birthday. Emily makes jewelry and copies one of her idols famous necklaces. She is hoping to make enough money at the Rock Harbor Annual Fall Festival to buy the puppy. Emily is asked to watch the booth of her idol that is next to her own. The famous necklace that Emily had copied is missing and Emily's necklace is in it's place. No one believes her, when she says she didn't take it, not even her own father. He forces her to give the money she earned to the artist to replace the necklace.  Now she will never be able to get her puppy.

Accused of a crime she didn't commit, Emily and her best friend, Olivia decide to find who took the necklace and so begins their adventure. It's a wonderful story and I know you will enjoy it. You can find it on Amazon. God bless you all.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Warning Signs by Katy Lee

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Warning Signs by Katy Lee. I really enjoyed this book. It is well written and action packed. I especially liked her main characters. Both were flawed and carried a lot of baggage but together they found God had a plan. He always does have a plan we take the time to listen to Him.

Guilty until proven innocent, that is the theory of the Police as they send for DEA Agent Owen Mathews to investigate the new high school principle. Drugs are being smuggled into the town and Owens friend believes that as she and her interpreter, the only new people in town must be the ones who are bringing the drugs in. Since Owen has a deaf son and knows sign language he will be able to catch this pair without their knowledge.

Miriam Hunter came home to try to find a place for herself. She has spent her life trying to overcome her hearing impairment but the town refuses to accept her. They accuse her of smuggling in drugs when pot is found in her office. Who could hate her this much? Why were the dreams she had as a child coming back to torment her?

A great intrigue, I know you will love it. you can get it through Love Inspired, Amazon, or most book stores. God bless you all and have a great week.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Simple Cure by Lawrence W. Gold M.D.

My book review today is on a book I was asked to review. I have reviewed several of his books. Although they aren't Christian fiction and does have some bad language and sexual content, they  very well written and well researched. I must warn you though the book is about a search for Malignant Melanoma and while you are reading this book you will be examining every mold and wart you have. The book is scary that way.

Dr. Richard Powell, a cancer specialist, is diagnosed with an aggressive malignant melanoma and is dead within a short period of time. His wife Terri devotes her life to finding a cure. Three years later Terri is working on an experimental and promising treatment.

The death of a drug courier triggers a chain of devastating consequences. A new strain of Bacillus Calmette Guerin Vaccine for tuberculosis is having very promising results in treating certain cancers.
A group PAT, People for Alternative Treatment is having exciting results but their company has been taken over by Kendall Pharmeceuticals and is undergoing drastic changes.

It is an interesting journey and I know you will be fascinated as I was. God bless you all, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hidden by Thomas Hall

My review today in on A Novel of Suspense, Hidden by Thomas Hall. I enjoyed this book very much but it isn't the Christian Fiction I usually review. So though I highly recommend the book it does contain some graphic language and it is about Child Pornography. I did like the suspense, I especially liked the ending. I was very well written.

Tony Sarno is arrested for solicitation but the charges are dropped when they discover child pornography on his cell phone in an unopened email. Lawyer Jerry Hanson is given his case as a public defender. Under bizarre circumstances Tony's case is declared a mistrial.

Tony not only receives this material, he sells it. His boss tells him to stop for a while and just doctor pictures instead of taking real pictures. Tony gets rid of the old photographer and uses a new one. A rich man contacts him and wants pictures of a certain boy so he kidnaps him.

Jonathan Allen has recently lost his wife and is trying to rebuild his relationship with his son but Eric is kidnapped. Jonathan is only holding on by a thread. Detective Dave Munzo and FBI Agent Craig Walker take over the boys case. There are many twists and turns to the case but every way they turn is a dead end.

You will like this book, you can purchase it on Amazon. God bless you all.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Secret Princess by Rachelle McCalla

My book today is on a Love Inspired Historical Book, the second in the series Protecting the Crown, The Secret Princess by Rachelle McCalla. I loved this book as I have all of Rachelle's books on the land of Lydia. I missed the first of this series so I'm going to have to see if I can find a copy. I love they way she weaves her faith into her books. This one is very well written.

Prince Luke, second in line to the throne was injured in a battle. Evelyn is forced to care for him in a small hut on the edge of a village. She saves his life after a mortal wound but is then told he was killed when the hut caught fire and burned to the ground.

Luke continues to try to find the woman who saved him, even now after it's been over a year. When he finds her he learns that she is a slave that belongs to King Garren and is forced to do manual labor.
Unknown to him, Evelyn is the daughter of the king's son, the man who killed Luke's father. Though he shares her faith, Evelyn fears for her life and that of her younger brother. So she tries to keep her secret from Luke even though she loves him, vengeance is all she knows and she can't lose her brother too.

A great story of love and forgiveness, I know you will love this book, so run out and get a copy. God bless you and have a great week.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thread of Suspicion by Susan Sleeman

My book today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Thread of Suspicion the fourth book in the series The Justice Agency. A family of investigators that was formed to investigate the death of the parents. The siblings were all adopted by the Justice's and are a interesting combination. I have loved this series. Each of the siblings are totally different and they deal with each other in unique ways. This book is very well written.

Former Navy Seal Luke Baldwin has come up with new "unhackable"software to help to help the military after the death of his best friend. Getting ready for his presentation to the military, the General hires a computer expert, Ex-FBI Agent Dani Justice to prove all is well with the software but when she investigates she finds the system has already been hacked. Luke could face charges of treason. Luke asks her to take his case and prove that he's falsely accused.

Dani is the baby of the Justice family. She is thrilled to finally lead an investigation until the hacker proves to be someone she has ran into before. Echo killed her partner in the FBI and had threaten her. Her family is brought into the case when she is abducted and threatened. Dani fights for control but her family wants to protect her. Luke, as a Seal, has a code he lives by and needs to protect at all cost. Dani feels smothered but at the same time fears for her life.

It's a great story. Dani like all women who have been abused has a lot of baggage to deal with and Susan handles it very well. You should run out and get a copy. God bless you all and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Serenity Through the Storm by B.J.Robinson

My post today is on the second book of Storms of Life Series, Serenity Through the Storm by B.J.Robinson. I have really enjoyed this series and look forward to the next one. It's always nice to have the same characters in the next book. You tend to get so involved in their lives. I liked these characters and their fears and flaws so much like real people. My pastor always says that Christians are either in a storm or getting ready to go into one. So true.

Mark Kendall and Serenity get married in the beginning of this story. Vera and Douglas, best friends from book one, stand up with them. So starts the story of happy ever after but like real life it is just the beginning of another storm or series of storms. In the first book Mark looses his first wife and his leg. In this book the people who killed his first wife and took his leg return, bound to kill his second wife and take his life for sending them to jail.

Mark is determined to return to heavy equipment leaving his desk job for others to do. Douglas hires a new secretary, Sandy  The death of a old friend brings back the fears he once lived with. Sandy is the sister of the woman who killed his first wife. Thus begins the storms, tornados, kidnappings, and escaped convict all make up these storms.

I know you will enjoy this book. You may find it on You need to get a copy. God bless you all.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Reluctant Witness by Kathleen Tailer

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Reluctant Witness by Kathleen Tailer.
I enjoyed this book, it is fast paced and action packed. I enjoyed her characters, they were people you want to reach out and help. I liked how Kathleen wove her faith into the story. I can't believe all the trauma she  put her leading man through though.

The book starts out when FBI Agent Jack Mitchell is out on an investigation and his partner turns on him and shoots him down in cold blood and leaves him for dead. His partner take the man that Jack had shot earlier and puts him into the trunk of Jack's car to frame him for murder.

Casey Johnson is out for an evening run. She is hidden in a cabin in the woods with her niece. Her niece saw her father murder her mother and Casey has abducted her to save her life. Her brother-in-law is searching for her to kill them both. As Casey is finishing her run she hears a couple of shots, she goes closer to see what had happened and witness the cold blooded shooting of a man already on the ground. When the killers leave she goes to see if she can help this man but is sure he's dead.

Casey a recent graduate of medical school takes Jack back to the cabin and saves him. Casey and her niece care for the man even as they fear for their lives. Will this FBI agent arrest her when he finds out her secret?

A great book, very well written, I know you will love it. Good bye for now, have a great week. God bless you all.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Pius Man by Declan Finn

My book review today is on the book A Pius Man, A Holy Thriller, by Declan Finn. This book was awesome, I'm not sure if you could call it a Christan book, as there was some mild language but it was about the Christian world.

Several months ago I entered a contest and sent in my first chapter. The judge told me I had to many characters and too much going on. You couldn't tell the good guys from the bad. Well he would have not believed this book because he had twelve main characters and until the end of the book you didn't know who was the good guys and who were the bad and dead bodies lying around everywhere.

Giovanni Figlia is the head of the Vatican Security, he goes to pick up American Secret Services Specialist Wilhelmina Goldberg, Villie, a short little Jew. He drives back to the Vatican but a building blows up and a body lands on his car. He finds another dead body in the building that blew up, an academic who was in the Vatican archives. Manana Shushurin is a German spy and is sent to meet Scott "Massad" Murphy, an Irish American in the Israeli Massad. They are investigating the death of a terrorist after going to the Vatican archives. Sean Ryan is an American stunt man turned mercenary. He is at the Vatican to teach the priests and nuns to protect themselves. Hashim Abasi is an Egyptian police officer who is there to learn how to protect the new African Pope, Pope Pius theXIII, Joshua Kutjok. Joshua is young, strong, big black man, who seems to attract a lot of enemies, when he is in Egypt.Then we have a priest that was once Special Forces, Father Frank Williams, who lies, kills and destroys but is their tour guide through out the story.Maureen McGrail is an Irish Interpol Officer investigating the death of a priest, Father Franks Father Wayne becomes part of the team and so does Veronica Fischer, forensic expert and Giovanni's wife, and last but not least we have Sean's grandfather James Ryan.

The pope is trying to declare Pope Pius XII a saint. And the rest of the world is trying to stop him. This team is the equivalent of the Avengers. I would love to see a movie to see if these moves are even possible. It is a fast paced story and quite humorous. I really enjoyed it and I loved his characters. I think you should run out and get a copy. You may find it on Amazon.

God bless you all and have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Return to Willow Trace by Kit Wilkinson

My review today is the last story in the Love Inspired Suspense, Danger in Amish Country, Return to Willow Trace by Kit Wilkinson. An Amish story, which I love with a great deal of suspense. What could I not love about that. I have really enjoyed this novella.

Lydia Stoltz is cleaning in a furniture store late one stormy night, when a man from her past falls against the door. She lets him in and he falls at her feet. This is a man she knew long ago, an Englisher who was a friend of the man that then courted her, a man that ran off and left her like her father had. The injured man mumbles a couple of words that she doesn't understand.

Joesph Yoder is in the back of the furniture story working on a piece that was ordered. He knew Lydia was in the front part of the store but he wanted to stay away from the woman who broke his heart. When he hears strange noises coming from the front he goes to explore. He finds a man from his past who dies at his feet.

It soon becomes clear that whoever killed him, think he told them something, for their lives are now in danger. A story of intrigue, love, and forgiveness. I know you will love this book.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Dangerous Homecoming by Diane Burke

My review today is on the second novella for Love Inspired Suspense, Dangerous Homecoming. Again as I said before I love Amish tales and I love suspense so this novella was great for me. It is a well written mystery. I love the characters.

Katie Lapp is having problems with someone trying to destroy her late husband's farm. She survived a loveless marriage with an abusive husband, he husband died in a drunken ride. Now she has two individuals that want to buy her land but Katie is determined not to marry again so she must save the farm.

Joshua Miller returns to the community to work for his uncle but just for awhile. Katie's brother-in-law hires him to do some carpentry work at the farm. Joshua and Katie had been best friends all through their childhood but Joshua left when Katie married his best friend. He never planned on seeing her again but now she's in trouble. He seems to be the only one who can help her as her life and her land are threatened.

A very good story about lost love and forgiveness. I know you will enjoy it. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. I won't be on line on Monday but will return next Wednesday. God bless you all.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall From Grace by Marta Perry

My book review today is on the novella story by Love Inspired Suspense, Fall From Grace by Marta Perry. It's the first story in the novella. I love suspense stories and I love the Amish stories so this story is a no brainer. When you think of Amish books you really don't think of murder or violence but this one has it's share of both. It was very well written and I enjoyed the characters.

Sara Esch is a school teacher. In her world she has become an old maid. She has given up all hope of having a family and pours her love out on her school children. One day she notices a change in one of her students. Rachel King, new to her school doesn't want to go outside. Not understand why any of her students would want to stay inside when they could go play she bends down to talk to the girl. Father Caleb rushes in to the school, upon seeing her talking to the girl, he accuses Sara of being cruel or allowing bullies to hurt his daughter as Rachel has been having nightmares.

Sara and Caleb go out to talk about what could be causing problems and find a dead body. They call for the police. So begins a suspense in the little community. A great story of love and forgiveness. I know you will want to read this book. I pray all of you will get a copy. God bless you all.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Exodus by J.F. Penn

My book review today is on the book Exodus. It's the third and final book in the series An ARKANE Thriller by J. F. Penn. I have enjoyed these books very much. I'm not sure if I would call them Christian fiction but they do revolve around the world of religion and it's artifacts. There is a bit of sex in this one (acts of worship to pagan gods in an Egyptian temple) and as in the others there is a great deal of violence. It is a book on trying to find the Ark of the Covenant, much like Indiana Jones. A cool story. I especially enjoyed the supernatural end.

Morgan Sierra, still recovering from injuries in the second book, is sent out on a mission to find the Ark of the Covenant when arch enemy Natasha tortures and mutilates the curator of a museum in Egypt to find the Ark's location. At the same time a body is found in Washington D.C., the decapitated head is found on a replica of the Ark. A warning is found with the body warning of escalating violence in the Middle East due to a peace summit.

Morgan's partner Jake is still in a coma and is unable to help with her mission. ARKANE brings another man to help but he is injured. The partner of the mutilated curator sets off to help her find the Ark before Natasha.

Running out of clues Natasha follows Morgan, knowing she will lead her to the Ark but also with the need for revenge.  So is the journey of discovery and violence as Morgan follows the path of the Biblical Exodus.

An awesome book. I know those of you who are interested in religious relics will love this book. This book as are the others, is well researched and full of interesting facts most normal people know. I really think you need to go out and get a copy. You can purchase it on

Friday, August 23, 2013

Calm Before the Storm by B.J. Robinson

My book review today is on the book, Calm Before the Storm, the first book in the Storms of Life Series. I was asked to read this book and do a review, my thoughts are my own.  I liked the book. It deals with the loss of family and I have been there. I lost both of my parents and then two years ago I had to deal with the lost of my youngest child. She didn't have an eating disorder but suffered from Bi-polar which is a terrible disease. It breaks your heart to watch your child suffer so. So I understand what Barbara had to deal with. Thank God she wasn't intentionally taken out but it was because of carelessness of a doctor with medication. A person could sue but then we all know how God feels about that and it sure wouldn't bring her back. Sorry, about the book.

Vera Brady comes home when her only sister, Bridget is rushed to the hospital. Because of a broken heart Vera  has stayed away longer than she had planned. Her sister is suffering from Anorexia Nervosa and only weighes 60 pounds. The doctor says the only way to save her life is to surgically insert a feeding tube. She comes through the surgery well and tells Vera she will be around a long time. She then goes to sleep and never wakes up.

Douglas Stevens has been in love with Vera for what seemed like a life time. Rumors had gone around about him and Vera's best friend that ended up in a broken relationship. He is waiting for Vera when she returns to town. He stands beside her through the death of her sister. The truth comes out about the rumors and they are reconciled.

Vera and Douglas notice how many young people are going into the hospital and not coming out. As they investigate their very lives become threatened. The closer they get to an answer the more death attempts are made. Can they find out who is trying to play God?

I enjoyed the book and their long journey to find out who the killer is. They have a problem with judging and accusing only to find out how wrong they are. Judgement is of the Lord, no one can see the heart. I hope you run out and buy this book I know you will enjoy it.

Today is the start of our annaul Missions Conference and I expect miracle to come forth. I know I will have an awesome weekend I pray you will too. God bless you all.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cowboy by Staci Stallings

My book review today is on the first book in The Harmony Series, Cowboy by Staci Stallings. I really enjoyed this book, so many authors are afraid to have miracles take place in their work. I loved Timothy's salvation segment, where Staci used angels and miracles to get him through locked doors led him to where he could meet with God. It was awesome. I live in a world of miracles so it's nice to see it in others work. I enjoyed the characters although I must admit to think Beth was a fool through part of the story. As a divorced woman over the age of sixty I know the most important thing in this world is love and when you are able to find it you must grasp it no matter what the cost. God has made us to love.

Beth McCasland is a young widow with a small child, Kenzi. She was struggling just to make ends meet.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The God Game by D.R.Hirsch

It seems all of my book reviews are good ones. I hope people don't think I'm just giving good ones to make people happy. My review today should show you that is true. I did not like this book. When I tell authors I will read their books and review them I always tell them I am a very strong Christian. I don't like to read books with a lot of foul language, sex or sexual innuendos, or things that oppose God in any way. I did tell that to the author of this book. This book is about ONE (a god, not my God for sure) he gets bored living alone so he creates these spirit beings called energynauts. He lets them pick what planet he sends them to and then gives them a game to do, if they win they get to come back and stay with him but if they lose they have to go to another planet and start over. I find the thought of a god that is bored offensive. I think a god that just wants to watch us play a game offensive. He sends some of the enerynauts to answer prayers, he doesn't eve do that. (no wonder he's bored. I didn't like this book. I do not promote it in any way.

Have a really good week and I'll talk to you on Wednesday. I am excited because this is our Annual Mission Conference. It will be awesome I just can't wait. Doug Jones is our key note speaker and award winning Eternity Focus is our music. It will be glorious! God bless you all.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Killer Assignment by Maggie Black

My book today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book Killer Assignment by Maggie Black. This was a great book, I really liked it. Maggie did an awesome job writing it. I loved her character and the situations she put them in. You really need to read this one.

Katie Todd is a journalist. She once loved her job but now has a boss that doesn't have a clue what he is doing and is running it into the ground. Katie has a real problem with controlling, abusive men and her boss is just one of them. She is sent to cover a story about a party, just another fluff piece but she has a plan to take over the paper.

On the way to her story the train is forced to stop in a small town. Katie is supposed to have a ride but when she gets out of the train there is no one there but a teenage who has been eying her. A van pulls up and the two men try to force her into it. Katie runs and is saved by a man on the ledge that is working on some equipment.

Mark Armor, a man running from his past, is the director of a company, TRUST, that brings aide to foreign countries. He is testing a new invention to help transmit during catastrophes. About to start the test, he hears a woman scream, running to her aide he scares off the attackers. Taking over he helps her contact the police and finds her a place to stay. He doesn't understand why she seems to resent his help.

After another attack Mark decides to take her to where her story is to take place. He knows that taking her could expose his troubled past and cause her more danger.

The couple are on a journey to escape the kidnappers but are forced to deal with their own individual
pain and heartbreaks. A story of redemption, restoration, and forgiveness. you will really like this book. Run out and get a copy. It's available at or through Love Inspired.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Soldier's Sister by Debby Giusti

My post today is on one of the books in the Military Investigations Series by Love Inspired Suspense. This is a very well written book by Debby Giusti. I enjoyed the story, the characters were a bit flawed but then aren't we all any more. It was fast paced and full of action. Debby did a great job on this one.

Stephanie Upton came back to town to help the wounded soldiers as they get ready for civilian life. She transferred here to be able to help her brother. Estranged from her brother, Ted, because of a drowning accident involving several of his friends a few years ago. When she goes to check on Joshua, (also involved in the accident) she finds him out of his wheelchair and on the floor in a pool of blood. She calls her boss only to have a CID Special Agent Brody Goodman answer the phone. Upon his arrival, he sees evidence of foul play.

Brody is convinced Ted Upton is the prime suspect. He is determined to protect Stephanie even from her own brother. Death threats turn to attacks and then the killer strikes again. Would Ted kill his best friends or his sister.

Stephanie is torn by the two men she loves, one she would do anything for but he doesn't want her, the other she has come to love but will not trust him because of his conviction her brother is out to kill her.
How can she have a future with a man who thinks her brother is a killer.

A great story of vengeance, redemption, and reconciliation. I know you will enjoy this book and the other stories in this series, so run out and get a copy. You'll love it. God bless you all.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weeping Willows by B. J. Robinson

My book review today is a short story, Weeping Willows by B. J. Robinson. I haven't had a chance to read any of her work(except blog post) so I was glad I found it. I once lived in Mississippi for a year and fell in love with the whole southern thing, so I did enjoy the story. I also enjoyed what she wrote about how the whole idea was conceived in her childhood. It would have been nice if they were able to free the ghost though.

The story starts when Angela drives up to the old mansion, Weeping Willows. Brad had entered a contest to win a trip to Hawaii, all they had to do was stay in the haunted mansion longer than the other couple, Kevin and Molly. The trip will be perfect for their honeymoon.

Kevin meets them at the door with stories about the wife, Willow and how she killed her servant girl but in the process killed her own little daughter. On finding them dead Willow killed herself and still wanders the halls weeping. Her husband drinks himself to death and also wanders the hall way.

The first night Angela meets Willow, who want to be free but no one stays long enough to free them. Molly meets the husband, screaming loud enough to wake everyone in the house. Molly wants out of there right now. Kevin talks her into staying.

There is also a proper butler who tells of all the sordid past and then feeds them the same seafood jumbo that Willow had suppossedly poisoned her family with. He has put them in rooms on the thirteenth floor, except for Kevin.

It's quite the tale, very well written, and I know you'll enjoy it. I hope you all go get a copy. God bless you and have a great week.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Boy Who Walked A Way by Nancy Janes

My book review today is on the book A Boy Who Walked A Way by Nancy Janes. Nancy contacted me about reading her book and writing a review. She sent me a copy and I have enjoyed the book immensely. I had just finished a book about the end times that was full of dead bodies, crypts of dead bones, and violence at every turn. This book was a joy to read after all of the other. I know you will enjoy it and so will your children (I'm saving my copy for my nine year old grandson, I know he will love it.)

The main character is a young boy who has been thrown into a world of violence and war. His parents were forced into the military and he's left with his uncle. His uncle is soon called a way. Confused and angry he is left alone in his dark world with no hope of escape and little understanding of his situation. Under a weeping willow he cries himself to sleep, now rescued by a Guardian named Syntee, Jal is sent on a journey to a new country. Led by two magical guides, Sammy and Bea, he encounters many wonderful creatures and is told each ones stories. Their stories are often full of woes and hardships much like his own. This journey is lesson in dealing with his loss of his family,  all things he's familiar with, and teaches him the answers to the questions that have plagued him. The story ultimately shows him the plan of salvation.

It's an enchanted, humorous tale and is a joy to read much as were C. S. Lewis books. A story full of wisdom and guidance but told in a clever way to entertain and lead us on our own journey. A journey we must all under go. You will this book. you can get it on Please get a copy. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prophecy by J. F. Penn

My book review today is on the second book in An ARKANE Thriller,  Prophecy by J.F.Penn. This is one of the few books I actually bought, I have so many given to me to read and review, I seldom buy any. I liked the first book so much I had to have the second. The books deal with end of times prophecies and religious artifacts. I really liked the book although it was a little more graphic in some areas than the first book.

Morgan Sierra is back home in Oxford and bored with her situation. She has decided she needs the excitement of working for ARKANE. Her job isn't giving her enough challenge but before she can make that happen. She receives a call from a dear friend, Dinah Mizrahi, in Israel. There's something strange going on at the mental health facility, Ezra Institute, where she works. Two suicides have taken place and are linked to the end of times prophecies that Morgan studies. Dinah asked her to come and help her.

Upon her arrival, Dinah shows her the rooms where the two people lived. You could still see the faint outline of the pale horse of the end times on the wall of the one who died there. The other patient had a picture of the pale horse as he jump off the Western Wall. The picture of the pale horse is now used by the evil group known as Thanatos. Morgan asks about their medications and therapy. Dinah tells her they are on new meds from Zoebios and an audio therapy. As Morgan examines the headsets, they are attacked and the hospital wing is blown up. Morgan saves her friend but as the ambulance is about to pull out, she see that the man who attacked them is the paramedic. Having no choice she shoots the paramedic and is arrested for murder, she immediately call ARKANE.

Landing quickly in England, her former partner, Jake Timber meets her and takes her to headquarters. Where she becomes involved in mission to discover The Devil's Bible before Thanatos can get there hands on it. The search for this book begins an incredible journey for the two of them. Thanatos and Zoebios are connected an out to destroy a quarter of the human population. You are taken to places you never heard of and places I have no desire to go to. It was an intriguing book, with characters that were deeply flawed and in some cases possessed. Not a journey I would want to take.

As all good fiction good wins out over evil and just in time to send Morgan off to another religious crisis. An outstanding story line, characters bigger than life, dead bodies, old bones, blood and guts, what's not to like. You may purchase it at I hope you read it and enjoy it. God bless you all.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Harvest Time

My post today isn't a review, I'll go back to that on Wednesday. Right now I want to share with you how God is dealing with me about the laws of sowing and reaping. All my Christian life I have been taught about sowing and reaping, I am a tither and a giver, I give at least 20% of my income and then there are special things that come up when God tells me to give.

I had always been taught to give, and confess God's Word over it and that was all I needed to do but recently I got my hands on a set of tapes by Keith Moore about reaping.  Several years ago God ask him if reaping was automatic? Do we think we can sit back and God will do all the work? After all He makes are seed to grow, He brings the rains, He keeps the devourer from eating our seed, must He harvest it too?

I had never thought of it that way. The laws of sowing and reaping are told to us by the example of nature. Farmers don't plant the seeds and then forget about it when harvest time comes, no he is out there working and bring in his crop. Proverbs has a lot to say about a man who sleeps through his harvest and yet we do that all the time. I've been giving for over thirty five years and have just expected God to bless me. He has blessed me but I know I haven't received what I was meant to have because I haven't been active in reaping I have repented.

I now am asking the Holy Spirit to lead me each day, to show me where to go to help me be the best reaper this world has known. I am starting to see this work in my life. God is so good, He doesn't want us to flounder down here. He wants to be an active part of our lives. I just want to Praise Him for what He is doing in my life. Glory! Glory! Glory! If you want to hear these tapes they are free!
You can go to his web site and down load them today. I suggest you do that right away. God bless you all, have a great week.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Seal Under Siege by Liz Johnson

My book today is a Love Inspired Suspense Book. It's the second book in the Men of Valor Series. It was written by Liz Johnson. It's a well written book about the working of Navy Seals. I love the first book of the series and wasn't disappointed with this one. I love the books based on the military as I come from that kind of a background. The men and women are all heroes in my eyes. This story was fast paced, authentic, and hard to put down. I know you will all love it.

Staci Hayes is a prisoner in a Middle East cell. Navy Seal Tristan Sawyer comes to her rescue and she is brought back to San Diego end of mission, right? Not so, during her stay Staci over heard a plot to blow up a target in the USA. As her guard leaves the cell, a paper falls on the floor. Staci takes the paper and finds a map. She hides the map and brings it back to the States with her.

Staci is unable to get anyone to believe her story. Finally in an act of desperation she looks up the one man who she feels will believe her, a Seal named LT.

Tristian is not supposed to have anything to do with hostages that are rescued and brought back He can't believe that the girl found him. He does his best to try to get rid of her, even after she shows him the map. He follows her home and witnesses some one running her off the road. Later a bomb is found at her house. Her life is in danger, can he save her without losing his place on the team?

An awesome story, you need to run right out and find a copy. God bless you and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold

My book review today is on the book Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold. This is a book that was sent to me to read and review so it's not the kind I usually read. It is not a Christian book for my Christian followers, there's some colorful language but it's not excessive. I have review some of Larry's books before and have enjoyed his work. This book was awesome but also terrifying as it could quite possibly happen, although I'm not sure our President would respond the way his President did. I think his alliance might be elsewhere.

Andy Reiss, his wife Jesse, and his daughter Rachel have spent the last five years cruising Mexico and Central America on a ship called the Prophecy. Jesse and Rachel decide five years is enough and so Andy takes them through the Panama Canal on a course for Ft. Myers Florida so they can settle down. There's a necessity to get to Florida before the first of June as the hurricane season will be upon them.

There is rough waters so they're force to enter a channel near Cuba for a few days. After leaving the channel they run across a ship that was destroyed by the storm. On board they find two American teenage kids, they are badly dehydrated and unconscious. Andy, a doctor brings them on board his ship and leaves a note in the other boat to explain. Andy and Jesse, a nurse, care for the kids, rehydrating them and feeding them. Ryan has a real attitude and seems set on causing trouble while his sister Nicole is quiet and doesn't want to be messed with. The kids were on their way to Miami. Andy is puzzled by Ryan's attitude but decides it has something to do with the fever that is slowly climbing. Asking them if they were exposed to anything. They refused to answer him.

They soon discover that the kids are home grown terrorists and are carrying a deadly virus. Fearing for his life and that of his family, he locks them in a room down stairs. He makes sure Jesse uses every precaution to keep from spreading the virus as she cares for them. Ryan escapes and tries to force him to take them to Miami so they can expose millions to the deadly virus.

This is a journey of senseless terrorism, natures violence, and political intrigues as Andy struggles to save his family. As I said before it has a frightening reality to the story. It was well written and I'm sure you'll want to read it.

God bless you all and have a great week. You can purchase the book through Amazon or find him on facebook.

Monday, July 29, 2013

In Pursuit of a Princess by Lenora Worth

My book today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book In Pursuit of a Princess by Lenora Worth. I always enjoy Lenora's books, she has a real way with intrigues. It is a fast paced page turner, I know you will like it. It's all about a commoner who married royalty, lost him and is now trying to finish his legacy but at the same time prove that he was murdered.

Princess Lara Kincade is on a mission. Her late husband planned a fund raiser in New Orleans to bring relief to the people after the hurricane. The event was to be an intimate auction, Lara uses a priceless painting,a Benoit, rumored to be the first of three paintings, as a drawing card. Her husband had found the painting, believed to be lost. Had he found the other two? Many believed he had or had he stolen them? Could this painting draw out the man she believed murdered her husband?

Photojournalist Gabriel Murdock just returned from a harrowing assignment, his boss sends him out to do a fluff piece. All he has to do is follow a beautiful American Princess around for a few weeks, take lots of photos, and do an upbeat story about the auction. Unfortunately he ends up in a photojournalist dream, a story of art thieves, murder, death threats and intrigue. Can he keep the princess safe as they search for the killer?

This is a journey of revenge for the beautiful princess, of loss, and a nagging need for justice even as she sometimes has doubts about her late husband. For Gabriel it is a second chance, a chance to save this woman he cares for after he has lost the last woman he tried to help. Both find the way out of this tangle is to lean on God to get them through.

A well written story, with characters you will come to love. Don't miss the chance to read it. God bless you all and have a great week.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Baron's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale

My book today is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, The Baron's Governess Bride, it's  part of the Glass Slipper Bride Series. It's a cute story of deception. I enjoyed it. I liked the characters although I think the Baron was to easily manipulated at times, especially by his daughters. A problem some parents seem to have. A friend of mine once told me she thought we had too much on our minds while our children only had one thing on theirs, how to get us to do what they wanted. I think that is probably true.

Lord Rupert Steadwell has three motherless daughters. The children are heartbroken because their governess has run off and got married. Rupert decides the next governess he hires must be uninterested in marriage, so when he has an interview with a plain, prim, and proper young miss, he thinks he has found the perfect replacement. Can't the woman even smile? 

Grace Elberly is the beautiful daughter of a clergyman. At his death her stepmother sends her to a school for orphaned girls. There she is punished for being beautiful and full of pride. As she starts on her career as a governess she begins to have problems with the friends and relatives of the parents of her charges. The improper advances cause her to leave her positions and have caused her dip into her savings. To protect herself she has come up with a plan to disguise herself so that no man will want her.
This works out well for her at the Steadwell's home. Although the children have a hard time accepting her at first.

Rupert has found his perfect governess so now he must move on to his next item of importance, finding a suitable wife so that he might have and heir. The governess and the children are very anxious about the woman he is courting. In an attempt to stop his proposal, Grace goes to the Masked Ball in a beautiful gown from one of his ancestors. One enchanted evening changes everything but soon backfires on them.

It's a  cute story of Cinderella, although she didn't lose her slipper. You need to get a copy. God bless you all, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hometown Family by Mia Ross

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, Hometown Family by Mia Ross. I really enjoyed this book. I don't read a lot of the Love Inspired anymore but this was sent to me. I like the story concept, the prodigal son is always a good idea. Almost everyone can identify with one brother or the other. Unfortunately for this prodigal son, his father died before he could make things right. The nice thing about our own prodigal son story is that God is always there to greet us and welcome us back. He is so forgiving and loving. There is nothing we can do that He won't forgive us for, unless it is unbelief in His precious Son.

Matthew Sawyer is the prodigal son. He hates the farm and small town living so he takes off for the big city. Now he returns home for his father's funeral, broken hearted he was unable to say good bye or tell him how much he loved him. The terms of the will forces Matt to stay and help his family bring in the harvest. While working on machinery he finds hidden documents showing the farm is almost bankrupt. Here is his chance to leave and get out from under it, but can he do that to his siblings?

Caty McKenzie is the Sawyer's lawyer, she comes home for the funeral and to help the family. Caty has just lost her job at a big agency is not sure what she wants to do now. She returns to the home of her late grandparents and decides to fix it up, after all it's the only home she has ever really known. Caty is drawn to Matt but doesn't want to be added to his list of conquests. Their relationship is like a rollercoaster ride. Can she survive?

Matt finds that running the farm and trying to save it is a challenge he sort of enjoys. Caty plays a big part of that and the city no longer pulls him. Both of the character come with a lot of baggage, can they overlook that find a life together. A real struggle of forgiveness and trust. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. I know you will like the book. You can find more about Mia's books at God bless you all.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hide and Seek by Lynette Eason

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Hide and Seek, the first book in a new series, Family Reunion. I love Lynette's work and this book was a great read. It was a fast paced, page turner. I really enjoyed her characters and hope to learn more about them in the upcoming stories. I also like the way she weaves her faith into her books. Sometimes it's a hard thing to do right.

Erica James spent the last three years as a skip tracer in a company she started with her brother Brandon and his best friend Jordan. A company called Finding the Lost. She started the company when her own daughter, Molly, turned up missing. Now she seems to have found everyone's children but her own. As the story opens she's just received new evidence in her daughter's case. Molly's clothes were found at a crack house, a girl named Lydia left fingerprints on a barrette. Erica heads out to the crack house to find out where this girl is. As she watches the place she hears a girl scream, she runs to help.
A man is trying to kill a girl. She pulls a gun to stop him.

Max Powel is a private investigator searching for his sister. She has been in the drug scene for years and now Lydia is a suspect in a kidnapping. He follows her to a crack house, he sees someone following her but before he can get to her, he hears her scream. A woman is there with her gun drawn. He manages to apprehend the guy that is trying to kill Lydia but when she sees him, she runs off. Erica is a woman he has read about but she is after his sister.

Erica and Max team up to find evidence in the two missing girls. Erica is sure Lydia is the one who took her daughter, while Max is there to prove Lydia is innocent. The closer they get to answers the deadlier the threats against them get but the stronger their feelings become. Both have serious issues that can halt their relationship. Can they get past those?

It is a story of letting go of your past, believing in the people you love, and moving into the plans God has for you. I loved this concept. So many times we let the past destroy our future and see no way God can work it out for us but He always has a plan. A plan that is so much better than what we are struggling to achieve. Today try to let God show you what He has in store for you. Learn to trust Him in all you ways and He can do awesome things in your world. God bless you all and have a great week.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dangerous Water by Sandra Robbins

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Dangerous Waters by Sandra Robbins. This is the first book in a new series called The Cold Case Files. I always like to start a new series because most of the time you can see how the original characters are growing. I really enjoy Sandra's books. They are always page turners and this one is one of the same.

Laura Webber has returned home after being gone for several years. As a favor the her roommate she does an interview for television news. Her parents were blown up in a car bomb when she and her brothers were just children. She is asked to share her story to help other with closure to their cold cases.Now the police have started a cold case unit and her best friend wants to promote it. Laura had thought she had dealt with their deaths but is not so sure now that the killer is after her. The story starts with Laura being abducted, She is taken to the Mississippi River and ordered to start walking into it, as she is waiting for a gun shot to take her life she receives a call saying to stop the investigation or she will die. When she turns around, no one is there. Fearing for her life she runs to the only man she has ever loved. He could save her.

Officer Brad Austin is in charge of the new Cold Case Unit. Brad planned to marry Laura but she had run off and left him many years ago. Broken hearted he vows to never love again. Imagine his shock to find Laura waiting for him in his office. All the feelings he has denied come flooding back as he is force to help the love of his life stay alive. He is now sure that her case is linked to several other cases.

This is a story of discovering who you are and what is important in life. A true journey to redemption, forgiveness and laying aside your past. Life is not always as it seems. Faith is interwoven through out the story as they fight for their lives and a love they had given up on. I know you will enjoy this book. You can get this book at any of the book stores, Amazon, or through Love Inspired. God bless you all and have a great weekend.