Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, November 25, 2013


My post today will be different. I just have to take this opportunity to thank God for the marvelous things he is doing in my life and what he has done this last year. God is so good to me and my family. I must Praise Him and give Him all the glory. I don't understand how people can survive with out him in this world we live in today. I'm not saying I have all the answers and I'm not saying that my life is always easy and without opportunities to doubt or give up but it is so worth the effort.

First of all my grandson Paul got married. He and Kendra his wife gave me a new great granddaughter Kida. I moved out of my daughter Kellie's and for the first time in seven or eight years I am living alone. I love my new home, it is small and cosy. I have been able to decorate it however I want to. No matter how much they tell you it's your home too, it just doesn't feel that way. I still don't have a car but I found the Handibus and it takes me where I need to go.

Jeremy (Kellie's other son) and Timarie got married and are now expecting a baby in the spring. They aren't sure what it is yet but are both thrilled. Timarrie's two year old, Harmony, isn't sure about what's going on but she's practicing her maternal skills on her dolls and is become quite good at caring for them.

My granddaughter Kirstina and her husband Cole have recently given me a new great granddaughter, Elliot Nicole. She was born on my mother's birthday, I think that was so sweet of God to do that for me.

I just found out my other grandson Michael is going to be married in July. I haven't met Lisa yet but the family says it's a good fit.

I started a new book, I'm really excited about it. My best friend read my book, Little Girl Taken and said it really opened her eyes to the problem of human trafficking. This book is the second one in that series. I just pray for open doors to publish them. I just love the book.

My church has become one of the most important things in my life right now. We are having revival. In the last four weeks we have seen over a hundred people give their lives to Jesus. I have never been apart of such a move of God. The devil has attacked me in many ways but it hasn't stopped me from witnessing to others. I am more in love with Jesus than I have ever been in my life. I can hardly wait to see what will happen next.

God bless you all and don't forget to give God thanks.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Best Christmas Ever by Cheryl Wolverton

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, The Best Christmas Ever by Cheryl Wolverton. I haven't read any of Cheryl's books for awhile, I'd forgotten how much I like her work. I love Christmas stories so this was a really good fit for me. I really enjoyed it. She has a real way with the faith message.

Sarah Connelly is at the end of her rope. She has lost everything and is now living in a homeless shelter when a good friend tells her that her brother-in-law is looking for a housekeeper/babysitter. Two years ago, after the death of her sister, she had taken Justin to court to get custody of her niece. Although he had won there was serious issues in their relationship. Desperate she goes to see him, unable to tell him why she has come she stays with her niece when Justin is forced to go to work and has no one to watch Mickie.

Justin was shocked to see her but Mickie has been asking about family so he lets her stay.  After she leaves, he realizes he has no one for tomorrow. He tries to call but the phone was disconnected. He finally calls their mutual friend, Bill and finds out her fiance`, her boss, has broken up with her, she has been fired, and has lost her home.

Bill contacts her at the homeless shelter and tells her Justin wants her to come to his home. And so begins the journey of three lonely people. Mickie wants a mother, Justin finds Sara everything he had hoped his wife would have been, Sarah is falling in love with Justin but is hiding a secret that could destroy everything.

A great book I know you will love. Have a great weekend and God bless you all.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wilderness Peril by Elizabeth Goddard

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book Wilderness Peril by Elizabeth Goddard. This was an awesome book, I love Elizabeth's work. A story of faith even in dire circumstances. The characters were great, not really what you would expect, but great.

Shay Ridiker is an airplane mechanic for Deep Horizon Recovery Services. She's a tough little woman that likes to be in the background, not wanting any of the men to see through her facade. She agrees to accompany pilot Rick Savage to Alaska to help Rick's brother Aiden with a repossession of a small  plane. She brought tools and the part she determined she would need to repair the plane. What she's not ready for is her attraction to Rick.

Rick Savage and his brother were ex-marines. Rick had issues with PSTD, having once pulled a gun on Shay when she had woken him from a nightmare. Aiden had dealt with his memories by resorting to alcohol. Aiden had been clean for a while but when he didn't show up when they arrived, Rick's mind went right to that possibility.

Shay and Rick are ran off the road, kidnapped and taken to a gold mine ran by the man who had defaulted on the plane, along with several gun toting members of the mob. Shay has seen Rick's nightmares and has no desire to lean on him for protection.

You can find this book on her website, or on I know you will love it.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Desecration by J.F.Penn

My review today is on the book Desecration by J.F. Penn. This book is very different than the other books written by J.F Penn. I have enjoyed her ARKANE stories and looked forward to reading this one. Desecration is well written, fast paced intrigue. It is much more on the dark, graphic side. I'm sure if you're into that kind of fiction you will love it. I'm sure it will be a very successful series.

Detective Jamie Brooke is struggling with the fact that her daughter is dying and there's nothing she can do to help her through it when she's caught up in the investigation of the bizarre murder of a young woman whose parents own a large pharmaceutical company. the parents and the company are into some pretty dark and shady dealings that could impact Jamie in a way she could never have imagined. The plot thickens and the suspense builds to an exciting and heart wrenching conclusion. 

It might not be something some of my  Christians friends might not enjoy this book as it is very graphic.
You can find out more about this book on

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Doctor's Christmas by Marta Perry

My review today is on the Love Inspired Book The Doctor's Christmas by Marta Perry. I really enjoyed this book but then I always like Marta's books. They are always well written and full of faith. I love that. I know you will love it too.

Dr. Grant Hardesty volunteers for a month in a free clinic in a small mountain town called Button Gap. His future partner wants him to work there with the hope of improving his bedside manner. Grant lost his young brother years ago, he hasn't really dealt with his grief, choosing to blame God and his parents. He is totally shut off.

Maggie Davis is the permanent nurse in the little clinic in Button Gap. Maggie was raised in an abusive home. Her mother was unable to keep her husband from hurting her. Finally she ended up in foster care, moved from one home to another. Her favorite home had been with Aunt Ellie here in Button Gap. Grown up and a nurse she came here to give back. Maggie is trying to help an abused woman with her children. Nella's husband was recently killed but Nella didn't have the strength to go on. Nella asks Maggie to care for her three children and then runs off.

Grant is a by-the-book doctor so Maggie tries to keep the story from him. It's the worse time possible to have him in the clinic. Mrs. Hadly, the same social worker that ruined Maggie's life is set on finding the kids and taking them away.

This is a great story of a town the takes care of their own, the return of faith, and God's plan for the people. You will love it. You can buy this book on Amazon. Have a great weekend and God bless you all.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing by Brenda Minton

My book review today is on the Love Inspired book The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing. This book is one of the Cooper Creek Series by Brenda Minton. I really liked this book. It's well written and I loved the characters. I must confess I have a thing for cowboys. I don't date them because around here there isn't many Christian cowboys.

Jackson Cooper is at home trying to recover from a bad fall off one of his horses, when he has unexpected visitors. A sullen teenage girl and the school teacher that bought his grandmothers place next door. It seems Jade's aunt brought her to the wrong house so Madeline Patton brought her to him. She tells him her mother is dead and has a copy of her birth certificate with Jackson's name as the father. Jackson wasn't an angel when he was on the rodeo circuit but he knows this girl isn't his but he doesn't send her away. He asks Madeline to help him with her. He doesn't think she should stay alone with him.

Madeline Patton is a survivor of child abuse. She knows well about the "system" and doesn't want Jade to go there so she agrees to help Jackson even though she's really nervous around him. Jackson doesn't believe Jade's mother is dead so he takes her back to Oklahoma City to find her mom.

A great story, I know you will love this story. You can find it on Amazon. God bless you all. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Force of Nature by Dana Mentink

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Force of Nature. The second book in the Stormswept Series by Dana Mentink. I always enjoy Dana's books, she has such away with suspense and intrigue. I really liked this story, after the last story I wondered about Antonia and enjoyed hearing her story. A story of faith and forgiveness.

Antonia Verde has just returned to Florida after almost dying in an earthquake in California. Life is a mess. Her sister was put in prison for attacking her husband and is now out and on the run with her young daughter. Antonia's brother-in-law and his connection to the drug world has come between Antonia and the love of her life. Reuben has chosen to believe his brother and not Antonia, although they have loved each other for years.

Reuben Sandoval's mother left his drug dealing father to save her two sons. Reuben's brother had once worked for drug smugglers but now says he is clean. Reuben needs to believe him but it costs him Antonia.

Antonia is on the beach when she is chased by thugs. heading for the ocean even though a storm is causing problems. Reuben rescues Antonia but they end up trapped on the island with the brother, killers, and hurricane Tony trying to kill them.

The book is fast paced and full of action. I know you will like this book. You can buy it through Amazon or Love Inspired. Have a great week, God bless you.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mistletoe Matchmaker by Lissa Manley

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, Mistletoe Matchmaker. the second book in the Moonlight Cove Series. This is a cute story written by Lissa Manley.  I enjoyed the story and I'm sure you will too. A couple who want no part of romance, thrown together, and their struggles with their attraction.

Molly Kent lost her mother years ago. Her father couldn't face his grief so he lost himself in his work, leaving little Molly to struggle through her years alone and unloved. She swore she would never be hurt like that again, turning to God as her only love.

Grant Roderrick is a workaholic. When his mother died and God didn't answer his prayers he turned from Him and threw himself into his work. He didn't need God nor did he need a relationship. He came to Moonlight Cove to dog-sit for his aunt. He also came to catch up on his work. He had an important deadline to meet. The dog had a mind of her own and fled the moment the door was open, ending up in Molly's Dog Boutique. Molly tries to help him with the poodle.

Molly doesn't mention that she is the resident matchmaker. She has promised Grant's aunt to make a match for Grant, but find he is a better match for her than anyone else. She doesn't want a match, especially a workaholic like her dad. So goes the struggle.

You can find this book on Amazon. It's really cute so run out and get a copy.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Critical Care by Candace Calvert

My book review today is on the book Critical Care, Mercy Hospital Series, book one. This book was written by Candace Calvert. I don't think I have read any of her books before but I loved this one. I use to work in a hospital and in rest homes so I love medical stories. This one is well written, the character's, although flawed are totally believable, and there is just the right amount of faith in the story.

Claire Avery was once an ER nurse but after the death of her brother in her ER, she has not been able to handle it. She is now working as an educator of nurses. Claire is called into the emergency room to do an assessment on the staff during a medical crisis. Her job is to help staff with the trauma of dealing with overwhelming emergencies. Entering into the world she swore she would never enter again was extremely painful.

Dr. Logan Caldwell is the ER director better known by his staff as Dr. McSnarly. He sees no use in counseling, in the Faith QD prayer group or in God for that matter. He runs a tight ship and expects only the best from his team. If that means nurse run from him or go to the higher ups to complain so be it. But Logan is strangely drawn to the pretty educator.

This is a great story as the two battle against their pasts and the faith issues. I highly recommend this book. You need to get a copy right away. You can purchase it on Amazon. God bless you all.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Revival at last!

My post today is going to be going to be different. It is a testimony to God on the wondrous things God is doing in my church. In the last few months we have seen eighty-six people who have given their lives to Jesus. In a small church that averages between forty to sixty people each week that is an awesome thing.

We had three people come up in an alter call that were radically saved, then we had the Power Force come and minister. Sixty-nine lives were changed at that event. I loved seeing the youth go up. My two grandsons, their wives and my granddaughter went forward, so that makes it that more special, plus three of the people I invited went forward. It was such an awesome night.

Last month my pastors went to a conference in Colorado. There they heard about a  church in Fort Worth that has come up with a script that makes leading people to Jesus simple.If you can read the card you can lead someone to Jesus, it is so easy. I personally have witnessed to two people, one was already saved but I was able to lead the other one to Christ. What a great feeling that is, almost like getting saved all over again. Pastor has implemented it in our church and now the total lives changed are eighty-six and growing daily.

Yesterday, we had such a move of God that it almost took your breath away. People were healed and set free. I had a chance to share what God is doing in my life and to pray for people. It was glorious and I want to give God all the  glory! God bless all of you and have a great and blessed week.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Yuletide Jeopardy by Sandra Robbins

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Yuletide Jeopardy by Sandra Robbins. It's the second book in the Cold Case Files Series, it was good to visit the characters in the first book. It is a well written story and I enjoyed it. It's an action packed story, returning them back to their high school days.

Grace Kincade returns to Memphis to help care for her father. She becomes a TV Anchor woman at WKIZ-TV. She is called out to talk to a man that is threatening to jump off the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge. The man is the father of a boy she dated in high school. A boy that supposedly took his own life. The father wants her to promise to find his son's killer.

Alex Crowne is called to the bridge only to find his ex-fiance` talking to the man from their past. He manages to save Grace as the man grabs her wrist as he jumps over the edge. Alex is a police officer assigned to the new Cold Case Division, so he opens the case with Grace to help him.

They are thrown into a world of chaos as they find out there is indeed a killer and he wants Grace to be his next target. The differences that once tore no longer seem important as they try to survive.

A great story I know you will love it. Have a great weekend, God bless you.