Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Trace of Memory by Valerie Hansen

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, A Trace of Memory. This is third book in The Defenders Series. I loved this series and I'm sure you will too. Valerie is one of my favorite authors when it comes to suspense and intrigues, she has a real way of making the book exciting and hard to put her books down. She deals with faith in such a positive way. This book is well written, face paced, and heart warming.

Emma Landers is kidnapped and escapes but there is one major problem; she can't remember anything.
She can't remember how she got amnesia, where she's running from, or who is after her. Hopping a ride in a semi, she spots a truck with a logo she recognizes. The truck is empty and she lets herself in and waits for the driver.

Travis Wright did well at the cattle sale, he stuffs the check into his pocket and is ready to head back to the farm when he finds his ex-girlfriend sitting in the front seat of his truck. Looking pale and frightened, she's unable to answer his questions but begs him to just take her home.

Travis takes her home to the farm but they are followed and their lives become embroiled in a life or death situation. How can they find the answers when the facts are locked away somewhere in her mind. These two people are suffering souls lost in heartbreak and tragedy, they begin a journey to find out what has happened and what God has planned for them. It's a great story!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Cattleman Meets His Match by Sherri Stackelford

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, The Cattleman Meets His Match. This book is a follow up on the book The Widow's Heart, and features another of the Elder brothers. It's a great story, Sherri always does a great western, I love her work. This story is well written, a story of family; one has too much and one is looking to find hers. You'll love these characters, even though they are at opposite side of the situation, they are joined together by a loving God.

In an effort to get away from a family of older brothers,John Elder drives a herd of cattle to a new place in Kansas. He rides into a town to find his cattle crew, they are drunk and in trouble. He fires them and then chews himself out for not hiring a replacement crew first. He had only a short window to get his cattle across the Kansas border. Walking down the alley, he is struck by what later becomes his new crew. One, fiesty, beautiful woman and four little girls are fleeing from a brothel window. When a drunk man come after them John is forced to help these girls.

Moira O'Mara has been kidnapped by a horrible man and thrown into a locked room with four young girls. The girls have been thrown into a room in a brothel and are terribly frightened. Moira comes up with a plan and they fall right into the arms of a cowboy. She is grateful when he rescues them but when he decides to just leave the herd of longhorns so he can protect her and the girls from a crooked deputy, she takes thing into her own hands and takes over the herd.

This is a great read, you will laugh, you will cry, and these characters will steal your heart. I hope Sherri writes about the other Elder brothers because I loved these people and so will you. God bless all of you and have a great week.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Her Stolen Past by Lynette Eason

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book, Her Stolen Past. This book is the third book in the Family Reunion Series. I have loved this series. Lynette is one of my favorite authors when it comes to intrigues and suspense. It is well written and you'll love these characters. She weaves her faith into each of her stories in such a believable way it will touch your heart.

Sonya Daniels is out jogging when a woman in front of her is shot, as she ducks behind a bench another woman is shot and a bullet just misses her. As a nurse she is torn about whether to help the woman closest to her or stay hidden but is compelled to help her. Sonya had hired a detective agency, Finding the Lost. Brandon Hayes' office was right across the street from the attack and he witnessed the confusion.

Brandon Hayes is a police officer but also works for his sister's agency. He has agreed to find out about a mysterious birth certificate that Sonya has found after her mother's death. The baby in the certificate is of a child that had been kidnapped. Sonya needed to know if she was that child and reconcile how her loving parents would have this evidence. Now Brandon is forced to protect Sonya as someone warns them to stop looking for the missing child and comes then comes after them when they continue to seek answers. Brandon is going to do everything in his power to find the answers to this mystery.

This book is a great read; full of action, fast paced, and a book you can't set down. A journey of forgiveness and and finding joy in Jesus. You will love it and want to get the rest of the series. Have a great weekend and God bless you all.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Bachelor Next Door by Kathryn Springer

My book review today is on the Love Inspired book, The Bachelor Next Door. This is the first book in the Castle Falls Series. Kathryn does a great job on this book. I can't wait to read the next story in this series. I simply fell in love with these characters. They are all terribly flawed but then most of us are. You love seeing how faith, love, and family turns the whole situation around.

Lily Michaels is a dedicated marketing executive but the illness of her best friend makes her step back and take a look at her life. Her father was a workaholic, after the death of his beloved wife he became an absentee father. Lily did everything she could to make him proud, now she began to understand there was more to life than work. She takes a vacation and goes to do a custom paint job for her ill friend. As she arrives she meets the oldest son of her client and he is just like her father. Lily looks upon him as a challenge to show him a different way of life.

Brendan Kane is the oldest of three sons, his mother was a drug addict and they had been removed from the home when he was but fifteen. It was Brendan that had kept the boys fed and he had protected them. Rich Mason caught him stealing food for his brothers and brought them home with him to his wife Sunni so they could adopt them. Brendan didn't trust him at first but he wanted a good life for his brothers. He wasn't accepted at the school and ended up in trouble. His foster father soon died and Brendan blamed himself for his death. He made a promise to Rich on his death bed. He would care for the business and Sunni.

Brendan is shocked when he finds Lily installed in his mother's home and is changing everything. He's not comfortable with change or with Lily, but she is on a mission. It's funny, heartwarming, and will touch you in your spirit. A great read, you need to get a copy.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Pine Country Cowboy by Glynna Kaye

My book review today is on the Love Inspired, Pine Country Cowboy. I always enjoy Glynna books. This one is well written and will touch your heart. A great story of forgiveness, restoration, and faith in God's plan. I really enjoyed it and I'm sure you will too.

Abby Diaz lost her job, as she struggles with her loss she decides to go home to reconcile with her father and brother. After a devastating divorce her mother had taken her and her youngest brother and fled for the city, leaving behind her oldest child and a heartbroken husband. Now over a decade later she had packed a bag and drove to Canyon City to get to know her family but things aren't as she expected. Dad met her at the door with a girl friend in tow. Her brother's wife is nine months pregnant and their seven year old is trying adopted her. Disappointed she packs up her car to return home but first takes Davy to his first ridding lesson. A flirtatious cowboy tries to attract her attention.

Brett Marden is drawn to the beautiful woman that ends up being his good friend's sister. Brett is divorced and lost a child several years ago. A fact he keeps to himself. He is a terrible flirt but keeps it casual. He doesn't want a relationship. A carrier of a genetic disease he can't allow himself to risk having another sick child. His love of children has him working with them every chance he gets. Brett is drawn to the sad eyes of Abby, she has obviously suffered a great loss. His only goal is to try to make her smile.

A problem with the pregnancy leaves Abby at her brothers house, caring for her nephew. A difficult situation only made worse when Brett shows up to paint the garage. This book will make you laugh, cry, and will touch your heart. A great read.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Second Chance Cinderella by Carla Capshaw

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, Second Chance Cinderella. I haven't read any of Carla's books before but I did enjoy this one and hope to get a chance to read more of her work. It was a well written, heart warming story, and i enjoyed her characters. It will touch your heart.

Rose Smith was brought up in an orphanage, her best friend and true love promised to love her always and come back for her. When he left she was a young teen and soon found out she was pregnant. Thrown out of the orphanage she looked for work and finally married a dying man to give her child a name. He gave her a greater gift, the gift of salvation. She still waited for the love of her life but struggled to go on.

Sam Blackstone grew up in the orphanage but he had a gift when it came to numbers. A wealthy man took him under his wing and brought him to London. He later returns for his true love only to learn that she had married. Brokenhearted and bitter he returned to London to build a vast empire. One day on his way to work he spots a woman that reminds him of Rose. Following her he learns it is indeed his one time love. He asked that she work for him at a dinner party and then tries to make a pass at her and humiliate her.

Rose was to work in the city for a short time and then go back to her position in the country with her son. When Sam brought her to his home she is tormented by this man she once loved. Loosing her job because she had fallen asleep at Sam's she is forced to wander the streets trying to figure a out a way to return to her beloved son. Sam finds her, learns of his son, and then her life changes forever.

A great story of faith, forgiveness and restoration, I know you will love it. God bless you and have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rescued by the Firefighter by Gail Gaymer Martin

My book review today is on the Love Inspired book. Rescued by the Firefighter. I love Gail's work so naturally I loved this book. It is well written and full of interesting characters. These characters are flawed just like the rest of us but God had a plan for them, as He does for us. That journey to find God's plan and stay in His will is what life truly is about.

Paula Reynolds has moved to town. She came to be in her cousin's wedding and to get to know her family better. Her mother has just died; she had been her caretaker for the last few months, now it was time for a fresh start. She would live with her uncle until she could find a new job, a new house, and a new life. There was no place in her life for romance though, one failed relationship was enough and she had no plans to repeat her mothers mistakes.

Clint Donatelli was a handsome firefight and also a member of the wedding party. Drawn to the beautiful Paula he tries to get to know her but it is a challenge. Clint is a strong Christian and senses that Paula isn't a believer. He is uneasy about a relationship but as he learns about her past he is pulled toward her.

This is a great romance that will touch your heart. You need to get a copy

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