Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, July 1, 2016

Cold Case Witness by Sarah Varland

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Cold Case Witness. I'm always excited when I get one of Sharon's books. I enjoy her stories. This book is well written, action packed, and fast paced. She always manages to weave her faith throughout her story like a tapestry. I like that and it was nice to return to Treasure Point.

Gemma Phillips ran away from Treasure Point years ago. She had planned on never returning to her home town. She had witnessed a murder and a smuggling operation. No body was ever found. The men involved in the smuggling operation were put in prison but no one believed her about the murder. Gemma had lived with nightmares for all these years. Gemma lost her job and her savings so she came home to live with her sister and took a temporary job at the Treasure Point History Museum. On the day of her interview a construction crew found a dead body close to where she had witnessed to murder. The police officer in charge of the case was the only boy that had intrigued her in high school but she had sent his father to prison.

Treasure Point Police Officer Matt O'Dell was the first officer on the site when a dead body was discovered. He hadn't had any big cases but his boss told him he was in charge. Matt couldn't figure out how Gemma was involved but there had to be a connection. There wasn't much crime in town until she came back. He soon found out that whoever killed this man was now after Gemma. Matt had always been drawn to Gemma could he protect her, solve the case, and keep his heart safe?

A journey of two broken souls trying to find  answers, stay safe, and find the killer. God has a plan for these two. A plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. A plan far greater than any you have dreamed of. Just make God Lord in your life, trust Him to turn your mess around, and watch him work.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sweet As Honey by Jennifer Beckstrand

My review today is on Sweet As Honey. This book is the first book in the Honeybee Sisters Series. I don't know about you but I love Jennifer's stories. This book is well written, humorous, and heartwarming. You will love the characters, especially Aunt Bitsy. As an Amish book, it is filled with faith. I love Amish stories but I'm quite thankful I'm not locked into the legalism they have.

Dan Kanagy returns home after living away for two years. His parents sent him to relatives to learn about cattle but really they wanted him to find a wife. Dan only had one woman that interested him and she was living here in his hometown. As a child he was unsure how to get her attention so he would tease her and call her names but in his heart he had loved her. His only desire was to win her heart but now she's dating a man who has always hated him. He stands like a wall between them.

Lily Christner was laughed at and teased by the boys at school. Hurt she turned to the only boy who took her part. Now as an adult he wants to marry her. Lily still believes she is that ugly child and Paul wants to keep it that way. He's doing everything in his power to turn her into a proper humble Amish frau. When Dan came back he reads all about the working of their bees, he's willing to help them harvest the honey, and is always trying to lift Lily up and not put her down. Lily becomes very confused as the men's courting style are so different. Can Lily trust Dan or is he just trying to destroy her in a different way?

A journey of two people trying to survive the trial of everyday life and to figure out what their future is. God has a plan for these two and it is a plan for a hope and a future. God is like that for us too. God never puts people down to make them humble. God wants to lift us up so that we might be used of God. He has a purpose for each of us and it is so much greater than you could ever dream. Give Him a chance to turn your life around.  

Monday, June 27, 2016

Protective Duty by Jessica R. Patch

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Protective Duty. I really enjoyed this book. Jessica is fairly new to the LIS writers but I do like her work. This book is well written, action packed, and fast paced. I really enjoyed her characters. Faith was a major ingredient in this story, I like that.

FBI Profiler Bryn Eastman is brought to Memphis on a serial killer case. They have just found the fourth victim. Victimology is her specialty. This is the first case she has taken after an almost fatal injury last year, would she be able to prove she was still capable? Thrown together with the man that was once the love of her life, a love stolen from her; how could she keep herself from falling again? Could she keep her secret from him?

Homicide Detective Eric Hale had lost his sister to a serial killer. Unfortunately she was killed by Bryn's brother and their relationship had been torn apart. Bryn was the only woman he had ever loved but they could have no future. After Bryn is attacked Eric is determined to protect her but must protect himself as well.

A journey of two broken hearts struggling with the past and unable to see a future. God has a plan for these two; to take their tragedies and turn them into blessings, it's far greater than they have dreamed of.  God is like that! He wants to turn your hurts and tragedies into joy. Trust Him and give Him free reign in your life, you will be amazed.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mystery Child by Shirlee McCoy

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Mystery Child. This is the fifth book in the Mission Rescue Series. I have loved each of these books in this series. Shirlee does an awesome job on suspense and intrigues. This story is well written, action packed, and fast paced. I always enjoy visiting the character's from the past books and seeing where they are now. I really like the HEART extended family.

Quinn Robertson receives a visit from her sister that she hadn't seen in many years. Her sister brought a small red headed child with her. Tabitha told her it was her daughter and she was running from her abusive husband, both of them had bruises. She begs Quinn to take Jubilee to her biological father. If they split up then her husband will follow her but when Quinn leaves she is followed. She contacts her brother for help. He and a HEART operative search for them in woods but Malone finds her first. Trust isn't easy for the daughter of a con-artist but he saves them from the  kidnappers. Was Tabitha some how involved in this mess?

Malone Henderson was on vacation when HEART learned that Quinn was bringing Daniel Boone Anderson's daughter to him. Boone, the director of HEART was out of the country but would be there as soon as he could get a flight. HEART had been searching for his daughter for all these years. Malone was notified that the child would be coming to a cabin not far from where he was staying. They wanted him to keep her safe, check her out, and see if she was really Boone's daughter. It was only going to take a short time and he could return to his vacation. That not what is happening! Men where coming in all direction trying to kill Quinn, her brother, and take Jubilee. How could he get Quinn to trust him? Where had the child been all this time? Who were these men the were trying to kill them?

A journey of trial, tests, and tribulations all around about them. Could they find the answers to what was going on before they were destroyed? How could they trust each other when they were so broken.
God has a plan for these people. A plan far greater than they could ever dream. God is like that! He wants to turn your life around too. Have faith in God! Give Him control and watch what He will do for you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Coffee Shop Romances

This is a collection of novellas. I really enjoyed this set. I'm going to review each story in this one review. I know I don't usually do it this way but I'm really behind in my reviews.
SAFE HAVEN by Mary Connealy.
I love Mary's work and she is from Nebraska so what is not to love, just sayin.... Stacy Harding is a computer expert. She's flaky and feisty. She grew up in foster care but has been on her own since her early teens. She has gotten everything she has by the barter system. Her beauty has become a burden so she tries to plays it down. She is offered a job with Triune Corporation but she won't sign a contract.
Clay Slater is a rich man, the owner of Triune Corporation. He is intrigued by her ability and offers her a job but she will only work temporarily. He is appalled to learn of her life style. A great journey of two dysfunctional people but God has a plan for them.
STOLEN KISSES by Debbie Guisti
I really enjoy Debbie's suspense stories; don't you? Amanda Hopkins has returned home to care for her fourteen year old brother, Caleb and to sell her deceased parent's home. Her parents were living way  above their means. now it was up to her to clean up their mess. At a convenience story she witnesses a robbery but a cop keeps her safe. Caleb, just out side the door, seems to recognize the thief but tells the police he didn't know him. Police Officer Noah Ryan helps her but after a past neither wants to remember he tries to keep his distance. Amanda and Caleb are under attack; Noah has no choice but to protect them. An awesome journey of survival. God has a plan!
ABBY'S HERO by Tina Radcliffe
I really enjoyed this story it is quite humorous. PI Jack Evans and his partner Charlie are investigating a ten year old cold case. Abby's husband was the thief that supposedly stolen diamonds and was then killed. The diamonds were never found. Widow Abby Thorton is the mother of twin girls. They are a way at Bible camp when Jack comes undercover to help her with her plumbing. Jack soon finds out that he's not the only one looking for the diamonds and lives are in danger. Can Jack keep them safe or will only God be able to save them.
This is a really cute story. Willow Valentine leave Atlanta to go North after her life falls apart. She'll go as far North as she can go and then she'll start over. She ends up in High Hopes, Georgia in the middle of a parade. Her car breaks down and everyone is upset. Ex-military Trent Merriwether just returned from the middle east; he steps up and pushes her car out of the way of the parade and then helps her. Attracted to the young beauty he tries to pull a way but  feels he must help her. God has a plan for them and High Hopes is where she belongs.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Impossible Love by Samantha Price

My review today is on the first book in the Amish Wedding Season Series, Impossible Love. I really enjoy Amish stories so of course I liked this story. Samantha does a great job on anything Amish. This story is well written, faith based, and has a few twists and turns. I know you will enjoy it.

Verity Fisher works for her parents in the family restaurant. She was once engaged and was to be married soon but her fiancee` took off to make money to buy them a home. He promised to be back very soon. That was six years ago and she hadn't heard a word in all that time. She promised to wait and so she did but now all the men her age are already married and she is left with a broken heart. Not only that but he had talked her parents into buy a huge house to turn into a B&B; a place that would soon fall to pieces. Verity's heart has become bitter as she kept thinking of her future.

Reuben King grew up in the Amish community. He was excited about his upcoming wedding but needed money to buy them a home. His Englisher friend talked him into leaving the community and make some easy money. He listened to his friend and left all that he held dear. Reuben got caught up in all the things of the world and has become a millionaire. Soon it was to late to contact Verity. Reuben receives a letter telling him his mother was in the hospital. He returns to find his mother is not ill and he believes it's from Verity. He is furious as he goes to confront her. She is even more beautiful than before and all his feelings came rushing back. The only problem is she is very angry.

A journey of love and forgiveness. She can forgive but how can she forget of trust? Can God bring them together when they have messed up their lives? God has a plan for these two and He can bring them back together. God has a plan for you two but you must give Him control of your lives. "Have faith in God" He will turn your life around.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Deception by Elizabeth Goddard

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Deception. This is the Last book of the Mountain Cove Series. I don't know about you but that makes me extremely sad. I have really enjoyed this series and all the characters we have met. I'm going to miss them. This book is well written, action packed, and full of twists and turns. I love Elizabeth's work; she always weaves her faith throughout the story like a tapestry.

Jewel Caraway is a widow. Her husband was struck by lightening years ago. She has built up a good business in her B & B. She had been brought up in a wealthy home but was disowned when she married the wrong man. Suddenly her sister shows up with a new husband in tow. Is this a chance for reconciliation? When some one pushes her over a deadly waterfall, the Chief of Police steps in to protect her. Who could want her dead? Did this have something to do with the secret she held close to her heart?

Chief of Police Colin Winters has been half in love with Jewel for years. After failing to protect the last woman he loved he has determined to never love again so he has kept his distance as much as possible. Now her life is in danger, how can he protect her when she is keeping things from him? Can he save her and keep his heart safe?

A journey of two brokenhearted people trying to survive one attack after another. They must learn to trust each other but more importantly to trust God. He is the only one that can save them from this madman. God has a plan for these two and it's more than they ever dreamed. God is like that! He has a plan for you too. It's far greater than you thought possible.