Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, March 2, 2015

Taken by Lisa Harris

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Taken by Lisa Harris. This was a good book and I highly recommend it. This book is well written, action packed, and full of adventure. I love her characters, the fact that they are strong Christians, and how faith is woven throughout the story. I have never been to Paris but I found it fascinating as she described it.

Kate Elliot is a grad-student and life is almost boring until she gets a phone call from her sister. She finds Rachel has been shot, left for dead, and her daughter is kidnapped. Kate doesn't know where to start looking for her niece. She goes back to her sister's place to try to find answers. There she meets an FBI agent but she is unable to trust him and set out to Paris to find her niece.

FBI Agent Marcus O'Brian is on a case tracking diamonds. He's been following Chad Laurent in a yearlong investigation of a smuggling ring. When Rachel is shot he knows this has to have something to do with his case. He finds the beautiful sister at the crime scene going through her sister's thing. Marcus tells her to go to her sister and leave the case to him and those trained to handle this. Imagine his surprise when he sees her being shoved into a moving vehicle on a Paris street. Obviously the woman can't follow directions.

These two go through a horrendous journey to find the diamonds, save the child and yet stay alive. A great adventure you will love. God always has a plan and when you get out of the way, it will come to pass.

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Pius Stand by Declan Finn

Well I'm sad to say this is the final book of The Pius Trilogy, A Pius Stand A global Thriller. I have loved this series and hope I can do it justice on my review. I loved the first two books but this one is awesome. I loved the Army of God, what I loved the most about it is the army contained ordinary people; not pure, holy, and righteous people but men and women who were real. I must tell my good Christian followers that there is some language issues but then it is a war and it was done appropriately. The Army of God goes against overwhelming odds knowing they would all die defending the Pope and the Christian faith. The really sad thing is that all of what was written could very easily happen right now. Although I think the UN would be going against Israel in stead of the Pope but then they want to rid the world of all of us.

We still have our main characters from the first two books. We only lost Giovanni Figlia in the group and James Ryan and as this book begins we are at their funerals. Their leader stunt man Sean Ryan who came to teach the priests and nuns to defend themselves but now is going after the man that killed his grandfather James Ryan, Secret Agent Villie Goldberg is pretty sure she has been fired by the President for staying to help the Pope, Matthew Kovach the author is still there and publicizing everything that was going on at the Vatican on social media and to his publisher, Interpol Agent Maureen McGrail a woman that is a lethal weapon on her own, Father Francis Williams former Special Forces soldier and his father Captain Wayne Williams Sr., Scott "Massad" Murphy a Boston Irish Catholic who was taken in the Mossad but Scott was an accountant who was sent to the Vatican, Manana Suushurin a Russian who had been blackmailed into going to Rome by her father but is now siding with the people she was sent to destroy, Veronica Fisher (Giovannie's widow) a forensic expert,  we have the Auxiliary Bishop Xavier O'Brien the Pope's right hand man, and of course we have Pope Pius XIII born Joshua Kotjok an African.

In this book we add some more interesting characters to help them in their quest: Jonathan Koenig a 6'10" mafia commando the FBI call the Masciale's Monster and he brings the mafia to Rome with him, Officer Tommy Nolan of the Boston Police and a huge portion of the police force that had been force to stand back and watch people try to loot the Catholic Church throughout the USA, we again see Deaglan Lunch of the IRA and his commandos moving through France trying to get to Rome but they have to intervene in churches along the way as France tries to destroy the Church and are imprisoning the priests and nuns into the concentration camps used during the war, then we have a friend of Sean's who is also a stunt man Galahad Wren known as Galadren, this man was buried alive in a faulty stunt and something broke within him and now he thinks he's an elf and speaks Tolkien also known as the Elven Assassin, Moira McShane a trained lethal weapon and the wife of Matthew and Matthew's uncle Michael Finn a CIA assassin. These are some of the main characters but there were many FBI, CIA, Polish Special Forces, Sayaret Metcal (the Israeli Special Forces) and US Special Forces that were on vacation involved behind the scenes.

These people stand against untold odds as armies from China, North Korea, and Sudan are sent to destroy the Vatican, loot the treasures, and kill the Pope. The battle is unbelievable and would make an awesome movie.

This is a must read! You will love it. You will see God intervene in the war and that is cool. I love it when God fights with us and He loves to do that when we fight in His name and do all we can, He will step in and save us.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

My book review today is on the nonfiction book The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. I loved this book and I have to say it made a big difference in my prayer life. I know that everyone who reads this book will see their lives changed. How big is your God? We all need to enlarge our concept of God, we tend to put God in a box and limit Him in our lives.

Mark writes about the Legend of the Circle Maker, an eccentric sage of the first century BC, who was called to pray for rain. He drew a circle around himself and prayed saying he wouldn't leave the circle until God gave them the rain they needed. Mark then writes about how to draw prayer circles in our own lives and how God has honored his prayers and those of his family, church members, and the people he has taught.

I especially liked what Mark wrote about the books he wrote and how he prayed circles around them before he sent them out. I also was encouraged when he wrote that if God called a person to write, all we had to do is be obedient and write the book. If it never is published or even read by another we have done what we were called to do. That spoke to my heart. I have written six books and am on my seventh but although I have put them in ebook form they haven't sold. The devil keeps telling me I'm a joke, I haven't even made a penny on them but this book set me free. Now I can say I don't care because I have done what God told me to do. It doesn't matter if I make a fortune as long as one soul is helped.

I pray you will get a copy and read this book. It will set you free also. God bless you all.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Untraceable by Elizabeth Goddard

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Untraceable. This is the second book in the Mountain Cove Series. I didn't see how Elizabeth could possibly top the first book in the series, Buried, but she managed it quite well. I have always been fascinated by Alaska but now I'm not sure I would want to visit there. I have always appreciated the men and women who volunteer to go out and put their own lives in jeopardy to search and rescue people in mortal danger. Elizabeth then weaves a tapestry of faith into the action to give them hope when there seems to be no way. I love that.

 In this book we revisit the Warren Siblings of the North Face Mountain Search and Rescue Team. Heidi Warren has had some difficult things happen in her life recently. She has pulled away from the team and hasn't been on a rescue for some time. Unfortunately there are several problems and she is forced to go out with her brother Cade and Isaiah Callahan. She is struggling with her relationship with Isaiah to whom she is drawn but he has some secrets and has pulled a way from her.

Isaiah Callahan has moved to Alaska, changed his name and is trying to start a new life but the secrets of his past has just followed him and is coming between the only woman he could spend his life with. He has no choice but to put distance between them but then they're thrown together in a rescue. Cade tells him he knows his secret and to stay away from his sister.

The team is called to a daring mission to rescue a crew of stranded hikers and an injured person. Upon arrival they find that there isn't a wounded hiker but a dead body. They are told he fell but on inspection they find he has been shot and that the four members left are thieves and are on the run. The leader takes their weapons, radios, and phones and force them to take them to the ice fields to catch a ride.

A journey of a team struggling to save the lives of thieves and murders, knowing that once they reached their destination they will lose their lives. They do what they are trained to do and pray that God will do the rest. A great adventure.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Silent Hunter by Maggie K. Black

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Silent Hunter. I love Maggie's work, she does an excellent job on suspense or adventure stories. This book is an awesome example of her work. This book is well written, action packed, and full of adventure. It's not a book you can set down. I love the faith that is woven throughout the story. I recommend this book highly.

Nicky Trailer is a camp director of Camp Spirit. She had been a part of this camp for almost twenty years, first as a camper, then a counselor, and now as the director. Unfortunately the camp is falling a part. The owner of the camp, George, puts together a camping trip to their island with several men and women who will hopefully donate funds to rebuild and refurbish the camp. The day before the trip there is a fire in the lodge trapping Nicky and George inside. The man that steps up to save them is the man who broke her heart years ago. Now he expects her to trust him.

Luke Wolf was a runaway when he found Camp Spirit all those years ago. He had hidden in a broken down cabin and spent several days at the camp. Nicky was the only person who ever showed him love. The day he was to meet her, George catches him stealing the cash box and has him arrested. The next day George bails him out and then helps him turns his life around. Luke has spent his whole life trying to make up for the mistakes he made, now George asks for his help. He arrives to find George unconscious and Nicky stuck in the loft. Knowing he's not worthy of Nicky he does his best to try to protect her but every time they turn around they are being stalked by a hunter.

The camping trip becomes a nightmare when the hunter picks them off one at a time. A journey of faith, trust, and redemption. God has a plan and will make a way where there seems to be no way. Run out and get a copy, you will love it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Manhunt by Lisa Phillips

My book review today in on the Love Inspired Suspense, Manhunt. Lisa is a great suspense writer, this book is well written, full of action, and great adventure. Faith is interwoven throughout the book like a tapestry. God always has a plan and He will lead you in the way you should go. How awesome is His mighty power.

US Marshal Hailey Shelder is an important team member of the fugitive apprehension task force in the Marshal's Service. A single mother Hailey takes risks to prove she is capable of handling these fugitives. Her ex-husband, the mayor is a constant thorn is her side but he had stood with her when no one else had. She didn't want a new partner but had no choice, now that her life and the life of her daughter were threatened she began to lean on him.

US Marshal Eric Hanning's career in WITSEC has been compromised in Arizona and he is force into fugitive apprehension and transference in  Oregon. Doesn't the rain ever stop here? This place had to be the worse punishment God could deal out to him, almost as bad as losing his ex-girlfriend. Eric is a by the book kind of guy and has a hard time dealing with Hailey's risk taking. As the town floods, going by the book isn't really an option.

A journey of learning to trust, relying on each other, and facing the horrors thrown at them. It's a book that is hard to put down. You will love this story.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Harvest of Blessings by Charlotte Hubbard

My book review today is on the latest book of the Seasons of the Heart Series by Charlotte Hubbard. This is an Advance Readers Copy sent to me by the Kensington Publishers. I'm thrilled to receive these books when they first come out but I can assure you these are my own thoughts about the book. I loved this book. I enjoy reading books about the Amish. We all want a simpler life these days, although doing everything the old way might not be as simple as one might think. I enjoyed visiting couples from the previous books, I like that in the books I read.This is a story of the prodigal daughter. This book is well written and I loved her characters. Charlotte's characters are not always cookie cutter Amish people but they are heart warming and extremely entertaining. I also like the fact that each character had to take their own path to faith and they didn't all see it the same way. Isn't that how it is with us? We all have to find our own way.

Nora Landwehr was forced to leave her home at only sixteen. Her father, Preacher Gabe had forced her to leave when he learned of her pregnancy, now sixteen years later she comes home to reconcile with her daughter and family. Nora has a problem embracing the Old Order but dreams of helping the little community but it seems the men of the community have other plans for the young divorcee.

Luke Hooley is a reckless immature man who is trying to win the attention of the beauty who moved in next door. A player, Luke has no intention of settling down but he is drawn to Nora in a way he had never experienced before. As she goes from sexy to plain Luke doesn't understand how he can be even more intrigued.

Nora's sixteen year old daughter is dating Luke's brother, Ira, a man almost twice her age, her mamm is laying at deaths door and her father refuses to speak with her. Can Nora find her way back to her faith and her family? Does God have a plan through the mess of her life?

A great journey of restoration, forgiveness, and love. I know you will love this book, you will laugh, you will cry, and it will touch your heart.