Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, November 24, 2014

Danger in the Manger by Rachelle McCalla

My book review today is on the second book in the Love Inspired Suspense Novella, Twin Threat Christmas, Danger in the Manger, don't you love that name? These two books are dealing with an important issue that we are now dealing with in the United States, human trafficking. A horrible problem that should make parents turn to God to protect our children from these monsters. Don't let your children leave without praying for their protection. Rachelle does a great job on this subject, you need to read this story.

The first book was about Vanessa Jackson and her mysterious disappearance eight years ago, this story is about her twin sister Alyssa Jackson. Alyssa never understood why her sister would just disappear but she never gave up hope she was still alive although she was forced to declare her sister dead to deal with her grandfathers estate. Alyssa hears a car pull up but has learned that she sells more statues when she lets people look around her yard, but when she leaves her workshop no one is there. She is shocked to find a baby lying in the manger of her nativity. The T-shirt on the baby says if they do a DNA test on the baby they would find Alyssa to be the mother. The police officer that was with her when she read the shirt didn't believe the baby could be hers. She didn't know the first thing about babies.

Chris Jensen is investigating a drug ring and he's sure Alyssa is involved. Drugs had been found in some of her concrete statuary. He made a hourly driveby of her property so was close when she found the baby. It was obviously Vanessa's child and Chris felt bad about not being able to find the girl eight years ago. Chris stays and helps Alyssa care for the baby but after he leaves she takes the sleeping baby out to the workshop so she can finish the concrete she was unable to pour. Alyssa finishes her work but the baby begins to fuss so she rocks him and falls asleep.

Alyssa wakes to find a couple of men stuffing something in her still wet lamb molds. She calls Chris for help and the two of them investigate who was smuggling drugs in her work. They find her sister and return the baby to his mom but find themselves in serious trouble. Are the human traffickers the ones who are the drug smugglers or have they got more than one group out to kill them? A great journey that draws the two together but before they can have a life together they have to put an end to this evil.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

One Silent Night by Rachelle McCalla

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Novella, Twin Threat Christmas. Today I'm going to share my thoughts on the first story, One Silent Night. I do love Rachelle's books and I'm really concerned about human trafficking in the United States. Most Christians are upset about the subject but they don't realize it is a serious problem right here. They just think this happens in Europe and Asia but it's an epidemic in the Midwest. I have written a couple of books on the subject myself and only wish I could do more. Rachelle does a really good job on a touchy subject. It is a must read.

Vanessa Jackson was kidnapped by a human trafficking ring eight years ago and has been held as a prisoner ever since. Forced to marry her captor she now has three children and is forced to run for her life. Her husband is murdered by his boss and Vanessa is set up to take the fall. On the run with no place to go and no money, she hides the baby and then goes to the only place she has ever known happiness, a remote cabin in the woods her grandfather owned.

Eric Tomlin has come to his cabin with his sister. He had bought the cabin from Alyssa Jackson after the death of her grandfather. The cabin had been a place where he and the twins had grown up. Eric always felt close to Vanessa when he came here. Vanessa was the only woman he had ever loved but he had failed to tell her how he felt and then one day she just disappeared. Imagine how shocked he is when he is listening to a news report about a woman killing her husband and kidnapping her children and she looks just like Vanessa and then she walks in his door.

This couple must find evidence about the human trafficking ring in order for her to be free but as they search the men come after them. They must trust each other while leaning on God. A great story of God's love and restoration. You can purchase this book at the address below.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Identity Withheld by Sandra Orchard

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Identity Withheld. I absolutely love Sandra's books and this one is an excellent example of her work. This story is well written, adventure packed, and full of characters you'll love. I enjoy the faith that is woven throughout the story. Sandra is a wonderful story teller and it is a must read. I enjoyed the fact that we are having Jake's story, I felt bad for him in the Perilous Waters. I loved his character.

Kara Grant witnessed the selling of a baby in an adoption ring. She took pictures and then went to the police. Now she's in Witness Protection but someone has found her and wants her dead. Her house is set on fire and she barely is able to escape. Calling her handler as she watches her house burn down to the ground, she is found by a fireman who believes she is the arsonist.

Widowed Firefighter Jake Steele catches a beautiful young woman fleeing from a suspicious fire. Believing she might be the arsonist he takes her to the EMT's but when reporter takes her picture she freaks out, at the hospital she flees for her life. Jake keeps running into the beauty. He finally takes her home to his parents since she has no place to go but has he brought danger to his parents and his son. After the injury to her handler Jake gets his brother Sam involved, can they keep her safe.

A great book you will want to purchase right away, you can get it at the address below.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Silent Night Standoff by Susan Sleeman

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Silent Night Standoff. This book is the first book in the First Responders Series and I can't wait for the next one, this book was awesome. I love Susan's work and this is a great example of her work. It is well written, action packed and very hard to put down. I love her characters and how she uses faith to bring about her happy ever after.

Skyler  Brennan is a hostage negotiator with the county's SWAT team. Skyler finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time as the bank she went to deposit a check of for a charity is robbed. The robbers are a pair dubbed Bonnie and Clyde, Skyler tries to protect the hostages as the drugged robbers begin to escalate. Bonnie is shot by the SWAT team sniper and Clyde drags Skyler out the back door. In the back alley they are met by Skyler's past.

FBI Special Agent Logan Hunter is horrified to find out that one of the hostages is his former girl friend. A woman he had left behind to become the agent he is today. He runs to the back of the bank as he remembers their MO from other robberies. He rescues Skyler but she is threatened by the robber before he took off.To get the promotion that Logan needs to impress his father, he must find this robber  and also protect Skyler at the same time, all the while keeping his heart safe.

A journey of a dysfunctional couple drawn together but fighting the attraction for all their worth. An excellent read, you need to run out and get a copy of this book. You may order it at the address below.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Her Holiday Family by Winnie Griggs

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, Her Holiday Family. I enjoy the way Winnie writes. This book is one of the Texas Grooms Series and is a continuations of Lone Star Heiress and has many of the same characters. I always enjoy visiting the people from the previous book.

Eileen Pierce is a widow that the town has chosen to shun. Her husband had chosen to lavishly spoil her going deeply in debt. In an attempt to get out of this mess he embezzles from his bank and then takes his life. Eileen has spent years paying off his debts and trying to survive. She tries to retain her dignity by being aloof.

Simon Tucker agrees to escort a woman, Miss Fredrick, with her ten children to a new home. Simon's niece and nephew are two of the children. His sister, her housekeeper had died recently and Miss Fredrick had taken them in. Simon planned on moving close so he could be a part of the children's lives. Unfortunately Miss Fredrick has a stroke on the way and Simon is stranded in a small town waiting for her recovery.

Reverend Harper calls a town meeting to get his people to help this young man and the children. Several people agree to take one or two but Simon is determined to keep them all together. The only home large enough to house them is the Widow Pierce's home, she finally agree to care for them and although there are objection the ladies aide helps the widow by bring meals for them all.

A journey of twelve lonely broken people and how they are brought together to become a family. I great story I know you will enjoy. You can purchase the book at the address below.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Deadly Holiday Reunion by Lenora Worth

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book, Deadly Holiday Reunion. I love Lenora's books, she does awesome suspense and intrigues. This story is a wonderful example of her work. I especially love the way she weaves her faith in and out of the story like a tapestry. This book is a little on the dark side, it's dealing with a serious problem and she handles it well.

Texas Ranger Jake Cavanaugh is a widower desperate to find his young daughter. She has been kidnapped by a serial killer that Jake had dealt with years ago but thought was dead. Unable to handle the case on his own but determined not to call in all the law enforcement in the area he goes to the love of his life.

Former FBI Agent Ella Terrell had loved Jake her whole life but he refused to allow her to be an FBI agent, he wanted to protect her so she broke off the relationship and he married another. Five years ago they had been brought together by a serial killer that kidnapped her and held her hostage. Jake had found her and helped her back on her feet but Ella was so traumatized they went their separate ways. Now she live a quiet life with her grandparents next to the woods the killer had taken her to.

When Jake comes to her begging for help she can't turn him away. She must face her fears and the horror of her abduction in order to find the man who she had believed she had killed all those years ago. A story of traumatic pain, mental illness, and restoration. Some times it's hard to understand how God can allow bad thing happen to good people but then we live and an evil world and satan convinces people to do horrific things. God isn't in control, Adam gave that control to satan. Unless we give God the power to work in our lives there is nothing He can do. Prayer is so important in our fallen world. This book is excellent and you will want to get a copy. You can purchase it at the address below.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

A Pony Express Christmas by Rhonda Gibson

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, A Pony Express Christmas. This book was a great read. I love mail-order bride books. I don't know if I would have had the guts to do something like that but I love stories about women who do. I was always afraid I would end up alone. I'm not sure why but do you know that scripture in Job that says "that thing I feared most is upon me." Well even though I married young it has come to pass. My marriage lasted two and a half years and I have been alone for forty-six years, oh well. The book is well written, I enjoyed her characters, and the faith that was woven throughout the story.

Leah Hollister was forced into a mail-order marriage. Her future husband had sent her the money to come along with her young charge. Molly's parents had died in a cholera epidemic and the orphanage had put Molly's care in her hands until she could deliver her to her uncle in Colorado, just a few miles from where her betrothed lived. Upon there arrival she finds Molly's uncle and sends word to her fiance`of her arrival but hears nothing from him. She soon finds out he has died.

Jake  Bridges was left six years ago at the alter by the only woman he had loved. To add to insult to injury she married his brother. Heartbroken Jake leaves Texas and goes to Colorado. He is now a stock handler for the Pony Express and he loves his life here in Colorado but when his sweet little niece is brought to him he realizes he needs more than a room in the barn. He also realizes he is lacking in his ability to raise a little girl so in desperation he proposes to Leah but tells her it must be a marriage in name only. He can't give his heart to another woman to be walked on.

Jake's boss offers them a cabin and as Jake prepares a place for them to live he finds that he is drawn to the lovely young girl, now he wants desperately to win her heart. A great journey of two heartbroken lonely people who find true love in the most unexpected place. God always has a plan. I know you are going to want to get a copy of this book, you can purchase it at the address below.

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