Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Wish and a Prayer by Marisa Meyer

My review today is on the story A Wish and a Prayer. This is a cute story. It's well written and will touch your heart. I love stories about the works of angels. I know you are going to love this one; it's delightful.
Nicola had given up all hope of finding true love. She has returned to Rome to be in her best friends wedding. She is to be the Maid of Honor. Unfortunately the Best Man is the man who recently broke her heart. How is she to face him let alone dance with him in front of everyone of their friends? Her best friends assures her that she will meet mister right. She talks her into throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain. That night she has a dream of a tall handsome stranger he helps her and then tells her she has a week to fulfill her wish.
Kyle was sitting on the other side of the fountain when he saw two beautiful women on the other side. He has given up all hope of finding the right woman. But he is drawn to one of them when a man walks up and speaks to them and then hugs the woman he is drawn to. Oh well she obviously is taken but she then she turns and throws in a coin. Kyle goes ahead and tosses in his coin. An old man is standing next to him and tells him he has one week to make his wish come true.
A divine intervention in a couple of wounded souls. God has a plan for these two, a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. A good plan and not for evil. Give him your heart and watch Him turn your life around.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Date and Dash by Susan Hatler

My review today is on the Clean Romance, Date and Dash. This is the tenth book in the Better Date than Never Series. I have loved this series.  I really enjoy Susan's books. This one is no exception. It's a great read. This book is well written, humorous, and totally delightful. I know you are going to love it.
Mary Ann Nielsen is having a rough time at work. Her bosses nephew is now working with them. Her boss asked how he was doing and she didn't tell her the truth but what she thought she would want to hear. Right after that he stole the recognition of her latest idea. Mary Ann wasn't sure how to handle that. She went seeking comfort from her sister, Ginger (her folks loved Gilligans Island) Ginger wasn't home but she found a brochure for the fund raiser auction. Her grandmother's bracelet was one of the item for sale. She had to have that bracelet. It had always made her calm and gave her strength. She rushes off to get to the aution when she is in a fender bender. She calls her friend to buy it for her. Her friend purchases the wrong item; a bachelor on a dating Reality TV Show. The man she had run into. He already had several strikes against him, she would never date him. She talked to the woman who bought the bracelet and she told her she wouldn't sell it to her for under twenty thousand. Now she would have to do the show.
Trever Brooks is on the way to the auction. He wants to win to give the money to a homeless shelter.
His '65' Mustang is hit by a crazy woman. He refused to leave until they have a police report. The woman is very upset with him. When he arrives at the auction he find the woman who hit him is the woman who bought him for five thousand dollars. She is so flighty can they win the competition?
A delightful tale of overcoming challenges and difficulties. How can two opposite souls work together and win a romantic competition?

Friday, September 14, 2018

In the Nick of Time by Susette Williams

My review today is on the mystery, In the Nick of Time. This is the first book in The Twelve Mysteries of Christmas. I really enjoyed this book. It is well written, full of intrigue, and faith. I know you are going to love it. I always like Susette's books.
FBI Agent Nick Claussen is on vacation. Truth to tell he is coming home to visit his sister and his nephew because he is a little burned out and alone. His boss has encouraged him to take a little time off. He arrives at his nephew's school to pick up him up. He is concerned when no one checked his ID. He just signed a paper. When he arrives at the right room there is a large Christmas bear in front of the door. He picks it up and carries it in. The teacher runs into him but he handed her the bear. What he wouldn't have given to have a teacher like her.
Faith Tillerson is upset about a strange man giving her a gift no matter how good looking he is. The bear had a creepy note with it. She tries to avoid him at the church on Sunday but he comes straight for her. He assures her he didn't send the bear it had been sitting in the door. He cautions her about the lack of security at the school. Monday the nurse comes to her room and is shocked to see the bear. She has received one too but with a creepy note, along with a Christmas tree, and a photo of herself. Something strange is going on. She shared her concerns with Nick. When a body that looks much like her shows up Nick is concerned about a serial stalker/killer.
A journey of two wounded souls struggling to find who is stalking her and why he is after her. God has a plan for them a good plan and not for evil. God has a plan for you too, a plan for a hope and a future. Give Him your heart and watch Him move in your life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Courageous Journey by Mistie M. Beller

My review today is on the historical romance, The Courageous Journey. This is the fourth book in the Heart of the Mountains Series. I'm always thrilled to get a copy of Mistie's books. She does an excellent job of writing westerns. This book is well written, action packed, and heart warming. I do caution you to wear something warm because when she writes about blizzards you will be freezing. She also does a great job with faith. In this book she helps a man find the one true God not the sun god his people prayed to.
Noelle Grant is on a journey to go to see her brother and his family in the Canadian Territory. She starts out with the Biggers family but after dealing will illness the Biggers decide to stay in Montana and not go in to Canada. Noelle must get to her brother so she is force to go on with their guide alone.
She has become very attracted to the man and must keep that a secret.
Daniel Abrams hires on to lead a wagon to the Canadian Territory, the land of his fathers. Daniel was raised in the mountains. He didn't think these Easterners would make it a year out here. He changes his mind when he sees Noelle determination. He's attracted to the woman but he knows as quarter Indian he isn't worthy of her.
A courageous journey through all kinds of hardships; Daniel being struck by lightening, blizzards, and severe illnesses. They soon learn they must trust God to get them through. God has a plan for these two souls; a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. Give Him your heart and watch Him calm your storms and bring you through.

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Wedding Catch by Susan Hatler

My review today is on a delightful romance, The Wedding Catch. This is the second book in the Wedding Whisperer Series. I really enjoy Susan's books; they are well written, humorous, and heartwarming. I know you are going to love it.
Avery Summers has just broken up with her boyfriend, lost her home, and now her boss, her best friend is getting married in two weeks. Could things get any worse. Then a gorgeous man pulls up in the parking spot in a beautiful red convertible Ferrari. When he came in the bakery he asks her out. She turned him down of course but she isn't sure why she has a no date policy now. Is this guy for real? How can you trust a man who is perfect?
Jason Morgan comes to his cousin's bakery. He is blown away by the sad beauty that manages the place. He asks her out immediately but she turns him down. That just increases his attraction  to her. How can he reach her? He sets out to win her over but will his job stand in the way?
A journey of restoration that brings to broken souls together. They are not perfect people but are perfect for each other 

Protected Secrets by Heather Woodhaven

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Protected Secrets. I really enjoy Heather's books. This story is well written, action packed, and full of intrigue. Faith and restoration are a vital part of this book. I know you are going to love it.
US Marshal Delaney Patton is sent on a new assignment. She is to protect a murder suspect; man and his daughter who  was the same age as the daughter she had once been forced to give up for adoption. How is she suppose to deal with that? She didn't do children. As she works with them she is drawn to the child. She can't help but wonder if this girl could be her own child. She must find the killer and outsmart this criminal before she can reveal her secret. How will this man handle her being the birth mother?
Bruce Walker goes into work on a Saturday morning. His assistant meets him there. He is a single father. They had adopted a little girl but one day his wife decided she didn't want to be a mother or his wife and left. His brother had been his partner but had sold his part of the business and left the company. Bruce was unsure of his dealings alone and is spending more time on his work. While at his office he witnesses a murder. He is soon assigned a US Marshal to protect them. Bruce is drawn to the woman even though she kept telling him she didn't do children. A bond seemed to be growing between her and his daughter, What is her secret? Can he trust her?
A journey of two broken souls struggling to survive a world turned upside down. God has a plan for this little family, a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too; a good plan and not for evil. Give Him your heart and watch Him put the pieces back together in your life.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Stormy Haven by Elizabeth Goddard

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Stormy Haven. This is the second book in the Coldwater Bay Intrigue Series. I so enjoy Elizabeth's books. I've been a fan of hers for a long, long time. I'm always thrilled to get one of her books in the mail. This book is no exception; it's awesome. The story is well written, action packed, and full of intrigue. Faith is interwoven through out the story like a fine tapestry. I know you are going to love it.
Ex-ICE Agent Jonna Strand is out jogging in the middle of a winter storm in Washington. She now runs a lodge where people can come and watch the storms move in and out of the bay. As she is jogging she is attacked. Is this the serial killer that has been attacking women in the area or is this a man from her past. She had been in Homeland Security Investigations as a special agent. She walked away after being beaten and left for dead three years ago; unable to remember the details of the attack. Has the man who tried to kill her found her? Who is this man that rescued her?
Ian Brady has been hired by Jonna's former boss, his uncle, to be her bodyguard but he must keep it a secret. Ian's uncle had heard Jonna's name being threatened and needs to know she will be safe. Can he find out who is after her without revealing why he is there. What can she know that these men want to kill her?
A journey of two souls who have given up their careers through trauma and have started over. They must learn to forget the past, trust each other, and rely on God. God has a plan for these two, a good plan and not for evil. God has a plan for you too; a plan for a hope and a future. Give Him your heart and watch Him work through your storm.