Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Betrayed Lady Winters by Emma Linfield

My review today is on the Historical Regency Romance, The Betrayed Lady Winters. This book was sent to me as a gift, I am not required to write a review but I enjoyed it so I will share it with you.
I have never read any of Emma's books before but I did really like this one. I'm sure I'll read more of her work. This story is well written and contains some intrigue. I'm sure you are going to love it.
Lady Ivy Winters is having her coming out party. Her father wants her to meet Duke Merrick. It would be a good match for her. When she meets the handsome Duke, he is arrogant and rude. She is not impressed. When her best friend repeats rumors she has heard, Ivy tells her father she will not marry this man. He must tell him tonight. She then leaves the party. When she returns her father is being taken to the hospital and her brother has been arrested for poisoning his father. Ivy is sure the Duke is the one who tried to kill her father. She convinces a cousin to help her deal with the Duke, find evidence, and get her brother out of jail.
Duke Royce Merrick has worked his way up to the top of his field after his father almost destroyed the business because of his gambling. Royce feels he must help men that are addicted to gambling. He comes to the ball and is blown away by the beautiful Lady Winters. He is in awe of her and got carried away when he talks to her. He can tell she isn't impressed. He has blown it. When her father is taken to the hospital and her brother taken away he feels bad for her and offers to help her in any way. He is shocked when she comes to see him.
A journey of two souls trying to find the answers to the attack on Lord Winters. God has a plan for these two, a good plan and not for evil. God has a plan for you too. Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your life.

Monday, November 19, 2018

In Too Deep by Sharon Dunn

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, In Too Deep. I always like to see one of Sharon's book arrive. She does a great job on suspense stories. This book is no exception; it is well written, action packed, and full of intrigue. Faith is interwoven throughput the story like a fine tapestry. I know you are going to love it.
Sierra Monforton  agrees to meet one of her troubled teens at Fisherman's Crest. He has confessed to being drawn back into selling drugs. She tells him to wait for her and she will help him.When she arrives the boy isn't there. She searches the area looking for him. A man runs by; she recognizes him as the man who runs the skateboard shop. He is wearing a gun. She hides herself; a skateboard shop would be a perfect cover for selling drugs. She follows him to see why he is there but loses him. She witnesses a drug deal; she is seen and is suddenly running for her life. Two shooters are after her. She is suddenly tackled. The man from the skateboard shop saves her life and leads her away.
Undercover DEA Agent William Joseph Anderson rescues a woman being shot at. What is she doing here any way? Is she involved in the drug operation or trying to horn in on the deal? He saves her life, maybe she can give him some much needed information on his investigation. Whatever the case may be she needs protection right now, two armed men are chasing her.
A journey of desperation as they try to find the troubled teen, his sister, and stay alive at the same time. Joseph is willing to blow his cover to save Sierra and help the kids. God has a plan for these two; a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too, a good plan and not for evil. Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your life.

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Tory's Daughter by Angela K. Crouch

My review today is on the Historical Romance, The Tory's Daughter. This book takes place in the 1780's in Mohawk Valley. This story is well written, heart warming, and full of faith. I know you are going to love it. I have always enjoyed books from this time in our history.
Joseph Garnet is a widower with two small children. He is visiting his wife's grave when he and his brother-in-law are called to a neighboring farm that is under attack from the Otetiani's raiders. They ride out to help save the neighbors but the husband is already dead along with their livestock. They do save his wife and children that are trapped in a burning cabin. Some of the men take the family to a nearby fort. Joseph see a young Indian boy try to steal his horse. He manages to stop the boy but is threatened and Andrew shoots the kid. The Indian turns out to be a girl and they take her to his cabin and he locks her up. He soon realizes she was a neighbor. The family had been run off after the husband had joined the British Army. This was a girl that had always intrigued him. What is he to do with her?
Hannah Cunningham is a half breed. When her family was run off their farm; her brothers were forced to join the Patriots Army and Hannah, her mother, and her sisters went to live with cousins in the Indian tribe. Hannah is the only one left and has returned to find her brothers. She is captured by Joseph a man she had once dreamed of. When her cousin can't find her he comes to the homestead in full war paint. Joseph is forced to marry her. He promises to find her brothers.
A long journey to find the boys after being gone for six years. Where do they go to find them? How can Joseph find a way to keep Hannah with him? Will his secret destroy their fragile marriage? How can Hannah compete with his love for his dead wife? God has a plan for this little family; a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your life.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Tamale Christmas by Linda K. Rodante

My review today is on the Christmas Romance, A Tamale Christmas. This book was sent to me to read it. I am not required to review it but this is a great story and I want to share it with you. The story is well written; it will make you laugh and it will make you cry but  it will touch your heart. I know you will love it.
Jessica Saltare is discouraged the last day of school. Everyone seems to be judging her; alone and pregnant isn't a good thing in a Christian college.  A new man was thinking of transferring to the college but her nine month pregnancy isn't giving him a good impression of the school. A week later she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl she named Joy. Four months later she runs into that same man. She is drawn to him but how can she trust a man after she had been betrayed?
Emmanuel Rodriguez, Manny to his friends, transfers to Appalachian Christian College. He feels this is where God has called him. He is attracted to Jessica but she seems hostile to him. He doesn't understand why she doesn't like him no matter what he tries. He never had that trouble before. Manny is having a hard time fitting in to this all white school. He comes up with a fund raiser idea to do a Christmas Pilgrim March and sell Tamales. Many of his class mates get on board including Jessica. Can this be the answer he is looking for?
A great journey of two broken souls searching for God's will in their lives. God has a plan for you too, a good plan and not for evil. Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your life.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Undercover Memories by Lenora Worth

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Undercover Memories. I always enjoy Lenora's work and this one is really awesome. The story is well written, fast paced, and full of faith. I really enjoyed the characters. I know you are going to love this one.
Detective Ryder Palladin and his partner are undercover. They are staking out the  Blue Bull Bar (Triple B to the locals) to catch their guy. When Ryder's partner finds a woman who has been hit over the head with a baseball bat. At first they think she is dead but find a pulse. Later at the hospital they find she has no memory of what had happened or why she is in town. Can Ryder keep her safe when they have no idea who is after her or why?
Private Detective Emma Langston came to Dallas on a case. She was asking questions at a bar when she is asked to leave. She is attacked with a baseball bat in the alley and left for dead. She wakes in the hospital with a serious concussion and no memory. A good looking cop is willing to help her. Can she trust him to keep her alive?
A struggle to survive for two broken soul; they must learn to trust each other, and follow God's sign and clues. God has a plan for these two, a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too, a plan for good and not for evil. Give Him you heart and watch Him work in your life.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Virtuality by H.L Wegley

My review today is on the Romantic Suspense, Virtuality. I was sent this book to read, I don't have to review it but I enjoyed it so much I felt I must review it. This book is well written action packed and really quite scary. I know you are going to love it.
Author Vince van Gordon is trying to figure out an end to his latest book. He can never seem to make  happy endings. He's called by his childhood best friend to let him know his brother is dying and needs to talk to him right away. Vince drops everything to fly to Seattle. Jess meets him at the airport. They make it to the hospital before his brother dies. He makes Vince promise not to sell his business, Virtuality, to any one especially his partner. He tells him someone is spying on them and they are in danger. Then he dies. He and Jess goes to the lawyer and then checks in at the lab. Patrick, the partner, refuses to allow them entrance but offers him four million to buy the company.  Why is he willing to pay that kind of money? They are soon on the run by men they have dubbed the three stooges. Vince has always loved Jessica but she loved his brother. Now he must keep her safe without letting her know his heart. Vince sneaks into the lab and what he learns shocks him but now he understands.
Jessica Jamison has loved Vince since she was five. There was a time at thirteen that she had a crush on his brother Paul but that hadn't lasted long. Paul being several years older had squelched that idea. Then Vince left seven years ago and never came back. As a computer programmer Jess has helped Paul with his business a couple of times but doesn't have a high enough security clearance to work for him. She doesn't know why someone was spying on the company or why they suddenly find themselves in danger.  They kidnap her but she gets away and Vince finds her. Now they are on the run.
A terrifying journey of two soul mates torn apart by circumstances. Three killers are after them bent on destruction. If they are killed and the three stooges get the business; life as we know it will be destroyed. God has a plan for these two, a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too, a good plan and not for evil. Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your life.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Lost Christmas Memories by Dana Mentink

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Lost Christmas Memories. This is the fourth book in the Gold Country Cowboy Series. I always enjoy Dana's books and I'm thrilled when I get one in the mail. This book is no exception. It is well written, action packed, and full of faith. You are going to love this one.
Tracy Wilson came to the Mother Lode Equestrian Center early to check out a horse that her client wants to purchase. As she entered the barn she witnesses a murder. She manages to escape but she receives a head injury as she flees and loses the memory of the killing. She gets into her jeep but is followed. She pulls over and hides her jeep and heads for an old abandon train station.
Keegan Thorn is on an errand for his mother and his future sisters-in-law wedding, when he sees a faint flashlight moving to the train station. A woman and he could tell from where he sat she was scared. He leaves his bike and goes down to help her. The woman shoots at him. He falls into a hole in the floor. She finally helps him up. He is determined to protect her.
When they report the murder the police can't find a body. With her head injury no one believes her but Keegan. God has a plan for these two, a good plan and not for evil. God has a plan for you too. Give Him your heart and watch Him work.