Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Undercover Cowboy by Laura Scott

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book Undercover Cowboy. I always enjoy Laura's books and this one was awesome, of course I do love cowboys. The characters rang true to life and I enjoyed getting to know them again, as they were in Twin Peril. I liked how Kate was able to bring Logan back to his faith in God just by living it, not by preaching to him. Some times we can be so offensive when we try to preach at them all the time when all we really need is to just show them the love of God.

Kate Townsend comes from a long line of cops. Her only desire is fulfill the family legacy. She finished her degree in Criminal Justice and wants to enter the Police Academy. Six months ago she had taken a job as a waitress to get information on a crime boss, Salvatore. FBI Agent Logan Quail was able to get her safely out. Now her old roommate Angela Giordano, has called and asked for help. Her Uncle Salvatore is trying to kill her. What is Kate to do? She must help her friend, right?

Logan is following one of Salvatore's men, Russo. He follows him to a park, where Russo attempts to kill Kate. Logan blows his cover and rescues Kate but is very angry about the whole thing, months of work and a huge amount of money is wasted all for what? Why couldn't Kate stay out of the whole mess? Logan and Kate are now on the run, he contacts his boss only to have an attempt made on his life. Who can they trust now? There are dirty cops, dirty agents, and a whole mob network after them.

It is a fast-paced, action-packed story that you are going to love reading. There are twists and turns to keep you on your toes. You really need to go out and get a copy.You can find out more about this book and Laura's other books at www.laurascottbooks,com. God bless you all, see you Friday. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kingsride by Kystine Kercher

My post today is on the second book in the Legends of Astarkand, Kingsride by Kystine Kercher. This book was sent to me to do a review on, I was not told what to write and the review is my own thoughts and feelings on this book. I liked this book more than the first one. The first one was a little slow at the beginning but this one was action packed from the beginning.

Prince Bjorn Horsa was anointed to be the king but couldn't take the crown until King Olaf gave up his crown. In the first book Olaf was on a journey to capture Bjorn and destroy him but that didn't happen. At the end of the first book Olaf gives up his crown, walks into a lake, is caught up by a mermaid, and is drawn to the city at the bottom of the lake. The second book starts at this point.

The king's herald, Lofheld listens to the wicked Voden(prince of the elfin) and forges a last will and testament for the king. The Lofheld and one of the women in the camp takes off to tell the king's son, Prince Weinolf and bring him the document. They split up and the Lofheld goes to the kings son and Madame Emmaline goes to her cousin's and starts an uprising using peasants.

Prince Bjorn tries to undo all the damage the selfish king has done as he makes his way to the palace. Having a feeling he is being watched Master Merrilight( the good elfin Prince) warns Bjorn to pray without ceasing. Bjorn finds this is much harder than you might think. He finally get his men to help him. As long as they pray the evil Voden can't see them or have access to them. (I love that Part!)

This is a great fantasy and I know you will enjoy it. You can read about how the mermaids have a wedding,
cool huh? I never knew they did it that way. You can find out the surprise that waits for him at the palace. It's a great read. Have fun with it and God bless you.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan

My book today is Harold the High Knight and Princess Megan, a juvenile fantasy by Michael Andrisano. I agreed to read this book and give a review, how I review it is up to me. I enjoyed the book, it is filled with gnomes, fairies, leprechauns, and ghostly visitors. I liked the story line and the characters.

Harold is visited by a ghostly visitor. Milo (the visitor) tells him that he and Harold's father is being held hostage in a bole. That only Harold can save them. Harold tries to keep the visits a secret but soon his mother and his sister are involved. They are given a riddle they must solve, when they are unable to solve it they have the kids at school try, then they are off to Ireland to save the day. They have all kinds of adventures. As I said it is a good story line.

I did however find the dialogue hard to follow. I have always been taught that when ever someone speaks you start a new paragraph. There were no breaks in the dialogue and it was difficult to tell who was speaking. I also found paragraphs that are five and six pages long intimidating especially in a children's story. I realize I am not yet published but I find short paragraphs are much easier to keep your attention. I did like the story and would encourage others to read it. God bless you Michael and keep on writing. You have a true gift.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Explosive Secrets by Valerie Hansen

My post today is a review on the book Explosive Secrets. It is the fourth book in the Texas K-9 Unit Series by Love Inspired Suspense. This book is written by Valerie Hansen and she has done a great job on it. This has been an awesome series and I can't wait for the next episode. I know you will love it.

In the last book, the Serpent, Arianna Munson was killed. She was a middle man in the crime syndicate but before she died she muttered the words,"cousin, code, danger" This book deals with the aftermath of that deathbed confession. Nicki Johnson, the said cousin is now receiving bomb threats. She has not had anything to do with her cousin in years and has no idea what code she was talking about. Arianna had little use for Nicki and Nicki is sure this was a set up. Nicki is a new Christian that is trying to trust in a God she barely knows plus the fact that she is a few weeks pregnant and is having a hard time with her job at a truck stop.

Jackson Worth is a K-9 officer that deals with bomb threats. He is very attracted to Nicki but doesn't know if he can believe her story about her cousin. To keep her safe his boss has him offer Nicki a job as his cook at his ranch when she is fired. Jackson and his Uncle Harold, a retired cop, set out to protect her without getting involved in her life and the babies.

This is a fast paced story about a heart broken girl just trying to make a life for herself and her unborn baby. She had been such a fool to trust the baby's father now she has to be strong and stay away from men but Jackson is so sweet and so protective. How do you fight that?

Jackson couldn't believe that Nicki was involved in this sordid mess. yet how did he trust her when everyone else believed her guilty. Jackson had to fight this attraction and do his job. Drawn to this woman and her child he began to change his thoughts about never having a family.

A very exciting and intriguing story. I loved these characters and their love story. I hope you run out and get a copy. Thanks for visiting my blog, God bless you all.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Like a Child

My post today isn't a book review, I would like to share a piece of my heart. If you follow me on facebook you might have seen my announcement that my grandson Jeremy asked Timarri Speer to be his wife, they are planning a wedding in July. I live with Jeremy's parents and we are very happy about the relationship. So it is now a busy time with wedding plans running rampant in our home.

Timarri has a little girl named Harmony. Her name is right on because she absolutely loves music. I babysit Harmony quite often, she's only eighteen months old and a real joy. I felt really bad for a while because they only gave her to me to put to sleep. It didn't take long until she had that figured out and didn't want much to do with me. I had to do something, right?

I introduced her to some of the movies on our DVR. One of the things I found she really loves is Piglet's Big Movie. It has songs in it too. I dug out my Winnie the Pooh stuff. (I have a bunch left from my grandson Cade) Now she has decided I'm her new best friend.

Jeremy, Timarri, and Harmony went on a short trip to South Dakota. They were only gone over night but it did seem longer. When they got back I was in my room, I had just got back from our Financial Peace University class and was changing clothes. Harmony came and got me by the hand and led me to my chair. She doesn't talk much so she pointed to my end table where the remote for the TV was. I picked up the remote and she climbed in my lap, laid her head on my shoulder, and sighed deeply. What do you do? I hugged her and turned on the movie.

We sat snuggled together most of the night. (I really need a new Pooh movie) and loved every minute but the thing I really want to share is that God told me that is what He likes too. He loves when I crawl into His lap and just snuggle with Him. We don't watch movies but we share everything. I love those times and so does He. Do you know Abba like that? You can have that kind of a relationship with Him. It really is what He wants from us. Seek Him with all your heart, He is just waiting for you. God bless you.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A shadow on the Land by Krystina Kercher

My book review today is a new series called Legend of Astarkand, A Shadow on the Land by Krystina Kercher. I received it from Amazon as a free book. (I love free books) This book is very different from the books I normally read but I enjoyed it very much. It is a fantasy version of King Saul and David's story. A man of God and a man running from God who has lost his anointing.

Bjorn Horsa is the prince destined to be the king. He and his twenty-five men are guests at the kings palace. There is something wrong and soon Bjorn and his men are thrown into the cellar as prisoners. Bjorn is sentenced to be beheaded. Bjorn and his men dig their way out of the cellar and are able to escape from the city. As he travels he tries to help the people who have been wronged by the foolish king and his men. The people love him and sing praised to the prince.

King Olaf has heard all about the prophecy. According to the prophecy Olaf must give his crown to Bjorn and step down. Olaf decides he's not going to do that. He will somehow stop the elfin god, Woden from destroying his country. He pursues Bjorn across country.

I liked the story as I said it was very different from what I normally read but she did a good job of creating this fantasy world, it was intriguing, although I sure wouldn't want to live there and I would really like to know what a fleuder is. I hope you go get a copy of this book. God bless you all.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Door by Lorilyn Roberts

My book review today in on the Young Adult Fantasy Seventh Dimension Book; The Door by Lorilyn Roberts. I was given a copy of this book and asked to do a review but what I write is my own opinion. I really enjoyed this book and I am sure your preteen, teen, or young adult will love this book too. My only criticism would be there are a few words that might be difficult for some kids but the story was great.

Fourteen year old Shale Snyder is having a difficult time. Two years ago there was an accident and she fell killing the neighbors puppy. He and one of her other supposed friends put a curse on her, that she would never have any friends. Now two years later it looked like the curse was working. Shale in an act of self defense attacks him. She is taken to the principle's office, her new step father is called in, and she is suspended from school.

Depressed and discouraged she sees a small, dirty, white dog. The dog calls her name and Shale follows the dog into the woods and through a door that leads to a magical garden. In the garden she meets a donkey named Baruch and a rabbit named Cherios. both of these animals can talk to her. They are forced to leave the garden are now entered into Israel two thousand years ago. There she meets her real father and his new wife, a mute step brother, a wonderful friend named Daniel, and several animal friends. There she also meets the King.

How awesome to go back in time and meet Jesus and the people of the Bible. I loved the concept and the story around it. I love the message and the biblical accuracy. I enjoyed Shale, she reminded me of my late daughter who suffered from bipolar disorder. She never felt like she fit in anywhere, Shale had this same feeling about herself. I enjoyed watching her change and grow.

I know you will enjoy this book or you can get it for you kids. It is for sale by Amazon.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

My book review today is Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson. Dee Henderson is my favorite author and I was thrilled when I heard Dee was  releasing a new book. It had been such a long time. I bought a copy for my daughter for Christmas. (She loves Dee's books too) So now I had to wait for her to finish the book before I could read. Unfortunately she is very busy so it has taken forever for her to finish it. I loved this book. It is different than a lot of her books, they aren't running for their lives, there aren't a bunch of explosions, and not any death threats. It is a beautiful book and an excellent read.

Paul Falcon is the top FBI murder cop.One day a Midwest Homicide Investigator, Ann Silver bring him a case and drops it in his lap. Ann tells Paul a story about what she had found, a car accident, a dead body, and two old pocket day planners that were over a decade old. She tells him what the man had done for the day before but there was no identity to the man. The day planners were in code and once Ann broke the code the investigation led to cold cases Paul was working on, a woman shooter who had killed thirty people, this man was a middle man to hiring the shooter. This could be the break they needed to find the shooter.

Paul was intrigued by Ann Silver. He started asking around about this woman. Everything he finds out about her only intrigues him more. He is amazed at how many of his friends are apart of Ann's life. He discovers she is a writer and has written books about some of his best friends and even his brother. He decides to pursue Ann.

Ann is a solitary woman. She has gone through a horrific trauma and has no desire to be in a relationship. Paul is a wonderful man but she has no plans to marry. Paul doesn't give her a choice as he slowly and quietly invades her life. Ann is drawn into his investigation and into his life.

For Ann it's a journey into her past and the trauma she had endured. For Paul it's a journey to love and cherish an incredible woman, his only desire is to care for and protect Ann. It is a story of great love and faith. It has all the normal twist and turns of Dee's books and I loved every minute of it. I especially loved Ann's relationship with God. I know this book has already changed some of my thoughts toward the Holy Spirit. I recommend this book and hope you will read it. You can learn more about it on

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt

My book review today is Hazardous Duty(Squeaky Clean Mystery) by Christy Barritt.I don't usually care for books written in the first person but I did enjoy this one. I usually love Christy's books and this one was excellent. Her characters, although flawed were quite quirky, intriguing, captivating, and humorous. I enjoyed how she wove her faith into the story. It was a great read.

Gabby St.Claire is a crime-scene cleaner. She had studied to be a forensic specialist but was forced to leave school before she could finish to take care of her father. She is cleaning the crime-scene of a murder and discovers a gun with blood splatter hidden in the closet. Before she can contact the police someone sets the house on fire with her in it. She escapes the fire and is able to turn the evidence over to the police.

Detective Chip Parker doesn't believe the husband could have killed the wife or that he had set the house on fire. He nicknames her Nancy Drew and has little respect for Gabby and refuses to take her seriously but someone does as there are several attempts on her life.

Riley Thomas moves into Gabby's apartment building. A mysterious guy Gabby finds very appealing. Riley saves her life on more than one occasion. He is drawn into the case and into a relationship with Gabby but can their relationship stand up to the secrets Riley is hiding? Riley's relationship with God is apparent Gabby
and has her wondering if maybe there is a God after all.

Is Michael Cunninham the grief stricken husband he appears or the cold blooded killer Gabby believes him to be? Is he the one who is trying to kill her?

I bought this book on Amazon so you can find it there. I know you will enjoy reading it. God bless you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finding God in the Details

January 25 I wrote on how the devil attacked me. That next Sunday I got up and told the congregation about the attack and how I didn't care I would praise God forever. Monday my eighteen month old great grand daughter pushed the buttons on the microwave and it caught on fire.(Scared Scott to no end) I honestly didn't know anything about it until the next morning. When Kellie and I heard about it we both broke out laughing. Wednesday night at church my pastor asked me how things were going and Kellie and I laughed and told him about the microwave. One of the girls told me we should pray for a new kitchen but I told her we were praying for a new house instead. We all agreed.

So today is an update. God is so good. We now have a new microwave, it was a gift! Scott was able to fix the dryer and it works fine! I had posted that I would like to find a dish washer a lady called me and told me if I could wait until Saturday I could have hers, a free gift, and they would bring it over for me. Is that cool or what? I am so Blessed! Praise God!

I am now taking a class by Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University. I am loving the class. We just finished our third class. I managed to fill out my first budget and put it into action. I love the class. Dave is so funny but so anointed to teach. It has helped me so much and I have grown so much in only three weeks. I am really excited about the next six weeks. I live on Social Security, so funds are very limited but doing things God's way really does help. I recommend the course, you will love it. God is a great God and I love serving Him. God bless you all.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Cowboy Target by Terri Reed

My book review today is the next Love Inspired Suspense Book in the series of Protection Specialists, The Cowboy Target by Terri Reed. I love Terri's books! This cowboy brought back a cowboy I once was madly in love with.(or at least I thought I was) Cowboys are great and we have a lot of them around here, unfortunately most of them are on the wild side and I don't know any who serve God.

Wyatt Monroe is a single dad, he has some serious issues he's dealing with and just wants to be left alone. His wife died several years ago, most of his neighbors believe he killed her, his father was an abusive drunk, his mother ran off and left them, his mother is now married to the sheriff, and now he is trying to raise a four year old daughter. He opens the door to his ranch and finds a dead body on his doorstep. Wyatt is being set up for the murder.

Jackie Blain is a bodyguard for Trent Associates in Boston. She was in law enforcement at one time and her uncle calls and asks her to come help his boss, Wyatt Monroe. She answers there plea for help and finds cowboy hunk that is really in trouble. A mining company is trying to buy mineral rights from Wyatt and free access across his land. His refusal is causing more problems with his neighbors, who are in financial trouble. Several threats and attempts on his life put Jackie in full bodyguard mode. Can she find the answers to her questions before they are able to destroy Wyatt?

I really enjoyed the book. I have really enjoyed this series. I love having the woman protecting the man especially in this case. Cowboys don't handle that well but Wyatt handles it better than most of the cowboys I know would. It was full of intriguing characters, subtle conflictions with family, and  dawning understanding and forgiveness. I love the faith that woven into the story. It was a great read and I know you will be thrilled with it. You can find more about the book at, please check it out. God bless you until Wednesday.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards

My book review today is on the book Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards. It is a Love Inspired Suspense for March. This book was an excellent read. It was fast paced and full of suspense and intrigue. I loved this book. You should run out and get a copy. I know you will enjoy it.

Lindsey Presley moves to a small town to be close to her sisters. The three Presley sisters were badly abused. The two oldest sisters left years ago and only Lindsey was left at home until her drunken father killed her mother and her brother. After years on foster care, she has forgiven her sisters and came to town to attend her sister's wedding. She stayed and opened her dream restaurant.

Deputy Jeff Gage worked with Lindsey's brothers-in-law.  He took Lindsey to the bank each night to do her nightly deposit but tonight there was something wrong. A vintage 1968 Pontiac GTO pulled into the parking lot. Jeff tried to get the young kid to leave but was attacked with a stun gun and Lindsey was taken. The second man told Jeff he had failed her, she was already dead.

Lindsey was use to being in bad situations and managed to get control, and caused an accident. This was just the beginning of the attacks against her. Were these men from her past? What could they want her dead for? She couldn't remember much about the last days before her mother's death, could this be related?

Lindsey's sisters came to her rescue to keep the restaurant open, but finally because of the strain on the small sheriff's department, they closed down the shop. Jeff was amazed at how Lindsey reacted to all the threats and injuries. How had she survived all the abuse from her past. His soul goal was to protect her.

This story is a story of evil men, filled with hatred and bitterness for years, trying to destroy a young woman, but God was there all the time to keep her safe. For Lindsey it is a journey of love, redemption, and forgiveness. For Jeff it is a journey to overcome the past and protect the woman he loves. I loved how Ramona weaves her faith into her story it is like a tapestry. I loved the book, you can find out more by going to, God bless you all.