Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, April 29, 2013

High Country Hearts by Glynna Kaye

My book review today is  a Love Inspired Book, High Country Hearts by Glynna Kaye. This an excellent story of self-forgiveness and faith. I love stories where the people do the right thing even if it destroys their lives. (at least they see it that way, we know God always honors those who do right) I really enjoyed this book of second chances and allowing God to move in our lives.

After learning the man she was dating was a married man with children. Olivia Diaz returns home to Canyon Springs to run the family resort only to find her family had hired another manager and had left on vacation. That man was the crush of her college days, a man she couldn't forget. Olivia is determined to show him and her family that she is here to stay and she is able to manage the resort.

Robert McGuire was once the leader of Olivia's youth group, idolized by all the women. Rob had been an infallible man God or at least he thought he was, so when he fell he couldn't forgive himself. Now a single father, he was struggling to make his way in the world. His main desire was for Olivia not to know he was a man with feet of clay.

The struggle of these two people is the base of the story. They both think they are following God's leading but soon wonder if they are wrong, this can't be God will for them. Will they be able to risk everything and trust God and each other? Buy the book and find out. You'll love it. You can find out more at or at

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Bachelor Boss by Judy Baer

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book; The Bachelor Boss by Judy Baer. I don't know if you have read any of Judy's books but she writes very cute love stories, I always enjoy them and this is one is no exception. Her faith is a intricate part of her stories and I enjoy the way she weaves it into her characters.

Widowed Hanna St. James just lost her job, she is on the way to call on a doctor who is an old friend to find out if he has an opening when she has an accident. Horrified she dashes up to the car to see an elderly women in the car. Her job is to care for the elderly, she can't stand the thought of hurting one.

Tyler Matthews is taking his grandmother to the doctor. She is recovering from a broken foot and is demanding his full attention. His lack of sleep and worry about his business causes him to over react to the accident. Tyler is exhausted and the doctor recommends he gets a caregiver to help him. He suggests a former employee of his with high praise, he doesn't mention her name but writes it down for him. At he end of his rope he calls her.

Lily Matthews, his grandmother has fallen in in love with the girl who cared so much about her after the accident and she tells Tyler she wants that girl and no other. She begs him to find the girl but Tyler isn't sure he could trust her even though he is attracted to her. He is shocked when she shows up at his door.

Hannah is about to lose her home, she has the care of a small son, and her sister that is in college, she has no choice but to take the offer and so begins the journey.

As I said before it is a cute story as two people who have lost their one true love finds there is a second chance at love and that God wants His people happy and loved. Please check out the book, it will bless you.
Have a good week end and God bless you all.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pentecost by J.F. Penn

My review today is on the book Pentecost; An ARKANE Thriller by J. F. Penn. This was an excellent read, it was well written, with intriguing situations, and characters that touch your heart. I have never read any of these books by J. F. Penn but I love this one and will have to purchase the other books in the series.

The story opens in India. An old nun is running for her life, she is a keeper of one of the Apostle's stones. When she refuses to give the stone up she is beaten, the stone stolen, and she is left for dead. When she awoke she was paralyzed, gagged, and bound for the funeral fires on the Manikarnika ghat, as her body burns a great storm rocks the city of Varanasi, lightning was seen in balls of scarlet fire, a pillar of fire was reportedly seen above the ghat. It was unexplainable but miracles and healings took place at that time.

Dr. Morgan Sierra, an expert in ancient religions and doctrines, is approached by a man in her office. This man worked for an American, Dr. Joesph Everett. Dr. Everett wants her to work with them on a project. He gives her information about the stone claiming it has supernatural powers. It is one of twelve stones made of the Resurrection Stone that was rolled away from Jesus tomb. Each apostle was given one and on the day of Pentecost they were given power. Dr. Everett wants all twelve stones by Pentecost. Morgan tells him to hand in a written proposal and she would think about it. He tells her he will buy the stone but she refuses, as he is leaving he mentions he knows her twin sister has one of these stones. Before she can respond her office is broken into and another group are telling her they want her stone. Morgan an ex-military agent for Israel fights off the men and escapes only to be caught by a group called the ARKANE, also looking for these stones. She must get to her sister before these men come after her.

Faye Price, Morgan's sister, a devote Christian is kidnapped with her two year old daughter Gemma. Faye, also a keeper of a stone is held by Dr. Everett to force Morgan to find the stones.

Jake Timber, an agent for ARKANE, steps in to help Morgan. He tells her he will help her find the other stones. She can use their information center to help find these stones, He explains that the other group is Thanatos and that they want the stones for evil purposes as is Dr Everett.

Morgan and Jake take on the mission to find the stones but each have their own agenda. Trust is not really an option but they are forced to work together and attraction sizzles between them. Morgan's sole purpose is to rescue her sister and her neice. Jake's sole purpose is to get the stone to safety and protect the world.

Dr. Joesph Everett is a psychopath that wants the stones to save his twin. He is willing to sacrifice anyone to help his brother. He will go to any length to get his hands on the stones.

This is a journey to find these stones before the Resurgam comet comes over the earth on the day of Pentecost. Three powerful groups searching for these stones and Morgan the only one to figure out the way. It is an amazing journey. I couldn't help but wonder how they would be able to make the story end right but she was able to end it just the way it should end. You must get a copy.

You can get this book on Amazon or you can find more information about these books at God bless you all and have a good week, hopefully no more snow.

Monday, April 22, 2013

On Vacation!

Today my blog will be different because I am on Vacation!!! Can everyone say Wohoo!!

I live with my daughter and her family, I'm sure I have told you that, right? It was just Kellie (my daughter) her husband Scott, and my granddaughter, Schanae. Recently Jeremy moved back home and he brought his girlfriend and her little girl. (they are engaged and are trying to save up for a house and the wedding.  So about a monthe ago Paul and his girlfriend moved back home. They also are engaged and are expecting their first child in three or four weeks, backwards but we love them anyway.

So everyone is working but Scott and me. Scott is disabled, almost blind, hardly able to walk, and in poor health, so guess who takes care of the house, oh and I forgot to mention that they brought dogs with them. So I do the laundry, make the meals, keep the house and I also get to walk the dogs. (did I mention I hate dogs?)

We live in a fairly small house. It's a government house and has inspections at regular intervals. They just pasted a new law that when you have dogs you can't just put them on a chain, you must put them on a leash and stay out there with them. They cannot be left unattended. One of them is a pitt bull cross that is bigger than I am. Can you picture me walking this dog? He is still just a puppy.

Harmony is twenty months old and is at an age where she is into everything, and I get to babysit while her mom and dad works. I love her to pieces but there is a reason women my age don't have children, just sayin...

My Spiritual daughter, Cassey, took pity on me and came and kidnapped me. Can you say Praise The Lord!!! I'm having a wonderful time. She has a little apartment and I am totally alone. She comes and gets me for lunch and then again for supper. We spend time together in the evening. It has been wonderful. I go to bed at night and there are no babies crying. I get up in the morning and there is no sink and counter full of dirty dishes. I can walk through the kitchen and not have mounds of dirty clothes and muddy footprints from the boys when they get off work. I don't know if I ever want to go back.

I do love my family and I will go back but it is wonderful to rest up a little. God bless you all and I will talk to you on Wednesday. Right now I'm going to write for awhile. I haven't been able to do that for months. Bye for now.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Brides of the West

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, Brides of the West. It's a novella with three stories of the old west. All three of the stories are about past loves that have gone wrong and are now given a second chance. As a divorced woman I can't help but love stories about second chances. My ex-husband was abusive and has since died but I like to think there could have been a second chance, with God all things are possible, right?

The first story is written by Victoria Bylin, Josie's Wedding. Five years ago Ty Donner made a serious mistake, he went after a gang that had stolen his horses. On the eve of their wedding he shot a horse thief and was arrested the next morning when they found no evidence of the horse theft. Left at the alter Josie Bright vows she will never trust a man again. Josie is now left with a ranch to run, her mother is blind, her father has died, and Ty returns to help her. Can she get past her bitterness and forgive him or should she hold on to her walls and lose everything? Truly a story of forgiveness and redemption. I enjoyed this story very much and I'm sure you will too.

The second story is written by Janet Dean, Last Minute Bride. I always love Janet's book and this short story is great. Elise Langley, abandoned by her baby's father, her family, and her friends had moved into the Refuge of Redeeming Love. Dr David Wellman had delivered her daughter and had eventually come to court her. Thrilled with the promise of love and marriage, Elise has a hard time understanding why her best friend would take off and leave her without even sending her a note. Weeks later David returns to Peaceful a broken man. Thrown together to prepare a wedding reception for their best friends, David refuses to give Elise any explanations. Elise's abandonment issues cloud her mind and her heart, while David deals with his failure to save his sister and her baby's lives. Each on a self destructive road, can they forgive themselves and give each other a second chance at happily ever after?

The third story is by Pamela Nissen, Her Ideal Husband. In this story Lydia Townsend returns to her home after living five years with an aunt set on marrying her off. Her aunt arranges a wedding so Lydia must run.  She has a job at a restaurant in a week but has no place to stay. She goes to the ranch where her father had worked as a foreman before he died. The cabin had been her haven and she had left a box of love letters there. She didn't want Jebediah  Gentry to find those letters. Jeb catches her when she tries to sneak into the cabin and tackles her, thinking she is a thief. When she wakes, she finds herself in his home and being cared for by his housekeeper, Sass, the memory of his past rejection of her overwhelms her. Jeb has no idea that he had broken her heart five years ago but he has problems of his own. His father had been a cruel and abusive man, now dead, he left Jeb with a mountain of gambling debts. His love of Lydia must be kept from her because he has nothing to give her. How can they over come the problems that stand between them?

All three stories are richly woven tapestries of God's love, redemption, and grace. You need to run out and buy a copy of this book. You can find it through Love Inspired and on Amazon. I'm sorry this review is late but I am out of town and was unable to get internet access. God bless you all, have a great week end.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

God's Magnificent Beanfield by Don Bowlin

My book review today is on God's Magnificent Beanfield by Don Bowlin. I was sent this book to read and review. I was not told what to review just to be honest, so the words are my own. I loved the story line. I do think there was a lot more information than we needed. The first of the story was slow and full of facts about all the past generations of the Kelly family. It was very well written though so I had to find out what was going on. The main characters were believable and I liked them, I actually think I might know them.

John Kelly and his family witness a miracle. A freak storm with a half rainbow. The rainbow pointed to the center of one of John's fields. Less than a year later a second storm appeared. the same stunning rainbow pointing to the same bean field. John and his family knew there life would never bee the same. The story is a family's journey in finding God's will and His message, following where that led them, and how it affected the people around them.

I'm not sure if there really would be that much interest in a religious artifact, especially in the white house. I'm not sure our present president would be impressed. I would like to think that it could happen though. At one point, I thought what could they possibly find that would be that impressive? But it was handled really well.

As I said before it was an awe-inspiring story. I know you will enjoy reading it. Don's faith is interwoven throughout the whole book and it changed the lives of each person in the story, I really like that. This book is published by West Bow Press and is available on Amazon. God bless you all.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Trauma Plan by Candace Calvert

My book review today is on the book Trauma Plan, A Grace Medical Series. I haven't read any of Candace's books before but I will be watching for more of her work. I really enjoyed her characters and the situations they endured. I loved the way she wove her faith into the story. It is well written and intriguing, I had a hard time putting it down. I know you will all enjoy it. I bought it on Amazon or you can find her at her website at

Jackson Travis is a doctor with attitude. His past has made him a broken man. He is in the Army reserves, he is an ER doctor in several hospitals, and has opened up a free clinic for the poor and homeless. Unfortunately, the clinic is in a neighborhood that doesn't want those kind of people in their surroundings. The story starts with a homeless man on fire with a crowd of people watching and taking pictures. Not understand how these people could stand by and not help, Jack saves the man and rides to the hospital with him. Where he meets a trauma chaplain, the only reason to need a chaplain is someone is dead or dying right.

Riley Hale is a trauma chaplain. One year ago she was a trauma nurse, she was attacked in the parking lot at the end of her shift. She was strangled and thrown down a flight of stairs, broke her neck, and left for dead. After a year of treatment and therapy, she has recovered but is unable to use her right arm much. She is struggling to get enough strength to go back to work as a trauma nurse. Riley has become a chaplain until she is able to become a nurse again.

Riley is the daughter of the wealthy Hale family, her sister had been kidnapped and killed before Riley was born. Her family was so overprotective that they were smothering her. Against their wishes she becomes a nurse. Now they want her to move home and run the Hope Foundation so she will be safe.

Jack asks Riley to come work at his clinic to help his PR. She can exercise her arm and hand. There are many attacks on the clinic as the neighborhood fight to close it. Riley learns to trust Jack and loves the clinic. Jack writes a letter to get her reinstated but things soon fall apart. Riley learns things about Jack that leave her full of distrust.

It is an awesome book, you need to run out and buy a copy. Have a good day, I'll see you Wednesday. God bless you all.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Devil's Peak by Michael Wallace

My book review today is on the book The Devil's Peak by Michael Wallace. I recently review the fist book in this series, I was so caught up in the locked-in concept that I had to buy the second book. My great-grandfather, my grandmother, my uncle, and my mom all had Alzheimer's. I use to work at the nursing homes here in Broken Bow and I have been fascinated with the thought of; were they still in there somewhere. I am a strong Christian and so were my family. I know we are first a spirit, we have a mind and emotions, and we live in a body, so what happens when the body is unable to function? Is the mind still there? What about the spirit? If you are born again your spirit is still alive, where does it go, what happens to it? It's an intriguing  concept and I loved the way Michael handled it. This is not a Christan fiction book but it is amazing.

Walter Fitzroy is supposedly in a Permanent Vegetative State, at least that is his diagnosis. He's in a mental heath facility, actually suffering from the locked-in syndrome, unable to communicate to anyone but one other patient, who loves to torture him.

Darlene Trost is a psychopath. She was once in the military and can read Walter's Morse code eye movements. Jealous of her relationship with Walter, she hides his ability from everyone. If necessary she will kill to protect there relationship.The staff all think it's cute; Darlene and her boyfriend; kind of like an invisible friend. They don't see the abuse that she inflict on him day by day.

Wes Pilson and Becca Gull (Book one) come to Vanderzee Medical Clinic to test a woman who her family feel might be helped by the Locked-in Syndrome Foundation. Dr. Li runs the tests and they are all disappointed when there was no reaction to the tests. While they are packing up there equipment Dr. Li mentions there are many people who might be tested at this facility but there was hostility when they went before the board. He felt like they were hiding something or someone.

The book is about one man trying desperately to escape his prison, a woman trying desperately to use and abuse her Toad, a doctor trying to hide his greed and the evil deeds he has done, and a team of advocates who are trying to free one more man from his body's prison.

A truly excellent read, although there is some graphic violence. If you like thrillers, this book is for you. God bless you all, see you on Friday. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Contract or No Contract

This has been a rough week for me. I had the flu and now have a bad UTI. I haven't really felt like doing anything but life goes on. A few years ago I was offered a contract by a publishing house but instead of them buying my book and paying me, I would have to cough up nearly four thousand dollars in marketing fees. Since I live on my Social Security that wasn't an option.

Since then I have read some of the books they have published and realized they are basically a self publishing service. They books I have seen are poorly edited and even though the stories might be good the errors make it hard to become immersed in the story.

I have reworked my stories many times but I find more errors each time I read it. Maybe I will never be satisfied, I don't know but I do know that the stories are getting better each time I work on them. I have no formal training and I don't have a critique group so I'm not sure how I am doing. I have sent them to contest only to have one tell me liked this part and the next on to tell he hated that. Some I don't think even read the story because they were judging things that weren't even in the story

My dilemma today is that this publishing house sent me a contract again. This time it is a special offer and I don't have to pay them anything. They will publish the book and market it. All I need to do is; pick out a cover, send the layout, and the book in a PDF and they will publish as is.

I would love to tell the world I am a published author but somehow I feel this is like cheating somehow. I know that God could still bless me this way but I don't think this is the way. Remember the verse that says there is a way that seems right unto men? Is this one of those times? I have asked God but I haven't received an answer as of yet... Then what if I sign the contract and they want money later on or expect me to travel, at my own expense, all over the place for interviews and book signings? I wouldn't be able to afford that.  So you see my dilemma, What would you do?

I feel better for having vented so God bless you and have a great week. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Safe Harbor by Hope White

My post today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book Safe Harbor by Hope White. This book was a great story. It was very well written, full of action, and intrigue. You need to run out and get your copy. I know you will love it. I like the way Hope shares her faith through her stories.

Nicole Harris, a Personal Assistant, does a favor for her boss, Ruby and comes to a small town to help Edward Lange. As she sits at his desk working on his phone, she hears loud, angry voices outside of the office. No one should be there. Her fear takes her into a closet to hide from the drama. She is able to call 911 by Lange's phone.

Nicole was a victim of child abuse, not just on herself but on her younger brother and sister. She thought she was over all that trauma but post-traumatic stress takes over. She not only hides in the closet but she withdraws into a fetal position, totally out of control.

Detective Alex Donovan has issues in his own past. He is called to a murder scene. He feels something is off. He is unable to find the phone that was used to call in death. When he here a small whimper, he finds a trembling mass of a traumatized woman. He tries to talk to her but she is unable to speak, he helps her out of the office into another room. He keeps his voice soft and gentle to try to bond with her.

Although Alex is one of the best investigators on the force, his chief has him protect the witness he has bonded with. Alex had failed everyone he had loved or cared for, he vowed that wouldn't happen this time.
His struggle to protect everyone he cares for is frustrating and he knows he can't do it. He can't control the events that are happening all around them. His faith in God is a comfort but he is unable to give up and trust God with his loved ones. His faith does bring Nicole back to the God she once loved.

How often this scenario happens in our lives, we love God, we think we are serving Him but unfortunately we try to hold on to our loved ones thinking we can save them. Trusting God with those things we can't control is difficult but it frees God's hands to do what is really needed when we let go. I'm not saying it is easy, it's the hardest thing you can do but it is so worth it. God is able! He is willing, and wants to help us, especially with the little details. Give God a chance!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Devi;s Deep by Michael Wallace

My book today is The Devil's Deep. I don't usually read secular books but somehow I picked this book up in my Kindle. For my followers this is not a Christian Fiction Book, There is some foul language, adult conduct, and some sexual encounters, although there is not much of any of these things. I did like the book. There was a  very good story line and I found the whole concept intriguing. The characters are awesome. You find yourself rooting for a man that is just a vegetable. How cool is that?

Rosa Solorio is an aide at Riverwood  Care Center. She notices that one of the patients, Chad Lett, is able to follow her even though the man was diagnosed brain dead. She is able to communicate with him and get a response. She tells the doctor but he doesn't seem to believe it. She decides to run off with the patient but disappears after the attempt.

Westley Pilson takes a job at Riverwood. His twin brother is a patient there and he believes Eric is being abused. Wes is a law student studying to be a medical advocate, so he takes some time off of school to make sure his brother safe. He replaces a woman, Rosa, from Costa Rica. She just walked off in the middle of her shift. A couple of her friends hear him speaking Spanish and try to find out if he knows what happened to Rosa.

The rest of the book is a journey to find out what happened to Chad and how the cover up changes the whole world for Wes and his family. A story of greed, manipulation, murder, and vengeance. I am very thankful that I don't have a family like these people. Maybe it is a good thing not to have a fortune because it causes men to do horrendous acts of violence. I love the way the book ended. I will have to read the next book, The Devil's Peak. You can find out more about Michael's  books at or get it from Amazon.  God bless you for reading my blog today.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Lazarus File by Donn E. Taylor

My book review today is on the book The Lazarus File: How Often Must an Undercover Agent Die in Order to Survive? by Donn E. Taylor. This book is a very well written and well researched work of fiction. It is fast paced and full of life threatening adventures. I enjoyed every minute of this book. I have never read any of Donn's book but I hope to change that soon.

A meeting of five men from the Agency explains how their agent has been murdered, he makes the third. There must be a security breach in their organization. They agree to put another agent deep undercover, it will be a long term assignment.With the new changes in policies they decide only a few would know this new agent identity.Dub Minden has a man that would be perfect but he was believed to be dead. There are good reasons why he would have accepted the assignment. While they are talking about it, Minden's secretary comes in to tell him the man is alive. They then name the case the Lazarus File.

Mark Daniel has lost everything he holds dear. He accepts the assignment with nothing to lose or care about. A year and a half later he is deep undercover with a drug lord named Paolo Guzman in Columbia. His name is now Carlos Ortiz, a dishonorably discharged veteran of Vietnam. Carlos is about to be introduced to a very important Cuban, when he is hijacked and taken into the mountains to bring an important person back to Medellin. Carlos know if he misses his interview his mission may be over but at gun point he flies into the mountains.

Sol Agueda de Roca is an elegant, beautiful woman. She is in danger of being kidnapped when Mark lands the plane in the mountains. Sol is the wife of a very rich and important man, but he has had a stroke and is in poor health.  Although thirty years younger than her husband she loves him very much but is somehow drawn to this pilot.

Kidnapping Sol would bring her attacker much ransom. After the foiled attempt, Mark flies her home and goes directly to his interview. He meets with Guzman and the Cuban Raul Tizon. They accept his excuses but don't trust him. They have three flights of guns they want him to fly int the mountains and three load of drugs to bring back.

Mark's life becomes entwined with Sol's as the story progresses. Both lives are in danger as Guzman, his brother, and Tizon set out to overthrow the country, while Sol's husband dies and his family tries to destroy her. Sol's faith is a matter of wonder to Mark. His wife had once had the calm peace that Sol exhibited but he didn't understand where it came from.

A powerful story of spies and national security, it is a must read. You may find this book on Amazon or Lighthouse Publications. Well God bless you all. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Holiday to the Atheists

Today I wish Happy Holiday to all those atheists out there. I am sure there are not many who follow my blog but I do have a few relatives who say they are. So today I wish to speak blessings on you. In Psalms 14: 1 it says (Amplified) The (empty-headed) fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable deeds; there is none that does good or right.

It is hard for me to think of any one being able to look at the glory of our world and not see Gods hand in it. The heavens declare God Glory! We are amazing creatures, how could that happen by accident? Has anything wonderful happened by just throwing things together? Have you ever tried to make a cake or biscuits by just throwing things together? It doesn't work! Why could anyone think that the big bang made something beautiful out of chaos. Even if that once had happened how could the beauty continue all around us.

Spring has come upon us and even though I can't see them right now, I know that within the next few weeks the leaves will turn green, the grass will turn green, and green leaves will sprout everywhere. Have you ever considered the leaves? How can there possibly be that many shades of green? How can each leaf and every petal can be totally different and yet fit together perfectly? How wondrous is spring and how wondrous that it comes back every year to bring hope to each of us. To tell us how great is our God!

So those who don't believe or won't, I will continue to pray for you. I pray your holiday is everything you hope for or are you allowed to hope for there is really no hope if there is no God. I will pray that God will open your eyes. God bless you