Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boppli in a Basket By Sicily Yoder

My book review today is Amish Miracles: Book One, Boppli in a Basket. I don't like to write reviews that aren't really very flattering. This book was not one of my favorites. I usually like Sicily's books but this one was very confusing to me. There were parts I really enjoyed. There was a message of forgiveness and I liked that, and a strong Christian message.

In the prologue we find Bea Yoder taking her seventh child to the orphanage. Her drunken husband refused to allow her to keep any children. They are in an accident and you are led to believe that the mother is killed but you find out later that she was watching her daughter all the time.

Hope is sent for to come to her biological mother's funeral, but was unaware she was adopted. The back story jumps all over the place. We find out she left home because of her first love and his father's reporting her to the Bishop. We find out she love Levi but she married someone else and is now a widow. She is a medical examiner in Chicago. We find out she is an alcoholic and is arrested and taken to a rehab facility. Hope talks about the whole community calling her the boppli in a basket but she wasn't suppose to know she was adopted.

Levi Bender has been in her life since she left her Amish home. Her biological mother asks him to watch over her and see that she gets her favorite candy. Levi has helped several young men get free from drugs or alcohol and so he takes on Hope. He has a thing for Hope but isn't sure that she is the one God wants for him. It is very confusing, you don't know where he really stands with her.. At one point he calls her Miriam(I don't know where that came from but he calls her that several times) He brings her home to his Mennonite world to help her. He treats her terrible because he doesn't want her to think he loves her. He dates another woman and throws it in her face while he claims to God she is the one he wants. Then suddenly he does a whole about-face and tells her he loves her.

She meets her biological dad(who has dried out) but only pretend to be agreeable to him. She doesn't have anything to do with her adopted family until the very end. There is an aunt that is trying to take over but you don't really see or hear much from her, it is very confusing.

God bless you all.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Defending The Duchess by Rachelle McCalla

My book review today is the first book in the Protecting The Crown Series, by Love Inspired Suspense, Defending The Duchess, written by Rachelle McCalla. Rachelle wrote a series called Reclaiming the Crown that I just loved. I wrote and told her how much I enjoyed it and she told me that she would soon have another series about a lot of the same people, so I have been waiting for it to come out. I was thrilled when I received my copy.

Have you ever had a favorite restaurant that you just loved their food and haven't been back for years. You anticipate how wonderful it was and when you go back it's not like you remembered at all. When I was in high school in Lincoln we would hang out at Valentinos, they made the best pizza in the world. Twenty years later my dad had a heart attack so we went back to Lincoln to their hospital. Valentinos just wasn't the same. Rachelle's book was not like that experience. She left off where the series had ended and went from there. I loved it and I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series. She really has a way of weaving her faith into the story. Way to go Rachelle!

Julia Miller is the sister of the new queen of Lydia. Queen Monica brings her to Lydia and is giving her the title of duchess, hoping it will encourage her to give up her law practice in Seattle. Julia is shocked by the way her beloved sister looks. It is obvious Monica's health is failing. Julia's sole goal is to relieve the stress from her sister and help her with her new life. but someone has other plans for her. The first night of her arrival she goes out jogging by slipping away from her guard only to be attacked on the beach.

Linus Murati is a member of the royal guard and he is assigned care of the beautiful sister of his queen. When Julia slips away and he sees her leaving the safety of the palace, he calls for back up and follows her through the streets. He hasn't quite reached her when she is grabbed by a masked man and taken into the rocks. Linus is able to free Julia and it soon becomes obvious that this was not a random attack. Remembering things that weren't quite right back home Linus goes back to Seattle with Julia to find out who is after her.

It is a fast paced book, one you don't want to set down. It was very well written and very humorous in places. I enjoyed it very much and I know you will to. I think you should go out and get a copy of this book you will love it. You can find out more about the book at God bless you see you Wednesday.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Praise God Forever

Okay today I'm not doing a book review but I am going to share about my week. Sunday God prompted me to share how He has blessed me this last year.  I went to Panama, a trip that cost me around three thousand dollars, plus air fare, plus spending money(which takes a lot) I gave my tithes, I was able to give an offering to everyone that came and ministered at our church,(which I wasn't able to do the year before) I gave twenty dollars a month to three TV ministries, and was still able to buy good Christmas presents for the family. Last week I received a statement from my Social Security saying I had made $7,512 for the entire year of 2012. Isn't that a Praise God? How was I able to do that? I have no idea how I did it except that it was God grace. So Sunday I testified, several people thanked me for sharing. It was a blessing to me but it was a blessing to others in my church.

Monday, everything started to fall a part. My dishwasher broke. My granddaughter came in from the kitchen(first thing in the morning) saying "Houston we have a problem," water was running from the bottom and had filled the kitchen. Scott took it a part and we drove all over town looking for parts but it can't be fixed. We looked for a new one but we couldn't find one under six hundred.

I had just been thanking God that morning because I was finally winning the battle with the housework.(we have six adults, a toddler, and three dogs living in a very small house) I wasn't having to work quite as hard. I broke my favorite coffee cup, (not a big deal to some but it was to me) and then the internet went down. I had paid the utility bill for Scott and he promised to give me the money when they got paid. So I was late on paying my internet bill, I had received a disconnect notice for 1-31-13 but this was 1-21-13 anyway they shut it off. I went on line using the neighbors internet and paid it. It overdrafted my account $12 and still they didn't turn it back on. My grandson had to call and they did turn it on but are going to charge me a $20 fee.
Tuesday Scott came out and talked all the way through my prayer time. Sometime later the dryer went down. Scott and Jeremy took it apart and were able to fix it, Praise God, but it took the whole day. It is in the kitchen so now I'm behind in dishes and laundry. Wednesday I went to prayer and they helped me pray against the attacks. I am getting my house back in shape but today is my granddaughter's birthday, she has invited a bunch of girls to come tonight for a slumber party. Oh well, Praise God anyway.

I just want to thank God for seeing me through the attack but I will tell you one thing. No matter what the devil does, I will still Praise God Forever. Just like Job, when he said "even if he slay me I will Praise the Lord," He is so good! This year is my year of abundance, God has promised me and I will not doubt. God is good and His mercy endures forever! I am so blessed, I pray blessings upon you, see you next week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Still Life in Shadows by Alice J. Wisler

My post today is on the book Still Life in Shadows by Alice J. Wisler. It is a very different book, very well written but different. Instead of your typical Amish story. It is a story of leaving the Amish life behind and trying to make it in the new world.

Right now we have four boys who were Amish and are now living in the English world. These four boys are having a very difficult time trying to adjust. They are very homesick and lonely but are unable to return to their homes. My heart goes out to these kids. The book shows how hard it is for them. The book really touched me.

Gideon Miller escaped the Amish life after a horrifying incident as a young teen. Gideon believes that because he left the Amish life he is doomed to go to hell. He is co-owner of a Russell Brothers Auto Repair Shop and helps young Amish people escape their Amish world. He helps them get away, brings them to Twin Branches, gives them an apartment rent free for a month, and gives them a job to help them get on their feet.

KiKi Yangi is an autistic girl who destroys Gideon's new pavement. Gideon is called to the school, Kiki apologizes and asks him if she can work at his shop to help him. He refuses and wants no part of her but she doesn't leave him alone. Kiki finally starts working at the shop fixing bicycles. They soon all grow attached to the young girl.

Mari, Kiki's sister is the manager of the tea shop that Gideon goes to each day. He is very drawn to this Asian woman but is afraid to ask her out, when he does she turns him down. Mari is struggling with issue of her own with a mother who is a hoarder, that refuses help, and trying to care for her handicapped sister. She loves the Lord and tries to help Gideon come back to his faith.

It is a very interesting story of redemption and forgiveness. I know you will enjoy the book. You can get it from Amazon

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guard Duty by Sharon Dunn

My book review today is the third book in the Texas K-9 Unit Series, Guard Duty by Love Inspired Suspense. This has been a great series and I'll be thrilled to get the next book as you think you are starting to figure things out, at least I know that I'm getting closer to finding all the answers. I really enjoy Sharon's books, and this is a good one.

Valerie Salgado is a rookie K-9 police officer. She see a woman come out of a business on her beat. The woman looks familiar but doesn't have a name and is unable to get a clear enough picture in her mind to help a sketch artist. The next day a dead body is found and Valerie starts receiving death threats. A guardian of her sister's baby she fears for her life and Bethany's.

Trevor Lewis is an agent for the FBI. He comes to Sagebrush to find a killer who killed a rookie he was training. Captain McNeal places the FBI agent to partner with Valerie. Her beat would be where his man would be hiding and Valerie would be the one to find him. McNeal also said that it would be extra protection for Valerie against the threats against her.

This is a well written story. I love her characters and look forward to keeping an eye on them in the future books. There is a lot of action and is fast moving. I really enjoyed the story and I know you will too. You can find out more about her books at or through Love Inspired Suspense. I pray you all had as great a week end as I did. I am so blessed, I just have to give it away, so God bless you.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Elite of the Weak by Precarious Yates

My book review today is on  the first book of The Revelation Special Ops Series, The Elite of the Weak by Precarious Yates. I had never read any books by Precarious but I loved this one. I can't wait to read the next episode in this series. The research involved in this book is mind blowing.

The book takes place in the future, somewhere between five and twenty-five years from now. The characters come from all walks of life and many different countries. Hadessah Michelman, is only sixteen as  the story begins. Her mother, Eva works as a private detective in New York City but is a former Mossad operative, her father, Asher, is a pastor who specials on the end time. Hadessah has been trained by her mother to work with her. At the beginning of the book she is sent into Africa on a mission trip and is able to find a baby kidnapping ring, she saves sixty babies. Now her only desire is to join the Revelation Special Ops team. A end time group to stop the horrors of human trafficking.

Aaron Cooper, one of the founders R.S.O. calls Eva to tell her that they are accepting Hadessah, even though she is not quite old enough. He agrees to meet them at a restaurant to discuss it. When they meet. he tells them about the kidnapping of Asher and several others in Iraq. Eva leaves a few special gift for her daughter as she sets out to find her husband.

RSO requires at least a year of training. Hadessah finds it is the hardest work she has ever done.Much of the work is in service to others who are poor and needy. Their are several main team members but Hadessah is the youngest and has a hard time feeling like she fits in but is really drawn to another team member, Matthew
Cho, his father has also been kidnapped. The team members, both mail and female are between the age of seventeen and twenty-five. It takes a year and a half before they get to go on their first mission.

I love the scripture content. there is so much good stuff in there. The context is that they are in the end time tribulation and they are struggling to help people get through it. They don't believe in the rapture doctrine but believe we must be ready to go to war. I'm sure that many people will oppose the no rapture theory and I'm not real sure just what I believe as far as the end times. If there is a rapture, I plan to go, if we have to go through the tribulation I am not afraid, I know God will protect me. I did really enjoy the book. I wish I was as dedicated to God as the kids were.

I hope you go out and get the book, you can find it on Amazon. It is a great read. God bless you all and have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jingle Bell Bride by Jillian Hart

I'm a little late on some of my Christmas reading but I still enjoy a good Christmas story. Jingle Bell Bride is a Love Inspired book, the first book in the McKaslins of Wyoming Series. I love Jillian's books. I have read so many stories about the McKaslins and I never get tired of them. This was truly one of her best.

Chelsea McKaslin has finished medical school and has returned home to her family. Chelsea and her three sisters are struggling with the death of their mother and this their first Christmas without her. Chelsea's first stop when she gets into town is the cemetery. It is storming and she hers a soft crying in the whiteout. Finding a young girl who has fallen and broken her arm, she bends over her to help the child. Suddenly she is pulled from the child by a very angry father.

Dr. Michael Kramer, a widower with a young daughter, is ready to do whatever it takes to save his child. A man who has had a failed marriage that ended in the death of his wife, has decided he will live his life alone. He sees no need for a wife, he and his daughter are fine. When later he finds out that he is to work a few days a week with this woman, he can't understand why he is so drawn to her. There is no place for a woman in his life.

Chelsea has experienced a bad relationship and has a no-man rule in her five year plan. So why was she drawn to this doctor. He is everything she doesn't want.

It's a cute story and very humorous I know you will love it. You can find out more about Jillian's book on her website, I know you will love it.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Cowboy Tutor by Linda Ford

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical book, The Cowboy Tutor by Linda Ford. This story was very well written, I'm not sure if you really enjoy the return to life in the depression. My parents and grandparents talked often about the depression, I know it effected them greatly, and because of that if effect me and my brothers. Now it appears that we might be returning to those days. The story was one that touched you greatly.

Madge Morgan has lost her father and now has taken on his responsibilities to keep the family in their home. She has sold off all that she can and is doing laundry and Now with the mortgage due and money hard to come by, she takes on the care of getting a house ready for the new residents. She then takes on the responsibility of cleaning home several days a week.

Judd Kirk comes to town to find the man that cheated his mother out of her money and cost her the loss of her home. Concealing who he really is he takes on the job of tutoring Louisa, Madge's sister so he can investigate the man and destroy him. Revenge is all that is keeping him going.

Judd finds there is nothing like a woman of faith. His heart starts thinking of the future but when Madge realizes Judd is spying on the sweet couple that she works for she washes her hands of the man. Can Judd trust God to take care of the conman before he cheats others.

A story of vengeance, trust, and redemption. A very good story about a terrible time in history. I hope you will read this book. For more information you can contact Linda at God bless you all.   

Friday, January 11, 2013

Heiress by Sue May Warren

My book review today is on the book Heiress (Daughters of Fortune) by Sue May Warren. It's a historical novel that starts in New York City in 1896. It's about two sister who are going into the world of the rich and famous and the tragedy they make of their lives.

Esme Price is beautiful and is attending all of the social functions of the season. Her mother has arranged for a marriage to take place between Esme and Foster Worth, the most eligible bachelor in New York City. Esme has no desire to marry anyone but especially not Foster. When Foster asks for her hand, her father accepts, now Esme is caught up in an engagement she hates.

Jacqueline, Jinx Price is seventeen and should have already come out as a debutant but is force to wait until her older sister marries. She doesn't understand how Esme would rather read and write than spend time with Foster. He can give Esme all the power she could ever want. The Worth's were powerful people, her social statis would be unequaled. Jinx has fallen in love with her future brother-in-law. He is wonderful. Jinx's mother plots to exchange brides.

Esme's lone desire is to write for her father's news paper. Oliver, the butler's son, works for her father and takes articles to the news paper for her and her father has been publishing them. She goes to her father and tells him that she is the one writing the articles and he blows up. Oliver tells Esme how he has always loved her and asks her to run off with him. She turns him down but changes her mind. Her mother finds out that Esme is running away and givers her the jewels she was to wear for her wedding and sends her off in the family carriage. She arrives in Hell's Kitchen only to see Oliver's apartment go up in smoke. She is told that he was killed trying to save a child. She goes to her father. Her father had been told that she carried Oliver's child so he would give Jinx to Foster to take Esme's place in the wedding. She gives him her article on the fire but he only talks of marrying her to someone else, so she heads to Montana.

Jinx's mother manipulates everyone involved and marries Jinx off to Foster. Foster accepts Jinx but is angry about the change. He is a cruel man who is unfaithful to Jinx from the beginning. Jinx has what she always wanted but is without love.

The story covers a twenty year time period and shows the lives of these two women. The horrors of being married to an abusive husband, loss of love, fighting for what you believe in,  and redemption. It is a story of heartache and struggle, at times very depressing, at times humorous, and at time heart breaking. It was very well written, your heart goes out to these women who can't seem to find happiness.

I was once married to a cruel and abusive man. I felt for Jinx and at times it was hard to read some of her story. Wealth however had no part in my story, but still I could identify with her. I'm sure you will like this story, I purchased it on Amazon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Key Witness by Christy Barritt

Hello my friends, my book review today in on Key Witness, the first book in The Security Experts Series by Love Inspired Suspense. The book is written by Christy Barritt, one of my favorites. Her books are always fast moving and full of action. Christy always manages to put her faith into her stories in an intriguing way. I really enjoy her work.

Elle Philips is the daughter of a US Senator. She goes to her bank and is a witness to a robbery and a murder. The robber drops his cell phone in a plant and she is able to get it and call for help. As the robber runs out the door, he signals Elle she's dead by cutting his hand across his neck.

Mark Denton is a former Navy Seal who now works as a security contractor. He sees this beautiful woman each week and flirts with her a little but today there is a robbery and a woman is killed. They both witness the crime and are taken to police headquarters. The senator hires Denton to protect his daughter.

Elle and Mark investigate the threats, bombings and murders trying to find out what is going on. Is her father involved? Ella is dealing with a broken engagement while Mark is coping with the death of his wife. Both of them struggle with the attraction  developing between them. Can they keep each other safe?

It was a great story ND I look forward to the next episode. I know you will enjoy it. It was very well written. You may find out more about Christy's books at

Monday, January 7, 2013

Detection Mission by Margaret Daley

My book review today is on the book Detection Mission, the second book in the Texas K-9 Unit Series by Love Inspired Suspense. I have really enjoyed this series so far. I love the canine units in military and police forces, they do such a great job and get very little recognition for it. Did you guys see their float in the Rose Parade? That was great!

This book picks up on the woman who was found in the Lost Woods in the first story. She comes out of a coma but doesn't know who she is or why she is here. The hospital returns a locket that she had been wearing when she was brought in. The name Heidi was engraved inside so she takes that name.

Lee Calloway and his partner Kipp are the ones who found this woman running for her life in the woods. She had a cut on the forehead and saying she didn't know her name. She was taken to the hospital, she just came out of the coma into a world of danger. After an attempt on her life at the hospital Lee takes her home to the boarding house where he lives, determined he will protect her.

The  police can find nothing about this young woman but there are several attacks on her. Lee and Heidi follow each lead they uncover. Drawn together in faith and in circumstances. They struggle with their feeling as neither of them know anything about her past, can there be a future?

It's an excellent story about finding yourself in God. Blind trust in each other and in God is all He asks of us
all. I love the fact even though she can't remember anything else she remembers her faith in God. I would like to think that would be me if that happened. I once had a serious reaction to a drug the doctor had given me. It caused me to have a seizure. When I came to, I didn't know who I was or where I was. You just can't believe what that does to a person. That was over forty years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday. This story touched me. I really enjoyed it and I look forward to the next book to find out whats going to happen next in the story.

I pray that you will run out and get a copy of this book. You can get more information on the book at God bless you all.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Final Resort by Dana Mentink

How is everything going for you this new year? We all are doing much better. Thank you for your prayers. My little great granddaughter was able to come home from the hospital yesterday. She had the type A influenza and pneumonia. She was hit hard, she's only 18 months old. We are all happy to be better.

My book review today is the final book in the series of Treasure Seekers, a Love Inspired Suspense by Dana Mentink. I love Dana's books, they are always well written and full of intrigue. This one was the perfect ending to her series. I have really enjoyed this series and I hate to see it end. I know they must all end at some time but I hate to loose these friendships. For these people truly have become friends.

Ava Stanton returns to Whisper Mountain Resort to ready it for sale. The resort has lost everything and needs to be dealt with. Her uncle Paul tells her he has found the pearl of great price and will save the resort, before he can share his treasure with her, he is kidnapped. Uncle Paul has always been a dreamer but Ava loves him with all her heart. He has squandered all of the funds so Ava doesn't believe there is a treasure, until strange things begin to happen.

Luca Gage is part owner of the Treasure Seekers Inc. He was once very fond of Ava and is thinking of her while he is skiing. He sees a man on a snowmobile chase after Ava and her uncle, he skis off to the rescue.
He wasn't able to save Paul but he was able to save Ave when she fell through thin ice. He offers to help Ava find her uncle and the treasure.

Ava had always been attracted to the boy who once spent his time at the resort next to them. Ava lost her family when her father was in an accident that had left him paralyzed and her mother to depression and then to suicide. She knew no one that was happily married and had no use for love, and must protect herself from Luca. She doesn't want his help, after all he was only here for the treasure but as accidents, dead bodies, and threats take place she is drawn to him and to his God.

It is an excellent story of redemption, forgiveness, and love. I love the way Dana weaves her own faith into the story. I hope you will read this book, I know you will love it. God Bless you all. You can find out more about Dana's books at

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Torn Loyalties by Vicki Hinze

My post today is a book review on the book Torn Loyalties. This is Vicki's third book in the Lost Inc Series by Love Inspired Suspense. Vicki is one of my favorite authors and I really enjoyed this series, I hate the fact that I won't be able to find out more about these couples and their families. You seem to become so involved in their lives they are almost real to you. It is a story of trust, redemption, and forgiveness.

Madison McKay is the owner of Lost Inc. She is a former military POW. She had been abandoned by her nation, left there to die. She managed to escape and get back to the United States, now she dedicated her life to helping those that are lost. Her betrayal put her in a place where she was unable to trust anyone, even God had let her down.  Now there is a security breech at a top secret security facility and her company is under investigation.

Ex-military special investigator Grant Deaver goes to work for Lost Inc. He is drawn to Madison but she puts him through every test imaginable. Although he passes her test in flying colors she still refuses to trust him.  Now she learns Grant has been deceiving her all along.

When someone tries to frame Madison, Grant steps out to help her and protect her from the evil forces at work. Who is trying to destroy her? There is no way to figure out who they can trust. Everywhere they turn is deceit. How can Madison trust this man or his God? Abducted, put is a small cell yet again, can she risk trusting Grant? Does God really care?

It is a fast moving, action packed book. I know you will like the story. Her characters are now my friends and you will love them, even with their flaws. I hope you will run out and get a copy. Learn more at; God bless you all