Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold

My book review today is on the book Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold. This is a book that was sent to me to read and review so it's not the kind I usually read. It is not a Christian book for my Christian followers, there's some colorful language but it's not excessive. I have review some of Larry's books before and have enjoyed his work. This book was awesome but also terrifying as it could quite possibly happen, although I'm not sure our President would respond the way his President did. I think his alliance might be elsewhere.

Andy Reiss, his wife Jesse, and his daughter Rachel have spent the last five years cruising Mexico and Central America on a ship called the Prophecy. Jesse and Rachel decide five years is enough and so Andy takes them through the Panama Canal on a course for Ft. Myers Florida so they can settle down. There's a necessity to get to Florida before the first of June as the hurricane season will be upon them.

There is rough waters so they're force to enter a channel near Cuba for a few days. After leaving the channel they run across a ship that was destroyed by the storm. On board they find two American teenage kids, they are badly dehydrated and unconscious. Andy, a doctor brings them on board his ship and leaves a note in the other boat to explain. Andy and Jesse, a nurse, care for the kids, rehydrating them and feeding them. Ryan has a real attitude and seems set on causing trouble while his sister Nicole is quiet and doesn't want to be messed with. The kids were on their way to Miami. Andy is puzzled by Ryan's attitude but decides it has something to do with the fever that is slowly climbing. Asking them if they were exposed to anything. They refused to answer him.

They soon discover that the kids are home grown terrorists and are carrying a deadly virus. Fearing for his life and that of his family, he locks them in a room down stairs. He makes sure Jesse uses every precaution to keep from spreading the virus as she cares for them. Ryan escapes and tries to force him to take them to Miami so they can expose millions to the deadly virus.

This is a journey of senseless terrorism, natures violence, and political intrigues as Andy struggles to save his family. As I said before it has a frightening reality to the story. It was well written and I'm sure you'll want to read it.

God bless you all and have a great week. You can purchase the book through Amazon or find him on facebook.

Monday, July 29, 2013

In Pursuit of a Princess by Lenora Worth

My book today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book In Pursuit of a Princess by Lenora Worth. I always enjoy Lenora's books, she has a real way with intrigues. It is a fast paced page turner, I know you will like it. It's all about a commoner who married royalty, lost him and is now trying to finish his legacy but at the same time prove that he was murdered.

Princess Lara Kincade is on a mission. Her late husband planned a fund raiser in New Orleans to bring relief to the people after the hurricane. The event was to be an intimate auction, Lara uses a priceless painting,a Benoit, rumored to be the first of three paintings, as a drawing card. Her husband had found the painting, believed to be lost. Had he found the other two? Many believed he had or had he stolen them? Could this painting draw out the man she believed murdered her husband?

Photojournalist Gabriel Murdock just returned from a harrowing assignment, his boss sends him out to do a fluff piece. All he has to do is follow a beautiful American Princess around for a few weeks, take lots of photos, and do an upbeat story about the auction. Unfortunately he ends up in a photojournalist dream, a story of art thieves, murder, death threats and intrigue. Can he keep the princess safe as they search for the killer?

This is a journey of revenge for the beautiful princess, of loss, and a nagging need for justice even as she sometimes has doubts about her late husband. For Gabriel it is a second chance, a chance to save this woman he cares for after he has lost the last woman he tried to help. Both find the way out of this tangle is to lean on God to get them through.

A well written story, with characters you will come to love. Don't miss the chance to read it. God bless you all and have a great week.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Baron's Governess Bride by Deborah Hale

My book today is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, The Baron's Governess Bride, it's  part of the Glass Slipper Bride Series. It's a cute story of deception. I enjoyed it. I liked the characters although I think the Baron was to easily manipulated at times, especially by his daughters. A problem some parents seem to have. A friend of mine once told me she thought we had too much on our minds while our children only had one thing on theirs, how to get us to do what they wanted. I think that is probably true.

Lord Rupert Steadwell has three motherless daughters. The children are heartbroken because their governess has run off and got married. Rupert decides the next governess he hires must be uninterested in marriage, so when he has an interview with a plain, prim, and proper young miss, he thinks he has found the perfect replacement. Can't the woman even smile? 

Grace Elberly is the beautiful daughter of a clergyman. At his death her stepmother sends her to a school for orphaned girls. There she is punished for being beautiful and full of pride. As she starts on her career as a governess she begins to have problems with the friends and relatives of the parents of her charges. The improper advances cause her to leave her positions and have caused her dip into her savings. To protect herself she has come up with a plan to disguise herself so that no man will want her.
This works out well for her at the Steadwell's home. Although the children have a hard time accepting her at first.

Rupert has found his perfect governess so now he must move on to his next item of importance, finding a suitable wife so that he might have and heir. The governess and the children are very anxious about the woman he is courting. In an attempt to stop his proposal, Grace goes to the Masked Ball in a beautiful gown from one of his ancestors. One enchanted evening changes everything but soon backfires on them.

It's a  cute story of Cinderella, although she didn't lose her slipper. You need to get a copy. God bless you all, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hometown Family by Mia Ross

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, Hometown Family by Mia Ross. I really enjoyed this book. I don't read a lot of the Love Inspired anymore but this was sent to me. I like the story concept, the prodigal son is always a good idea. Almost everyone can identify with one brother or the other. Unfortunately for this prodigal son, his father died before he could make things right. The nice thing about our own prodigal son story is that God is always there to greet us and welcome us back. He is so forgiving and loving. There is nothing we can do that He won't forgive us for, unless it is unbelief in His precious Son.

Matthew Sawyer is the prodigal son. He hates the farm and small town living so he takes off for the big city. Now he returns home for his father's funeral, broken hearted he was unable to say good bye or tell him how much he loved him. The terms of the will forces Matt to stay and help his family bring in the harvest. While working on machinery he finds hidden documents showing the farm is almost bankrupt. Here is his chance to leave and get out from under it, but can he do that to his siblings?

Caty McKenzie is the Sawyer's lawyer, she comes home for the funeral and to help the family. Caty has just lost her job at a big agency is not sure what she wants to do now. She returns to the home of her late grandparents and decides to fix it up, after all it's the only home she has ever really known. Caty is drawn to Matt but doesn't want to be added to his list of conquests. Their relationship is like a rollercoaster ride. Can she survive?

Matt finds that running the farm and trying to save it is a challenge he sort of enjoys. Caty plays a big part of that and the city no longer pulls him. Both of the character come with a lot of baggage, can they overlook that find a life together. A real struggle of forgiveness and trust. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. I know you will like the book. You can find more about Mia's books at God bless you all.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hide and Seek by Lynette Eason

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Hide and Seek, the first book in a new series, Family Reunion. I love Lynette's work and this book was a great read. It was a fast paced, page turner. I really enjoyed her characters and hope to learn more about them in the upcoming stories. I also like the way she weaves her faith into her books. Sometimes it's a hard thing to do right.

Erica James spent the last three years as a skip tracer in a company she started with her brother Brandon and his best friend Jordan. A company called Finding the Lost. She started the company when her own daughter, Molly, turned up missing. Now she seems to have found everyone's children but her own. As the story opens she's just received new evidence in her daughter's case. Molly's clothes were found at a crack house, a girl named Lydia left fingerprints on a barrette. Erica heads out to the crack house to find out where this girl is. As she watches the place she hears a girl scream, she runs to help.
A man is trying to kill a girl. She pulls a gun to stop him.

Max Powel is a private investigator searching for his sister. She has been in the drug scene for years and now Lydia is a suspect in a kidnapping. He follows her to a crack house, he sees someone following her but before he can get to her, he hears her scream. A woman is there with her gun drawn. He manages to apprehend the guy that is trying to kill Lydia but when she sees him, she runs off. Erica is a woman he has read about but she is after his sister.

Erica and Max team up to find evidence in the two missing girls. Erica is sure Lydia is the one who took her daughter, while Max is there to prove Lydia is innocent. The closer they get to answers the deadlier the threats against them get but the stronger their feelings become. Both have serious issues that can halt their relationship. Can they get past those?

It is a story of letting go of your past, believing in the people you love, and moving into the plans God has for you. I loved this concept. So many times we let the past destroy our future and see no way God can work it out for us but He always has a plan. A plan that is so much better than what we are struggling to achieve. Today try to let God show you what He has in store for you. Learn to trust Him in all you ways and He can do awesome things in your world. God bless you all and have a great week.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dangerous Water by Sandra Robbins

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Dangerous Waters by Sandra Robbins. This is the first book in a new series called The Cold Case Files. I always like to start a new series because most of the time you can see how the original characters are growing. I really enjoy Sandra's books. They are always page turners and this one is one of the same.

Laura Webber has returned home after being gone for several years. As a favor the her roommate she does an interview for television news. Her parents were blown up in a car bomb when she and her brothers were just children. She is asked to share her story to help other with closure to their cold cases.Now the police have started a cold case unit and her best friend wants to promote it. Laura had thought she had dealt with their deaths but is not so sure now that the killer is after her. The story starts with Laura being abducted, She is taken to the Mississippi River and ordered to start walking into it, as she is waiting for a gun shot to take her life she receives a call saying to stop the investigation or she will die. When she turns around, no one is there. Fearing for her life she runs to the only man she has ever loved. He could save her.

Officer Brad Austin is in charge of the new Cold Case Unit. Brad planned to marry Laura but she had run off and left him many years ago. Broken hearted he vows to never love again. Imagine his shock to find Laura waiting for him in his office. All the feelings he has denied come flooding back as he is force to help the love of his life stay alive. He is now sure that her case is linked to several other cases.

This is a story of discovering who you are and what is important in life. A true journey to redemption, forgiveness and laying aside your past. Life is not always as it seems. Faith is interwoven through out the story as they fight for their lives and a love they had given up on. I know you will enjoy this book. You can get this book at any of the book stores, Amazon, or through Love Inspired. God bless you all and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Taken by Debra Lee

My book review today is on the book Taken by Debra Lee. It is a suspense book and is quite good. I enjoyed how Debra set all of her characters up as suspects, giving each one a reason for getting rid of the baby. You weren't sure to the end which one actually did it. This not really a Christian book but there is no foul language or sexual content. I did appreciate that. It is hard to find clean books.

The book opens with the abduction of three month old Jenna but then takes us back to what went on nine months ago. Mary Murray breaks up with her boyfriend on the night she was to tell him about their unborn child. He tells her he is in love with another woman so she keeps the child a secret. We then meet the characters that will eventually be suspects. Kyle is the father of the child, he has political aspiration and a mother that is heartless in her commitment to see him in office, then we meet his now wife and mother of a child born on the same day as Mary's child, Elaine. She is jealous of the time and money Kyle wants to give his daughter. Reilly is a journalist that has been in love with Mary for some time even though she hardly knows he is alive. After the birth of Jenna he becomes a part of Mary's life but is jealous of the time she spends with the baby when she could be with him. Next we have Carol, her best friend since college. Carol is also jealous of the time Mary spends with her new child, time they use to spend together. Last but not least is Ellie, the elderly neighbor who babysits Jenna. Her son has just lost a child and she feels they would be much better parents.

They go through several weeks without being able to find the child. there is little evidence but the police are ever working behind the scene with Reilly working through his informants. It is a good story and I know you will enjoy it.

Life can be difficult and we can have no way to turn. Things can look like there is no hope but we need to remember God is working behind the scenes even if we can't see it. As Christians are hope and prayers open doors for Him to work through. In Genesis, God asks Abraham, "Is anything to hard for me?" We just need to trust and not fear. Fear closes the door and can keep God from being able to work.  I trust you will have an awesome week. God bless you all.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Messages byJohn Michael Hilnab

My post today is on the book Messages by John Michael Hilman. I have never read any of his books before but I loved this one and I will check out the other books he has written. I know God speaks to each of us in different ways and I loved this whole concept, especially the disclaimer at the end of the book saying don't try this at home before seeking help. His characters were great and I was really surprised who the bad guy was. I look forward to reading more of his work.

David chance is an intern at a local television network, bored in a meeting he allows his eyes to roam around the room. Words start to jump out at him, imagine his surprise when those words form a sentence and then it comes to pass. Feeling stunned he asks if he can leave, on his way home he wonders if he could do that again, like ESP. The words STOP NOW jumps out at him and with out thought he slams on his brakes. The car behind him lays on his horn and passes him only to be hit in the intersection by a semi that ran a red light. David is now totally shaken and pulls over. His next message is that the president is to be killed in two days and he must stop it.

David doesn't understand what is going on; is it ESP, some parallel universe thing, or his mind going to a new level of consciousness. After saving the life of his neighbor Frank, Frank suggests it might be God. David doesn't really believe in God although he has always wanted to. So begins a great adventure for David and his family, proving that one man who listens to God can change the whole world and do great exploits.

I am thankful for that still small voice that leads and guides me and not by words jumping off walls to get my attention. We each have our own assignment from God and He will get it across to you however He has to do it. You may not be the one to save the president from being killed but you might be the one who saves the soul of the next Billy Graham or save an unborn baby that will be our greatest president ever. I know you will enjoy this book, you may purchase it on Amazon or go to

Have a great week and God bless you.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart

My blog today is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart. I have always enjoyed the Love Inspired books about the McKaslins in Montana, so it is great to be able to read about how they all came to be. I really liked this book. Jillian has a way of writing that is very entertaining. Her stories are always quite humorous and this one is no exception. Her faith is always there in her work too. I like that. This story takes place in the year of 1883 in the Montana territory.

Noelle Kramer goes to town with her Aunt Henrietta Worthinton. The horse on their sled is a new purchase and seems to be having problems, when the train whistle blows the frightened horse takes off running. Noelle had been injured in a buggy accident years ago causing the death of her parents and leaving her blind, as fear tries to consume her they are saved on the brink of the frozen river. Noelle recognizes the man who saved them by his voice. He was the man who left her on the night of their elopement years ago. A man she hated for breaking her heart.

Thaddeus McKaslin has just returned to Montana to help his family. He rushes in to save the two ladies only to find the love of his life is now blind. The last he had heard she was to be married but now here she was. He escorts the ladies home and helps them with the horse as he tries to protect his heart from betraying him.

Noelle's Uncle Robert is a banker with a dream of owning a horse  ranch and training horses. He quits his job at the bank but his judge of horseflesh is poor at best. He offers Thad a job but because of Noelle he refuses. When Thad finds the man broken and unconscious on the road to his home he helps the ladies with the horses and the chores. He is drawn to Noelle as he sees her each day. Noelle discovers the truth about why Thad left her as she to is drawn to love she once knew.

A great love story. I know you will enjoy this book. You can purchase it at Amazon. Have a great weekend and God bless you all. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

With Unwashed Hands by Joanie Bolton

My book review today is on the book With Unwashed Hands by Joanie Bolton. I was asked to read the book and review it. My review is my own thoughts and feelings. I've come to turn down a lot of the books I am asked to read because of the content. This one I was anxious to read. It is a true story of a couple that went on a mission trip and was attacked by the devil but God had other plans.

Darrell Bolton was now a retired Air Force officer. He loved going on mission trips all over the world. Joanie didn't usually go with him on these short mission trips as she had problems with her back, but this time she had an uncontrollable urge to go on this trip to Asia. This had to be a God thing because her husband wouldn't have survived his ordeal had she not been there. God is so good and He knows what you have need of long before you ask. It is so important to seek God before you make any plans, even the small ones because He can see the outcome of each project we take on.

Darrell has some health issues before starting on the trip but let it go to anxiety and excitement for the trip and ate a clear liquid diet. Joanie's mother is taken to the hospital but tells Joanie to go ahead and go with her husband. It starts out very well until they reach a country Joanie calls Eden and then all hell breaks out in their lives. Who could have believed that being a Christian and a retired Air Force officer could cost you your life?

I am not going to tell you how the story goes you must read it for yourselves but it is an awesome story of vengeance, love, compassion, and forgiveness. How God is faithful and can protect you while the enemy does everything in his power to destroy you. It is a must read, especially if you one of those who go on mission trips like I do. It won't put fear in your heart but will show you power.  It is a compelling story that is almost impossible to set down. You really need to get a copy of this book. You can find it on Amazon or contact them at 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hearth in Candlewood by Delia Parr

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I got to babysit my little two month old granddaughter, Kida so I had a great time. My post today is on the book Hearth in Candlewood, the first book in the Candlewood Triogy. It's a historical novel taken place in the middle 1800's. It was a good story, it was quite humorous in many places. I know you will enjoy this book.

Widow Emma Garrett is the prosperous owner of the Hill House. It is her busy time when the story starts. She doesn't have an empty bed thanks to a freak storm in the middle of the town celebration. Checking all the doors, windows, and lamps, she is finally ready for a snack before bed when there is a knock at her door. When she arrives at the door there is no one there, she goes back to eat her snack when there's a knock at the back door. A soaking wet, little eighty year old widow is standing at her door. "I have run away from my sons," she tells Emma and so the  story starts.

Widow Frances Leonard is to live six months with one son and his family and then she goes to the other one's home but now her sons are fighting and she is caught in the middle. Emma hires her to do the mending and some embroidery at Hill House. Her sons are furious. Emma also cares for Reverend Glenn since his stroke. Her mother-in-law also lives with her and does the cooking. The house is busy and there is much to be done.

She goes to her lawyer, Alexander Breckwith hoping to help the widow with her sons, but he explains to her that her home is not really her own. The man who represented the owner of the house took off with her money so after years of living in the house and lots of money invested to bring the home up to Emma's standards she might possible loose her property. He reminds her that he had advised her not to sell her other property and move there. He also advises her to keep a low profile and not to upset the boys in case the owner hears about it. Upset with the man she returns to her home. Will they all be thrown into the street?

It's a cute story. Emma learns the hard way not to rush into things but that each decision should be talked over with God. His plans are for the best. I think we all need to realize this, so often we just decide on things because it is a good price or it is something you really want but God knows what is going to happen down the road. Will there be trouble with a deed or title or is it a lemon that will cost you a fortune in the future?
Trust God to have your best interests in mind. His plan is much more glorious than yours is.  God bless you all and try to put trust into your coming week and see what a difference that will make for you.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Shock Wave by Dana Mentink

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Shock Wave. It's the first book in the Stormswept Series by Dana Mentink. I always enjoy Dana's books, they always have a lot of action and adventure and this one was very hard to put down. I enjoyed the fact that Sage was the one with the PTSD instead of  Trey. I do like those names too, they are different. I love how faith was brought into the situation even though one had lost hers, it became very important as things escalated.

Sage Harrington is suffering from PTSD as a result of a mission gone wrong in Afghanistan. A journalist she went to find a story to tell the world but lost a close friend when an attack killed her cameraman. Now she is no longer to even function. Her cousin Barbara asked her to take pictures of an opera house that she and her husband is restoring but Barbara disappears. Derrick her husband says she took off and went to Santa Fe but a woman doesn't take off across country when she is expecting a set of twins at any time. Sage is convinced of foul play, mainly suspecting Derrick. Antonia is hired to paint the lobby. She agrees to meet Sage at the opera house.

Trey Black is an ex-soldier. After the terrible attack in Afghanistan when a news cameraman was killed he got out of the service in an attempt to forget the war. He takes a job to do some maintenance work on an old opera house. An earthquake takes place and he is inside when it occurs. Imagine running into the woman who had plagued his memories.

Together they try to find a way out of the devastation but are forced to go back in to search for Antonia. Convinced that Barbara is in the building they go on a journey to redemption and love. An excellent story, I know you will love it.

I won't be posting the rest of the week. Happy Fourth of July.