Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rock Harbor Search & Rescue by Colleen Coble & Robin Caroll

My review today is on the book from the Rock Harbor series. Search and Rescue. I really enjoyed this story of a young girl stating to come of age. Her one goal is to be like her stepmother and work in search and rescue. It was great how her faith kept her going when things got totally out of control. The story is very well written and I loved the characters. It's hard to write as a thirteen year old.

Emily O'Reilly wants to get her own puppy to train to be a search and rescue dog. Her families good friend and fellow rescuer Bree has just the puppy and her parent tell her if she will pay half they will pay the rest for her birthday. Emily makes jewelry and copies one of her idols famous necklaces. She is hoping to make enough money at the Rock Harbor Annual Fall Festival to buy the puppy. Emily is asked to watch the booth of her idol that is next to her own. The famous necklace that Emily had copied is missing and Emily's necklace is in it's place. No one believes her, when she says she didn't take it, not even her own father. He forces her to give the money she earned to the artist to replace the necklace.  Now she will never be able to get her puppy.

Accused of a crime she didn't commit, Emily and her best friend, Olivia decide to find who took the necklace and so begins their adventure. It's a wonderful story and I know you will enjoy it. You can find it on Amazon. God bless you all.

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