Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold

My book review today is on the book Deadly Passage by Lawrence W. Gold. This is a book that was sent to me to read and review so it's not the kind I usually read. It is not a Christian book for my Christian followers, there's some colorful language but it's not excessive. I have review some of Larry's books before and have enjoyed his work. This book was awesome but also terrifying as it could quite possibly happen, although I'm not sure our President would respond the way his President did. I think his alliance might be elsewhere.

Andy Reiss, his wife Jesse, and his daughter Rachel have spent the last five years cruising Mexico and Central America on a ship called the Prophecy. Jesse and Rachel decide five years is enough and so Andy takes them through the Panama Canal on a course for Ft. Myers Florida so they can settle down. There's a necessity to get to Florida before the first of June as the hurricane season will be upon them.

There is rough waters so they're force to enter a channel near Cuba for a few days. After leaving the channel they run across a ship that was destroyed by the storm. On board they find two American teenage kids, they are badly dehydrated and unconscious. Andy, a doctor brings them on board his ship and leaves a note in the other boat to explain. Andy and Jesse, a nurse, care for the kids, rehydrating them and feeding them. Ryan has a real attitude and seems set on causing trouble while his sister Nicole is quiet and doesn't want to be messed with. The kids were on their way to Miami. Andy is puzzled by Ryan's attitude but decides it has something to do with the fever that is slowly climbing. Asking them if they were exposed to anything. They refused to answer him.

They soon discover that the kids are home grown terrorists and are carrying a deadly virus. Fearing for his life and that of his family, he locks them in a room down stairs. He makes sure Jesse uses every precaution to keep from spreading the virus as she cares for them. Ryan escapes and tries to force him to take them to Miami so they can expose millions to the deadly virus.

This is a journey of senseless terrorism, natures violence, and political intrigues as Andy struggles to save his family. As I said before it has a frightening reality to the story. It was well written and I'm sure you'll want to read it.

God bless you all and have a great week. You can purchase the book through Amazon or find him on facebook.

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