Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dead End by Lisa Phillips

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Dead End. I really enjoy Lisa's suspense books. This book is well written, action packed, and full of adventure. She also weaves her faith into each of her stories like a fine tapestry. You'll really enjoy her characters and we get a chance to revisit some characters from her last book. I always like that.

Ex-CIA Operative Nina Holmes has returned home to find her mother's killer. Her mother was killed when she was but a child, her father was convicted of the murder, and died in prison. Now she is digging into the past to prove his innocence. She seems to have stirred up the killer and now her life is in jeopardy.

US Deputy Marshal Wyatt Ames is determined to protect her as they conduct their investigation. They soon learn that the killer is more dangerous than they could've believed. Will he be able to keep her safe and find the killer? Will they have to become bait to capture this killer?

A journey of two broken individuals that have seen the evil this world has to offer. Their lives have been destroyed. Can they learn to trust each other? Can they give God the chance to work out this situation and turn their lives around? God has a plan for their lives. God has a plan for your life too. Our enemies might not carry guns but they are out to destroy us. Give God first place in your life and watch Him turn your life around.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shot Through the Heart by Angelica Rose

My review today is on the book, Shot Through the Heart. I enjoyed this story as I do all of Angelica's books. It's well written and full of adventure. I love Navy Seals and there was a unit of them. I enjoyed that and I loved the end of the book.

Emily Parker runs a way from her ex-boyfriend when she found out he is a criminal. Grabbing evidence to ensure her safety she heads out on a cruise ship to New York hoping her boyfriend won't think she took the long way to freedom. She wakes up to men arguing outside her door in the middle of the night. A drunk man tells the others that he saw to her room earlier and it was five decks above them. The other men leave. Soon there is pounding on the door and the drunk turns out to be a Navy Seal. He pushes his way into her room. How can she trust him?

Navy Seal Ben Portman is assigned to the cruise ship to do recon detail on a possible drug ring. He finds the drug lord's girlfriend hiding on the cruise and intervenes when his men come looking for the her. She promises him evidence and he arranges for his team to come and extricate them from the ship. Can Ben keep her safe without loosing his heart as they are trapped in her room for hours?

A journey of two people caught up in the struggle of trying to survive the drug war. This is not the Christian book that I normally read so I can't help but think how much better it would have been for them had they been able to rely on God. God always makes a way for His people. The book is a good story and I'm sure you will too.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Ranch Refuge by Virginia Vaughan

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Ranch Refuge. This is the third book in the Rangers Under Fire Series. I have really enjoyed this series. I do love stories about the Rangers even the ex-rangers. This book is action packed, full of faith, and adventure. I liked that about Virginia.

Laura Jackson works as a nurse in the ER. She lives alone and wants to keep it that way. Her father is a gambler, he has destroyed their relationship, and has made a mess of her life. She trusts no man and has made up her mind to keep it that way. She leaves work one night and is met by a man holding a gun on her. She is rescued by a stranger who forces her into his truck. How is she suppose to know who is the bad guy and who is good? How can she trust this stranger?

Ex-Army Ranger Colton Blackwell is watching Laura leave work. He met her father at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting and her father told him Laura was in danger; he promised her father to protect her. He sees the attack; steps in, rescues her, and whisks her away to his secluded ranch to keep her safe. They soon find out that there is a bounty on her head. Can he keep her safe without her finding out about his past?

A journey of two broken souls. Laura's father had made a mess of her life; while Colton had destroyed his own life. They must learn to forgive, rely on each other, and trust God.  God has a plan for these two and when they forgive and trust in Him He turns their lives around. God is like that! He can turn all your past mistakes around and pour out blessings upon you. All you have to do is forgive others, your self, and trust Him. He loves you and wants a relationship with you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Big Beautiful Amish Bride: A Woman Counting on Love by Sarah Miller

My review today is on An Amish Romance, The Big Beautiful Amish Bride: A Woman Counting on Love. I've told you over and over that I really like the Amish books and I loved this one, she is not your normal woman but is beautiful in his eyes. This book is heartwarming and full of faith,

Eleanor Lambright lives alone with her parents, all of her siblings have married and moved on. Eleanor has given up all hope of home and family. Unlike her sisters she is large, awkward, and more comfortable with the farm animals than people. She loves her family, the animals, and her chores especially the Tom Turkey that cuddles up in her lap getting her all muddy. What kind of a man would love her?

Jacob Girod is a numbers man. He loves working with facts and figures. He does his chores but is not happy unless he is quietly doing his bookkeeping. He must figure out a way to prove to his family that what he does is valuable. He has no desire to marry until he meets the beautiful Eleanor.

A journey of two individuals who have given up on hope of love and family, only to find the love of their lives right in front of them. A heartwarming story of lost hope, trust in God, and finding true love. You will love it. God has a plan for these two and God has a plan for you too. Give up trying to control the mess you've made of things and give God control. He will turn your life around.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fatal Vendetta by Sharon Dunn

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Fatal Vendetta.  I'm not sure about you but I really like Sharon's intrigues. This book is well written, fast paced and full of action. I really liked her characters. I enjoyed the faith that was woven throughout the story like a tapestry. I know you will love this story.

Reporter Elizabeth Kramer is at the scene of a fire to report the story. She sees a man that looks like a man trying to hide. She follows him behind the building where he abducts her. She is saved by her arch rival but not before the man taunts her and threatens to destroy her. Her past is now coming back to haunt her. Can she survive that?

Zachery Beck was once a war correspondent. He had been held captive in Afghanistan and was about to be beheaded when he was released. After being caught up in a media frenzy on his return he  changed his last name and hid away in Montana. He now write on a personal blog and find beating the beautiful Elizabeth to each story quite entertaining. But when she is abducted it brings back his past. He is determined to keep her safe but can he do that and risk people finding out who he really is.

A journey of two broken individuals struggling with their excess baggage. Each trying to live down their past but forced into the open. Can they learn to overcome their past and trust each other and reach out to God. God has a plan for these two and it is an awesome thing to behold. God has a plan for you too. It also is an awesome plan! God wants to have an intimate relationship with you. Take Him as your Father and watch Him turn your life around. God loves you!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Plain Cover-up By Allison Stone

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Plain Cover-up. I always enjoy Allison's books. Her Amish stories always have a mystery to them. I like that. This book is well written, fast moving, and full of faith. I really enjoyed these characters.

Dr. Christina Jennings grew up in a wealthy home but she and her brother left that life style to give back. Brokenhearted by the past she has returned to Applecreek and opened  a small medical clinic. She walks over to the diner for a take out sandwich and ran into the man who had broken her heart many years ago. After some small talk she walks back to the clinic with her food. It has started to rain so she hurries. She is almost ran over by a car dumping off a body on her door step. If Dylan hadn't shoved her out of the way she would have been killed. Is this attack related to the horror she lived through years ago?

FBI Agent Dylan Hunter is on leave from the agency after his partner's death. He is teaching in a small college in Applecreek. He manages to get Christina out of the path of the car bearing down on her but how can he convince her to trust him after he almost destroyed her? Who can be trying to kill her and how can he protect her from this mad man when she hates him?

A journey of two brokenhearted people trying to trust each other after all the heart ache. A struggle to survive. God heals the brokenhearted, it's what He does. He has a plan for these two and it's much greater than they had ever envisioned. God has a plan for you too. a good plan for a hope and a future. Turn your life over to God and watch Him work in your life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Amish Second Chance by Sandra Becker

My review today was on an Amish Box Set, (3 Books) Amish Second Chance. This was a short series but I enjoyed it. It was well written and heart warming. I do think it could have been set in just one book but I'm not the writer. Sandra did a good job telling her story.

Hannah was widowed two years ago. She still mournes for her husband, her childless state, and a farm that is falling a part. It has become extremely difficult to keep the farm a float and pay off the mortgage. She has decided to hire some help. Imagine meeting the boy she once loved here in her home town after he had moved away years ago.

Benjamin has moved home to try to start over. His wife died two months ago leaving him with a daughter. He had to get a way from their farm and make a new life for his child. He is shocked to find Hannah is a widow and there could be a chance for them to try again. Benjamin's daughter is determined this woman will have no place in their lives.

A journey of two brokenhearted people struggling to make a new life for themselves and a child determined to stop them. God has a plan for this little family. A plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. It's much better than you have ever dreamed. He loves you and wants only good thing for you. Give Him your life and watch Him turn your life around.

Monday, August 15, 2016

A Beau for Katie by Emma Miller

My review today is on the Love Inspired, A Beau for Katie. This is the third book in The Amish Matchmakers Series. I do love Amish stories and I love stories of matchmakers so this one was a great read. This story is well written, heart-warming, and full of faith. I loved the characters.

Katie Byler agrees to become a housekeeper for a bachelor that had been injured by a bull. The man was too sure of himself and to strong willed but his grossmama and his blind uncle Jehu lived with him and they needed her help. It didn't enter her mind that the matchmaker was the one who set up this job. The timing was perfect since his brother had recently married and brought his wife home. They needed time alone so she would work there for two weeks. Unable to find a husband Katie has hired the matchmaker to broker a marriage with a former school mate now living in Florida. Sarah has another plan

Freeman Kemp took over the mill years ago. He is a strong man and lives his life as he sees fit. He was so busy he was able to keep from taking a wife. Now he is injured and unable to do anything so his uncle hires a housekeeper. They didn't need a housekeeper especially not the strong willed, outspoken Katie Byler. He needs a biddable woman, one that does exactly what he tells her. Katie goes right to work. He has to admit she worked hard, the house looks great, and her meals are much better than the oatmeal his grossmama fed them twice a day.

A journey of two strong willed people trying to have their own way but as sparks fly they are drawn to each other. God has a plan for these two. He has a plan for you too and its far greater than you ever dreamed. Give Him your heart and trust him. Have faith in God and watch Him work.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Claiming the Single Mom's Heart by Glynna Kaye

My review today is on the Love Inspired, Claiming the Single Mom's Heart. This is the second book in the Hearts of Hunter Ridge Series. I really enjoyed this book. Although I don't belong to the Love Inspired Club I hope I will be able to read the next one. This story is well written and inspiring. I have to admit I didn't much like Sunshine in the last book but after I learned why she is the way she is I liked her and was on her side. We all seem to have a lot of excess baggage.

Sunshine Carston moves to Hunter Ridge to find out the truth about a legend her grandmother use to tell. If her ancestors were cheated out of their land she meant to get it back. It would be her daughter's legacy. After living in Hunter Ridge for around two years she now runs the Hunter Ridge Artists Cooperative and is running for the town council. She is determined to find out all she can about Hunter Ridge and the Hunters but getting to know Grady caused her to doubt the legend. When she finds some evidence she's faced with a decision on whether to move on the information or continue their relationship.

Grady Hunter was the head of the family enterprises. His mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer so he is helping with his mothers campaign until she is back on her feet. His is intrigued by Sunshine and her daughter but he has been betrayed before, can he trust his heart to this beautiful woman or will she end up destroying him?

A journey of two wounded hearts trying to survive in a world that had become rough and rocky for them. Can they trust in each other, in this new found attraction, and in God to heal them of their past betrayal? God has a plan for these two! God has a plan for you too. Have you ever been betrayed? God can heal you of those hurts if you just trust Him and allow him to move in your life.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Secrets and Lies by Shirlee McCoy

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Secrets and Lies. This is the fifth book of the continuity series, Rookie K-9 Unit. I have loved this series (all of my favorite authors are writing the series) and can't wait to get the next book but now I'm at the point where I hate to get the last book next month because I hate to see it end. This book is well written, action packed, and fast paced much like all of Shirlee's suspense books. I do love her work, don't you?

Ariel Martin is a widow, she is pregnant, and is trying to starting over in Desert Valley. She teaches summer school and is grading papers waiting for one of her student's brother to show up for a meeting when she is attacked. The only person who would want her dead was her ex-husband but he was killed. Could it be the same person who had killed several people in the small sleepy town? A rookie K-9 team rescue her but can she keep her past a secret?

Rookie K-9 Officer Tristan McKellar was late to his meeting with his sisters teacher. He had already cancelled twice, she wasn't going to be happy with him. As he arrives his K-9 partner alerts to a problem. The very pregnant teacher is climbing out one of the windows as a killer is shooting at her. Tristan and his partner rescue her but he is determined to protect her and her unborn baby and find the answers to his questions.

A journey of two brokenhearted individuals struggling to survive the attacks brought on by a mad man.
They must learn to trust each other and trust God to help them. God has a plan for these two and it's much greater than they had dreamed. God has a plan for you too. All you have to do is have faith in God, do what He tells you to do, and say what He tells you to say. You will be thrilled by what He has in store for you.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Fetching Sweetness by Dana Mentink

My review today is on the novel, Fetching Sweetness. This is the second book in the Love Unleashed Series. I loved Sit, Stay, Love so I was thrilled to get this copy in the mail. Dana is such a great writer. This story is well written, very humorous, and heart-warming. I know you're going to love it.

Stephanie Pink is an aspiring literary agent. She and her brother had dreamed of becoming a team when they read a book by Agnes Wharton but he had died as a child. Now she continued the quest. Her boss sent her to retrieve a manuscript that they had been anticipating for over fifteen years. This would be the fulfillment of all her dreams. Unfortunately, when she meets up with her Agnes' dog takes off; Agnes yells to catch the dog, bring it to Washington, and then she could have the manuscript,then she takes off with Stephanie's purse, phone, and money. Stephanie finally finds the dog and starts out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Rhett Hastings is a retired CEO of a big cinema corporation. He has stepped down to care for his sister. He had wronged her several years ago and she had disowned him. Karen had a bad accident and has suffered a serious brain trauma. She has forgotten how he had hurt her but he was determined to care for her and change the mess he'd made of everything. He felt God was telling him to return to the orchard where they had grown up and live off the land. He had an ancient trailer for them to live in until the house was made livable. On his way to Oregon he bumps into a feisty little literary agent want-to-be. He rescues her,  a dog, and helps her transport the dog to Washington.

Both of these broken spirits find themselves on a humorous journey that will change their lives. God has a plan but they soon find out His plan isn't anything like their individual plans. His is much better! God has a plan for you too. It might not be like your plan but it will always be much better that you have ever dreamed. Give God control of your life and watch Him work.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Dylan

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Incriminating Evidence. I enjoyed this book very much; it is well written, action packed and brimming with faith. I enjoyed the characters even though the main characters flawed and broken.

Rookie prosecutor Jessica Hughes is determined to bring to justice her first case. Jessica was assigned a case with a senior prosecutor against the son of a notorious crime boss but the other prosecutor took ill and Jessica must carry on. When her life is threatened the FBI sends in a rookie agent to protect her.

Rookie FBI Special Agent Zach Taylor has been working on the crime syndicate case. He is called in when Jessica's life is threatened. He soon finds he will do anything to protect her as the threats seem to escalate.

A journey of two wounded souls trying to make their way in a new world filled with struggles and trials. They soon learn they can only trust each other and their God. God has a plan for these two. God has a plan for you too, a plan for a hope and a future. Turn your life over to God and watch Him turn your life around.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Cowboy's City Girl by Linda Ford

My review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, The Cowboy's City Girl. This is the third book in the Montana Cowboys Series. I love Linda's stories, so I was excited when I received this one in the mail. This book is well written, humorous, and heart warming. I really enjoyed the cast of characters, their flaws, and disappointments from the past. I know you will really enjoy this book.

Beatrice Doyle is sent to her aunt and uncle's home in Montana when she refuses to do her duty and marry a man to become the heir of her father's estate. She is determined to show that she is valuable and to become independent even though she doesn't know anything useful. Her aunt finds her a job to care for a woman that had been hurt. She must also take her place in running the home and fixing meals. Beatrice can't even make it to the ranch without getting into trouble; she gets stuck in the river and must be rescued. Already she had failed, how was she to continue? Maybe her father was right.

Levi Harding is out following someone causing mischief on his families ranch when he comes across a beautiful woman stranded in the river. He finds out that this is the woman who was to care for his mother. How could this city girl care for his mother and run the home when she couldn't even drive a wagon? He takes her home and is convinced this will be a really long recovery when she burns the meat and the potatoes are only half cooked. How could his mother care for this citified woman?

These two people had both had relationships that had almost destroyed them. They are attracted to each other but refused to trust the other one until they found a little girl that had been recently orphaned wondering around in the woods. Could they find the way to make a family with three broken souls? God has a plan for these three, a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. Just give Him control of your mess and watch Him turn your life around.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Pony Express Hero by Rhonda Gibson

I'm back!! I had a wonderful time with my son's family but it is always nice to get home and get back on schedule. So, my review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, Pony Express Hero. It is the second book in the Saddles and Spurs Series. I really enjoyed this book; it's well written, heart warming and full of faith. I liked the characters.

Jacob Young is on a quest to find his birth mother and find out why she left him on the doorstep of an orphanage as a child. He takes a new post as a Pony Express stock handler. On his way to his new post he hears a child scream. He finds a young girl in her night gown right in the path of a stampeding herd of cattle. He manages to save the child and later finds out that the child is his half sister and someone is trying to kill her. She is also the sister of the woman who runs the ranch where he is stationed.

Lily Johnson has inherited the Johnson Ranch after the death of her father. Her foreman had proposed to her after her father's death but she is determined to be independent and raise her little sister. She is concerned when she finds Jacob is the son of her step mother who had died in childbirth. Was he here to take Daisy away from her or was he here  to take the ranch from her? She was ever grateful for his saving Daisy from the stampede but was she still in danger? Why would anyone want to hurt a four year old?

A journey of two rejected broken people to survive the attacks of an enemy. God has a plan for these two. A plan of healing and total restoration. God has a plan for you too. Give Him control and watch Him work in your life.