Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, December 30, 2013

Crossfire by Jodie Bailey

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book; Crossfire by Jodie Bailey. I really enjoy Jodie's work and this was an exceptional one. A story of a couple who as teenagers crushed on each other, although neither shared that fact with the other. His best friend and her brother kept them from the knowledge. Now the attraction is not only still there but overpowering.

Andrea Donovan, once in the Army,  is a counselor to Army personnel having substance abuse problems or PTSD issues. Unable to save her brother, it had become her life work.  She left her office to go shred some of her notes when a large man blocked her way. He demanded one of her patients, Wade Cameron, or his file, when she refused, he attacked her.

First Sargent Josh Walker was torn between aiding the woman or catching the man that had attacked her. Chasing the man he was able to see the car but unable to get the plate numbers, going back to the woman he receives a hard fist to his face. When he was finally able to get her attention and calm her down he recognized his high school crush. Guilt from her brothers death had kept him from becoming a part of her life, now her life was in jeopardy.

A fast paced, well written story of wounded people trying to survive in a complicated world but finding only God can make a way. I know you will love the book. God bless you and have a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Love on the Slopes by Elizabeth Goddard

My book review today is on the Heartsong Presents; Love on the Slopes by Elizabeth Goddard. I love Elizabeth's books, most of the ones I've read were suspense so I was surprised when I received this one. I loved it though. A story about skiing is perfect when we are gearing up for the Olympics and of course it's a great love story. I love the characters in the story, both are broken and trying to find away for redemption. God has a plan though, He always does though.

Shannon De Croix is a skier. She is out to earn a place on the U S Ski Team when she has a serious accident. Her boyfriend left her but her coach was there for her. After surgery and months of rehab she is determined to train again. Her father has bought a ski resort, hired coaches, and is sponsoring a team so she can so she can be a winner. Winning is everything. Shannon and her coach have a difference of opinion. She defies him and skis a forbidden slope, he quits, leaving her floundering.

Hudson Landers was once an Olympic Champion. He had everything he once dreamed of but after pushing his sister after an injury, she fell and was left paralyzed. Now blaming himself he tries to convince Shannon to take it easy but her winning is everything attitude forces him to quit.

Shannon doesn't understand Hudson. He had stood beside her after her injury telling her he'd be there for her. She had never realized how much he meant to her until he was gone. She follows him to neighboring resort where he is helping the disabled. She volunteers in his program to try to talk him into coming back.

Hudson has been in love with Shannon for a long time but he can't allow himself to be happy, not after what he did to his sister.

A great story. I know you will love it. You need to run out and get a copy. I hope you have a great week end.


Monday, December 16, 2013

The Unexpected Gift

My post today is different. Yesterday my Pastor spoke on the unexpected gift. The Old Testament is full of scriptures foretelling of the Messiah but the people were expecting a King, a Ruler, the son of David, not a baby born in a manger. Most of the people refused to believe this baby would someday be the Savior of the world.

Jesus was raised by a couple who knew he was God, knew how he was conceived and yet didn't really believe he was here to do the Father's business. The town refused to see Jesus was anyone other than a carpenter, Mary and Joesph's son. They wouldn't even believe he was a prophet.

It was difficult for even the disciples to see Jesus as the son of God. They expected Jesus to throw over the government and become the king of the Old Testament. They were shocked when He was crucified. But are we that much different?

Jesus is The Unexpected Gift. We wander through life trying to do what we think is right or what we think will make us happy and most of us don't give a thought to the wondrous gift God gave us.

This last few weeks my church has been on a mission to save souls. My church is small; we average about fifty to sixty people a week in attendance but we have led over a hundred people to Jesus using a simple tool called a Salvation Script in a program called Witness, Win, and Bring Them in. Ordinary people like you and me are leading sinner to Christ. This Christmas season more than a hundred and fifteen people have found the Unexpected Gift and have turned their lives around.

Have you met this Unexpected Gift? He is the most wondrous gift that God had to give. Your life can be turned around too, just repeat this prayer after me: Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive me of my sins. Wash me and cleans me. Set me free. Jesus, thank you that you died for me. I believe that You are risen from the dead and that You're coming back again for me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Give me a passion for the lost, a hunger for the things of God, and a holy boldness to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Jesus name Amen. If you prayed this prayer with me please contact me and I will send you a copy of a little book about being born again. God bless you all!

Friday, December 13, 2013

There Comes A Season by Carol Steward

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book There Comes A Season by Carol Steward. This book is about a widow and a widower, both flawed and dealing with past hurts. I'm divorced and have know concept of what widows go through. I do know that usually they remember only the good, where we that are divorced tend to remember only the bad but this one was irritating with so many ups and downs. 

Laura Bates was a fairly new widow with three children struggling to learn to live again. She runs a daycare center and is just trying to survive. She seems to have a great deal of trouble dealing with her three children, her past, her attraction to a new parent, and letting go.

Bryan Beaumont just found out that when his estranged wife died she had been keeping his infant son from him. Bryan is now forced to deal with the issues from his marriage. Is this child even his? Hs secretary recommends a daycare. Bryan is drawn to the lovely widow and her children but feels unable to cope even with his own son.

They have a long journey of up and downs and past issues. They will learn there is a season for everything. You can find this book through Love Inspired or Amazon. Have a great weekend and God bless you.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Her Christmas Cowboy by Brenda Minton

My book review today is on second story in the Love Inspired Novella Christmas Gifts. This story is Her Christmas Cowboy by Brenda Minton. I love Brenda's work and this story was one of my favorites. I just finished one of her books about the Cooper men (I have read them out of order) that I loved so I was thrilled to read about Travis. I hope to read more about the large family of Coopers. Brenda's characters are all flawed but manage to trust in God to get them straightened out. I love that. Travis is ADHA, a problem a lot of our kids deal with. It's great to see how he struggles but stays a man of God.

Elizabeth Harden comes to a bull riding event for her father. Recently dumped by her fiancee` only to have him run off and elope with someone else, she sends her parents on the honeymoon she was to take. Now she is here to help her father who is sponsoring this event. A cowboy comes to her rescue, sweeps her off her feet, and saves her from being mauled by one of the bulls.

Travis Cooper is a bull fighter. His job is to distract the bulls while the rider gets to safety. On this night he manages to save a beautiful woman. He has heard all about what has happened to her from her father. He's well aware of the fact that she has been badly hurt. He knows she isn't a woman to trifle with.

Unable to fly out because of the weather, she accepts Travis help but tries to guard her heart. Travis is a womanizer just like her fiancee` she must protect herself.

This is a great book and I know you will love reading it. You need to run out and get this book. God bless you all. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Small Town Christmas by Gale Gaymer Martin

My book review today is on the first book in the Christmas Gifts novella by Love Inspired. I really liked this story. Gail is an awesome writer and I have always enjoyed her work. Plus I love Christmas stories and I had a set of twins so of course I loved this one.

Amy Carroll lost her job in Chicago and moved home temporarily to take over a second grade class. Before she even starts her first day she meets Mike Russet, the father of a set of twin girls. The girls are acting out in class , probably because of the death of their mother. Amy has her hands full as tries to figure out how to handle the girls and to keep ahead of their matchmaking attempts.

Mike Russet is a widower who allowed his girls to become bullies and run all over him in his grief. Amy's grandmother babysit for him and is able to control the girls but Mike has no idea how to do that. He soon sees that Amy is able to handle them and asks for tips on how to deal with them. While the girls decide Amy is perfect for them.

A very cute story. I know you will all enjoy. Have a great week and God bless you.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Frame-Up by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Frame-Up by Jill Elizabeth Nelson. I really enjoyed this book. It is well written and very hard to put down. The characters are dynamic. A story of faith, trust, and love.

Laurel Adams was on her way to a speaking engagement at Estes Park when she encounters a white out snow storm. There is no way she can make it. She and her teenage daughter pull into the drive way of a small cabin, hoping to take refuge. She recognizes the man who opens the door as a man that was accused of murder. How could she trust him but she didn't have much choice. When they go to unload the luggage they find a dead body in her trunk.

David Greene had woke up three years ago to find his girl friend dead. He was arrested but was later released because of lack of evidence. He has turned his life around but lives with the stares and bad attitudes that surround him every where he goes. So when they find a dead body in the trunk of this beautiful woman and her young daughter he's determined to help them. There is also a link between this young woman shoved in the trunk and his dead girl friend. This might be the clue to break the case wide open.

An awesome story, I know you will love it. It is in the January edition of Love Inspired. Now I want you all to have a great week end. God bless you all.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Hickory Ridge Christmas by Dana Corbit

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, A Hickory Ridge Christmas by Dana Corbit. I love Christmas stories and this is a good one. I know you will enjoy it.

Hannah Woods is a preacher's kid and an unwed mother. Five years ago she was only seventeen and madly in love with the boy next door. Suddenly he left with his parents, not even saying goodbye. She had been so hurt that she hadn't accepted any of his letters or phone calls. When she found out about the baby she refused to tell anyone who the father was, not even Todd. Imagine her surprise when he walked into her father's church.

Todd McBride left the love of his life when his father was transferred out of the country. He did everything in his power to communicate with her but she refused, now five years later he came home to apologize and win her heart. What he found was his beautiful daughter he hadn't known existed.

A journey of forgiveness, undying love, and God's plan for His children. A great story that is well written. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. God bless you all.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Safe By The Marshall's Side by Shirlee McCoy

Welcome back! I hope all my followers had a wonderful holiday. I had a great day. Now back to work. My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book Safe by the Marshall's Side. This is the first book in a new series by Love Inspired, Witness Protection. I was thrilled to find out they had started a new series and all of the writers are favorites of mine. Shirlee is one of the best and I loved this first book.

Annie Delacort witnessed her husband's murder, she and her two year old daughter has now been in witness protection for over a year. She spent a year in Milwaukee but had now been brought back to St. Louis to get prepped for the trial.

U. S. Marshall Hunter Davis has been in charge of Annie's case from the beginning but now that she was back in St. Louis he was by her side full time. Hunter was a by-the-book kind of guy and was struggling against his attraction to the beautiful woman and sweetest two year old he had ever met. Now suddenly he was confronted with the fact that his team was not secure, everywhere he moved Annie they ran into problems.

So starts the journey to save and protect until after the trial. A story of faith, love, and commitment. I loved every minute of it. You need to get a copy of this book. Now have a great week.