Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Love in the Wind by Elizabeth Goddard

My review today is on the Heartsong Presents Book, Love in the Wind by Elizabeth Goddard. This is Elizabeth's newest book, and she has done it again. I received an advanced copy but it is out on the first May. You will want to run out and get a copy. This is a very good book and is well written. I love all the nautical terms and theme.

Maddie Cramer has had her world turned upside down and is struggling to hang on. She recently found out her father who raised her and cared for her isn't really her birth father but had adopted her as a small child. She has met her birth father and is trying to understand how he could have given her away. She now knows where her love of sailing had come from though. She now plans to race in the regatta to make her new father proud and hopefully he will ask her to join him in Connecticut to make up for lost time. Upon her return to New Mexico she finds one of her crew is injured and can't race with the team.

Grady Stone has failed at everything. His business is failed and now must find a job but his best friend called in a favor. He must go take his place in a race and keep the other members of the crew away from Maddie. Taylor had saved his life so Grady owes him this favor. As he approaches Maddie she seems really irritated and tells he will have to earn his place on the team.

The journey to the race has many obstacles; Maddie has many trust issues and has problems with Taylor trying to control her, she is very distracted by Grady, Grady is attracted to Maddie, he is angry at Taylor when he learns that Taylor is seeing someone else while he has Grady protecting Maddie, this is the worst time Grady could care about a woman when he had nothing to offer her. Both need to hand over the control of their lives to God. It's a great story. God bless you all.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart by Allie Pleiter

My post today is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart by Allie Pleiter. This was the last book of the Bridegroom Brothers Series. I loved this series and hate to see it end but then they ran out of brothers. I loved the ending, Allie did a great job finishing up all of the lose ends. I can't imagine how three authors manage to keep these characters straight and right on tract but it was a great series.

Katrine Brinkeroff has come to the Land Rush with her brother Lars. Katrine comes to the United States with a secret known only to her self. This secret has colored her whole existence. Late one night her cabin is set on fire. There are no windows and no way out. She remembers the two lose logs she had complained about since her brother built it and struggles to kick then out of the way. Sheriff Clint Thornton hears her efforts and rescues her.

Clint Thornton has secrets of his own. His two brothers have found love and are causing him intense frustration at their newly wed antics. He can't marry but would give anything for a wife and a houseful of kids. He is drawn to the beautiful sister of his best friends but must keep his distance.

He and Lars develops a plan for him to go undercover with the gang that is terrorizing his people. Riding towards Lars cabin he sees this gang set fire to Lars cabin. He talks the leader into trusting him and he volunteers to clean up the mess at the cabin. when the men ride off he is able to save the beautiful Katrine. He asks her help with his plan and they tell everyone her brother has died in the fire.

Now comes the difficult journey to find proof against these men without letting anyone know what is going on. This journey brings Clint back to the God he had turned his back on long ago. It also force these two into a new level of awareness as the whole town grieves for Lars. Could they ever share their secrets and have the life God planned for them.

A great book I know you will love. These three authors wrote a great series, I recommend you but them all, you won't regret it. Now God bless you all and have a great week.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Treasure Point Secrets by Sarah Varland

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Book, Treasure Point Secrets by Sarah Varland. This was a great book, it was well written and full of action. I liked the characters. I know you will want to read it.

Shiloh Evans was a college professor working as a collaborator with her cousin, a police officer. Her cousin was killed and Shiloh decided she would become a police officer and find these killers. This decision cost her the love of her fiancee. Now five years later the killers were after her. Was it the return of her fiancee that brought these men after her?

Adam Cole had changed his life these last five years. His heart had been broken by his fiancee and he decided to go into the ministry. Now he has come to Treasure Point to take over his first pastorate. One of the first people he meets is Shiloh, as she picks him up for a traffic violation.

As the new chaplain at the police station he is told to ride along with Shiloh, so the people will come to trust him. It soon evident that someone is trying to kill Shiloh. Is this all about the old case of a pirate treasure?

A great read, run out and get a copy, you will love it. God bless you all and have a great week end.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Falling for the Rancher Father by Linda Ford

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, Falling for the Rancher Farmer by Linda Ford. This is another book in the Cowboys of Eden Valley Series. I know that you will enjoy this book. I laughed and I cried at their adventures. It is well written and I enjoyed the characters, it was also nice to return to the characters from other books, I always like that.

Abel Borgard was once a rebellious teen. He left his home and married a dance hall girl. Now years later, he's returned to God and is trying desperately to care for his twins. His wife, before she died, hadn't cared for them as she should have and his daughter had contracted Scarlet Fever, now her heart could be compromised. How was he to build a decent cabin and care for the nine year olds.

Mercy Newell has moved to Eden Valley. As a child her brother had died and her parents seemed to no longer care for her at all. The only way to get their attention was to do outlandish things. Now she had every intention of join the wild west show, until two little kids stole her heart.

Abel was drawn to Mercy but she was restless just like his wife had been. He had to protect his kids and his heart but he had to have help with his children.

A great story about trusting God and following God's plan for your life. I know you will enjoy this book. God bless you all and run out and get a copy of this book.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Huckleberry Summer by Jennifer Beckstrand

My book review today is on the book, Huckleberry Summer by Jennifer Beckstrand. This book is the second book in the Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill Series. I haven't read the first book yet but I do have a copy and am excited to read it. I love the Amish books and this book is one of the best I've read. It's very well written, the characters were delightful, the story will make you laugh, and it'll make you cry. I especially like the miracle Jennifer puts in the very beginning of the book. You don't see real miracles in most books but God is in the miracle making business. You will love this book.

Anna and Felty Helmuth have raised their children. They have successfully matched one of their grandchildren so now they are ready to try again. Anna is sure she knows the perfect match for her grandson.

Aden Helmuth is living a in Ohio. He's involved in trying to save the world and has landed in jail three times because of it. His grandparent sent for him and because he had heard the voice of God, he went to them. His grandparents introduce him to the woman they have chosen for him to marry, but she didn't like his dog. How could he deal with that, no matter how beautiful she was.

Lily Eicher once, as a young child, disobeyed her father and was attached by a dog. She would carry those scar for life, and she hadn't disobeyed him since. Anna offers her a job but the only problem was; their grandson, a vegetarian, a man who has been in jail, a man who was trying to lead her to Babylon. Aden had a dog, the size of a bear, whose main purpose seemed to knock her off her feet. . She's drawn to Aden and his beautiful green eyes but her father wants her to marry another.

This is a great journey for one to redemption and for one to gain independence. Both need to see God's plan for them, no matter what the people around them were saying. You'll love it.

Now God bless you this Blessed Easter weekend. Don't let this weekend be about bunnies, eggs, and candies, but remember the real reason we celebrate. Jesus took your place; in the garden he bore your Pain and your Sorrow, in the inner courts he bore your sickness and diseases bu his stripes, and then finally he bore our iniquities on that cross. Every sin that was ever committed, every sin that is now committed, and every sin that will ever be committed is nailed to that cross. He would have died if you were the only man or woman in the world, He loved you that much. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oh Glorious Week

My post today is different, I'm not doing the book review thing. Today I want to share with you about my last week. I have been ill since the middle of December, I've been fighting Shingles, (who knew the nerve pain could last four months) then in January I started having intestinal problems. I was in the hospital for a week but they were unable to find the problem but I was intense pain. I went to a specialist in March and he told my I had a blockage in my large colon and he needed to go in and see what the problem was, so he scheduled me for tests. April 11th was when the tests were schedule so I had a month to receive healing. Everyone in my church prayed for my healing. Yet, as I prepared for the test, I felt like I was suppose to prepare for my home going. I wrote out my will and told my Father I was ready. But it broke may heart that all my books were still on my computer and hardly anyone has read them.

My test went well, he found no blockage! Praise God! I still have some residual nerve pain from the shingles but the abdominal pain is gone. Now if that was all that happened this week that would be enough and I would be thrilled. Saturday I was asked to attend a banquet, the speaker was a woman who died and went to heaven. It was a glorious night! (I live alone and don't have a car so I don't get out much) Sunday was a wonderful service, I was truly blessed. Monday I got to babysit my brand new great grand daughter and when my grandson came home he asked me to stay and watch the new "Thor" movie. I loved that movie. (I love the comic book movies, its my generation I guess) Then my best friend took me out to eat. Tuesday, she and I went to see GOD IS NOT DEAD. What a wonderful movie. What I loved most was that the theater was full and most of them were kids and they were all texting at the end of the movie, just like they told them too in the movie.

Last night we had a Praise and Worship Seminar at my Church. Shekinah Glory ministered to us. I have never been so blessed. This group travels all around the world but mainly minister at Rhema Bible College and Rhema Church. They will be ministering again tonight and I can hardly wait. You can find them at Shekinah Glory Ministries on facebook.

God bless you all. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bodyguard Reunion by Margaret Daley

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book; Bodyguard Reunion by Margaret Daley.
This book is the last book in the Guardians Inc. series, I really hate to see this series end. This series has been about women bodyguards not a normal profession for women but very entertaining. I love Margaret's writing style, I don't think I have read one of her books that I didn't love. I know you will enjoy this one. It is very well written and full of action.

Cloe Howard's next job is to protect the wife of an author team. She is disturbed when she finds out that her partner is a man she once loved. If she had known he was her partner she wouldn't have taken this assignment. Nine years ago, she had loved him. T.J. had asked her to leave her sick mother and move to D.C. What kind of man would do that? She must keep her emotions in check, she couldn't let those dreams spring back to life.

 T.J Davenport was once a secret service agent, he had worked with Cloe Howard, a police officer, nine years ago and had fallen in love. T.J. got a promotion to guard the Vice President but to move to D.C. Cloe refused to go with him. Now he had returned to Dallas; he planned to buy into Guardians Inc., and reunite with Cloe. He takes a case for couple that are controversial, he requests for Cloe to work him.

Threats turn into series attacks on the Paul and Mary Zimmerman as they cross Texas on a book tour.
Cloe and T.J have their hands full as they protect their clients and again are drawn together, could God have a plan for them? If they survive can then learn to trust each other again.

God bless you all and have a great week.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Legacy of Love by Christine Johnson

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical book, Legacy of Love by Christine Johnson. An early Twentieth Century Cinderella story taking place in a Midwest town. This is a good story, I'm sure you will enjoy. I don't think I've read any of Christine's books before but I did enjoy this one.

Anna Simmons was a young woman with big dreams. She didn't want to just get married, have babies, and live happy ever after. She dreamed of digging in ancient ruins, finding buried treasure. Unfortunately her father was crushed in an accident and she was forced to work, cleaning houses to help her family.

Brandon Landers returns to Pearlman, Michigan to the home his father left him in his will. Brandon dreams of opening a bookstore with his fine collection of antique books. His first order of business though is to evict a widow and her daughter. The property was sold just before his fathers death and his lawyer was forcing him to remove the widow. One of the Simmons turned out to be a girl he had just met and admired, now he was throwing her and her mother out in the street right before Christmas. Before he realized what he was doing he offered them the carriage house behind his home and a job as a house keeper. Anna refused his charity but her mother accepted it.

After her mother's fall, Anna is force to clean Brandon's home and is also asked to help at the bookstore. Anna hears about a treasure that is rumored to be in Brandon's old home so she sets out to find it. Brandon's brother arrives, thrown out of college and takes to searching for the treasure too.

I really like the end of the story. A journey of a treasure hunt finds a much greater treasure than what everyone was looking for. They receive help from unexpected people. Its a good story, you need to get a copy.

God bless you all, and have a good weekend. I will be unable to post on Friday as I'm having some test done in Kearney. See you Monday.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Double Agent by Lisa Phillips

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense book, Double Agent by Lisa Phillips. This book is well written and action packed. A book where you can't tell who the good people are from the bad. Who do you trust? I really enjoyed this book, I know you will too.

Sabine Laduca works as an agent for the CIA. Her only brother is in Special Forces Delta Force but is suddenly murdered. Sabina is determined to use all her resources to find the killer. As she investigates, she's forced to join forces with her brother's team leader. The handsome soldier is a distraction as someone threaten them and she finds out the CIA has classified her as a rogue agent. She doesn't know who she can trust as everything around her falls apart.

Sergeant Major Doug Richardson and his Delta Force is investigating the death of one of their own. On their mission, a woman walks in and throws a wrench in their operation but Doug follows the woman and ends up rescuing her; only to learn it's the sister of the man they lost. Doug has promised to protect this woman and now finds himself drawn into a mess. Can he trust this woman? The CIA says she is a rogue agent and they are out to stop her.

Their journey to find the killer brings them to a unity that neither want but both needed. God has a plan although it was not what they thought it was. A story of faith in action. You need to run out and get a copy.

God bless you all this week.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Horseman's Frontier Family by Karen Kirst

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical Book, The Horseman's Frontier Family. This book is the second book in the continuing series, Bridegroom Brothers. This book is written by Karen Kirst, I do love her work, and this one is no exception. It's hard to understand how three authors can keep all their facts straight and keep the characters with the same basic personalitys. I admire how they can do that.

Gideon Thornton was a broken man. He had married for the wrong reason and failed his wife. In consolation he showered all his love on his beautiful daughter until they both died of the influenza a year and a half ago. Now he has followed his two brothers to the Oklahoma Land Rush. The brothers and their friends had a map of the area and chose where they would build a town and where the best ranch land would be. Gideon's dream was a horse ranch, far enough from everyone to suffer in silence, alone; but eight days after the rush a widowed sister of his enemies, the Chaucer's came to his land claiming she had the right to his land and that he had stolen it from her dead husband. Gideon had tried to help her wounded husband and gone for help and left him alone. How could a man so near to death have replaced his stake?

Evelyn Montgomery's husband had died during the rush. His horse had fallen and rolled over on top of him. Now a widow, she has a son to care for. Her son was now mute and unable to cope, was it because of the loss of a father? A man who never cared for the boy or the fact they had left everything they knew? Her three brothers tell her the land her husband was killed on was hers. With the army and her brothers she goes to claim her land from the their horrible enemy, Gideon Thornton. All her life she has heard stories about how the Thornton's lied, cheated, and stole from them to make the Chaucer lose everything. It was their fault they were poor and broken. Coming from her dominate brothers and then from her husband, she believed the stories.

The army tells them they will have to both stay on the land and share it until they could go to court, the process could takes weeks or months. Evelyn's brothers bring her and her goods to the place and left her to fend for herself, warning her to stay away from their enemy. From the first day Gideon only tries to help her and her son. Drawn to the man, she soon learns that his gruff exterior was a cover for man that was grieving a great loss who had turned his back on God.

A great story, one mans journey back to God and one woman's journey to find truth. I know you will love the story. God bless you all and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Book, Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad. I love the Dry Creek Series, this one is the Return to Dry Creek Series. I have read it before but was drawn to read it again. I don't think I wrote a review before though. If I did I apologize, it's hard to remember all of the reviews I have done. I loved this book!

Cathy (Cat) Baker finds herself in trouble. With a heart that is failing, she returns to the only man she has ever loved, a man she can trust. She had ran away from the foster home they had shared five years ago when she found out she was pregnant. She hadn't told him about their daughter but now that she might be dying, he needed to know Lara. Could he love her or would he just support her?

Jake Stone came from a rough childhood. His mother had gone to prison for killing his father, an abusive man. After ten years it's found that she wasn't the one who killed him after all and was released. Jake blamed God for the problems he had in his life. Now things were suddenly thrown upside down. His older brother was getting married, how could he do that? He was suppose to stand up for him but what was to keep Wade and himself from being like their father?

Cat shows up unexpectedly with his daughter, what could he do? Cat, his mother, and his brother were all Christians now, how was he to deal with that? How could they trust a God who had hurt them all so much? This journey of faith will have you crying one moment and laughing the next. It is an awesome story. You must get a copy. God bless you all.