Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, June 29, 2015

Surviving the Storm by Heather Woodhaven

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Surviving the Storm. I love Heather's books; they are well written and full of adventure. Her characters are complex broken people trying to survive devastating circumstances. I like that; aren't we all broken people trying to survive difficult circumstances? Maybe we don't have murderers chasing after us but we are in a war where the devil is trying to destroy us. God is the only way out, He has a plan and it is greater than anything you could ever dream of.

Aria Zimmerman once dreamed of being an architect but after witnessing her father fall to his death she quit school and turned her back on everything she had held dear even the man she was loved, a construction worker. She wasn't about to watch him fall, now years later she is thrown into a dangerous situation where only he can help her.

David McGuire had loved Aria with all his heart, unable to express his feelings he wrote her a card putting a ring in the envelope. She didn't respond right away so he would ask her about the card but when she told him she needed space he became angry and walked away not know of her father's death. Now God has brought them back together, could he keep her safe from the killers? Could they survive the tsunami that is trying to destroy the Oregon coast?

So starts the journey of these two people after witnessing the murder of their boss. They aren't only being chased by the murderers but by the huge tsunami. The men are ruthless in their pursuit, the police can't get to them and are swamped with rescuing people from the storm. They have no choice but to trust God and His plan for them. It's a great book, I know you'll love it.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Witness Undercover by Debra Cowan

M review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Witness Undercover. I don't believe I have read any of Debra's books before but I really loved this one. I hope she does more on this Enigma, Inc. team. I fell in love with these characters. I want to know why Ghost and Sydney can't stand to be in the same room. What happened to them? I want Boone to find a woman and Joy to find love. I assume you know I enjoyed her characters very much. The story is well written and action packed. I do have a special place in my heart for the Navy Seals so Griffin was an awesome character to me. You really need to get this book.

Laura Prentiss is in witness protection after she put her ex-boyfriend in prison. She lives in constant fear of the man. Her handler brings a bodyguard to protect her to bring her home to help her father. Her father is going through a second bout with cancer and only a bone marrow transplant will save him, Laura is the only match. Her aunt has sent for her sending her best man she has to protect her. As she returns home she is attacked at every turn God and Griffin are her only hope.

Ex-Navy Seal Griffin Devaney lost his whole team in Afghanistan and was severely wounded. Full of pain and guilt volunteer Joy Langston saves him by offering him a job for her agency Enigma Inc. Griffin is determined to keep Laura safe and reunite her with her father. He can't imagine giving up home and family and living in WitSec. Can he keep her safe without losing his heart? His fiancee had left him when he came back wounded and suffering from PTSD, now was he in love only to have Laura forced to leave him too.?

A great story of two broken people forced on a journey that can only end up in heartbreak. God has a plan. He always has a plan and as their lives become more in jeopardy each day Laura shows him how much God loves  him and how to trust Him. I really hated to finish the book I liked it so much.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Payback by Hope White

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Payback. This is the third book in the Echo Mountain Series. I was thrilled to see that at the end of this book Hope writes to look for more books in the Echo Mountain Series later this year. I have loved this series and I liked that she incorporated the characters of the first two books. These stories are all well written, I loved her characters, and the action that filled the books. Faith is a big part of Hope's books. I really like that. I look forward to the next book. I know you will love this book.

Nia Sharpe came from an abusive family. She suffered greatly at the hands of her stepfather and finally escaped to attend college and start a new life. Unfortunately that meant leaving her baby brother to endure the abuse; now years later she still feels the guilt. She never expected to have her past find her at Echo Mountain Resort where she was now the concierge. Two strange men come looking for her boss, feeling something was not right she went out on the mountain trail to find him before the men could reach him. Confronted by the men she takes off around a switchback but slips and falls.

Ex-military Aiden McBride  now is managing the resort while his boss is out of town. He goes on a camping trip but changes his mind. As he returns he hears a scream and watches as Nia falls down the mountain side. He sets off to rescue her, after all he is a member of the search and rescue team. Nia tells him of men following her, they were after him, and he is in danger. Aiden calls for help but before help comes gun shots are heard. Can he protect her?

Thus the adventure begins as FBI men are after Nia and Aiden, her brother shows up needing money, a man named Gus breaks into her house, and dead bodies begin to surface. Two broken people; Aiden unable to forget how he failed his friend in the past and Nia refusing to be a victim any longer but needing to save her fragile boss and her messed up brother. It's a great story, God always has a plan, there might be surprises, twists, and turns but He will always work it out for you if you but trust and believe.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Security Breach by Margaret Daley

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Security Breach. This is the fourth book in the continuity series Capitol K-9 Unit. I have loved this series; six of my favorite authors, K-9 guard dogs, and adventures throughout the nations capitol. What is not to love? This book is much like all of Margaret's books, it is well written, fast paced, and filled with adventure. I love her work. Faith is very much a part of her work and I think that is awesome.

White House Tour Guide Selena Barrow is working on the Easter Egg Roll on the lawn of the White House when one of the Capitol K-9 officers asks her for a copy of the visitors, all thirty thousand plus volunteers. Selena heads to her office when one of the costumed character bumps against her almost knocking her over. At her office the same character pushes her in her office and hits her over the head with a lamp.

Capitol K-9 Officer Nicholas Cole and his dog are working a break in at his boss' office in the White House. As he seeks out Selena to find out who is at the huge event he tells her he'll meet her at her office. When he arrives at Selena's office he finds her unconscious on the floor. Her office has been ransacked. What is going on?

Selena is related to a person of interest in one of Nicholas' case. The K-9 Unit aren't sure whether Selena is involved in their case or not. Nicholas tries to keep open mind as he is drug into the chaos of Selena's life. Why is she under attack? Could it involve a case the senator's son was working on? Were the two cases linked?

A journey of two broken people who have decided that they would never marry or have families after what they had endured. But God has a plan! God always has a plan for our lives and it's always so much more than than we even hope for.All you have to do is trust God and give him control of your life.
Jeremiah 29:11-14 "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord,thoughts of good and not of evil to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you and you will seek Me and find Me when you search for me with all your heart. I will be found by you says the Lord."

Friday, June 19, 2015

Desperate Measures by Sandra Orchard

My book review today is on the novel Desperate Measures. This is book two of the Port Aster Secrets Series. I enjoy Sandra's suspense books, she always does an awesome job. This story is well written, action packed, and full of surprises. Faith is woven throughout the book like a tapestry. I love that. Her character are surprisingly complex people you care about but you will find out that there is no way to know which one that you can really trust. I know you will love this book.

Research Scientist Kate Adams lost her father when she was just a child, now she finds he's alive and has been hiding all these years. In the first book he returns but is in an accident so she is unable to connect with him like she hopes for. Not only that but the love of her life took her father and put him into witness protection severing their relationship. Kate's life is in danger as she hides a miracle plant that every one seems to want. Unable to figure out who she can trust she has no choice but to allow Tom to protect her but she can't let him find out her secret.

Detective Tom Parker is in love with Kate but she can't seem to stay out of trouble. His decision to move her father into hiding broke their fragile relationship but he had to protect both of them. Some one was trying to kill Kate for her research, her assistant is being poisoned, and in a dizzy spell falls down the stairs and broke her leg. Kate is bound to help her but who can Tom really trust? His lists of suspects keep growing as things keep blowing up in his face.

The journey of two people that truly are in love but refuse to trust or rely on the other one. Secrets keep them from find the comfort they could find in their love. God has a plan and as He bring it to pass they find they are destined for each other.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gone Missing by Camy Tang

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Gone Missing. I love Camy's adventures: they are well written, action packed, and full of faith. What an awesome combination. I enjoyed the fact that we visited several people from past books and was able to see briefly into their lives. I always like that.

Joslyn Dimalanta once on the run from her ex has now become a skip tracer and is searching for her missing former roommate and good friend. She received a post card saying that Fiona needed help. As she starts her search she runs into Fiona's brother who has received a phone call saying "help me" as they go to enter Fiona's house they set off a trip wire that blows up the house.

Clay Ashton was once a wise guy for the mob but after spending time in prison he has answered his sister's call hoping they can reconcile. What he finds is a beautiful skip tracer who steals his heart. After saving Joslyn from an explosion they set out together to find Fiona. Clay knows he's not good enough for Joslyn but at least he can keep her safe.

A journey of two broken people fighting the their past mistakes and trying to find the path that God has set before them. He has a plan and it's far greater than either of them can imagine. That's how it is for us. We hold on to our broken lives and past mistakes when God has something awesome for us just down the road. Find God's will in your life and don't let anything keep you from your purpose. God bless you.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lorie's Heart by Amy Lillard

My book review today is on the Amish Novel, Lorie's Heart. This book is an Advance Reader's Copy so it isn't available yet but soon will be. My thoughts on this book are all my own. I have never read and of Amy's books before but I enjoyed this one very much and hope to read more of her work. I love Amish stories especially when they are different and this one is. I found it intriguing.

Lorie Kauffman's father dies and when she goes with her step-mother to identify his body she discovers her father had a tattoo. Her step-mother refused to discuss the tattoo or anything else concerning his death. How could a good Godly Amish man have a tattoo and die in a car crash. Dat owned a car! Amish didn't drive cars. Lorie sets out to find answers to her questions but each time she find one thing it opens up doors for far more questions. Now she is torn between two separate worlds and two different families.

Zach Calhoun meets Lorie at an Amish quilt auction and is drawn to her. When he returns home he looks up everything he can find out about the Amish. He just can't get her out of his mind. Imagine his
shock when she walks into the retirement center where he works. He is determined to help her find her answers but can he help her and not lose his heart?

A journey of two broken hearts trying to find God's will and plan for their life. A wonderful story that you will love. You need to pre-order a copy right away. 


Friday, June 12, 2015

Trail of Evidence by Lynette Eason

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Trail of Evidence. This is the third book in the continuing series, Capitol K-9 Unit. I have loved this series as it has been written by some of my favorite authors, I also love stories about the working dogs and their handlers. This story is well written, action packed, and full of surprises. I really enjoy the way Lynette captures the adventure and keeps faith a big part of her work. I highly recommend this book and this series.

Veterinarian Jonas Parker is sleeping when his house is broken into. The man attacks Jonas and asks where the phone is. Jonas manages to escape and the man runs off. Only his son's room has been searched and destroyed. Jonas heard a beeping noise and found a phone hidden under his son's mattress. The phone belonged to a dead woman believed to be murdered, how is his son involved in this mess? Jonas called the one woman he cared about who was also working this case. Several years ago he thought they had connected but she had rejected him, would she help him?

Unable to have children Brooke Clark had pulled away from Jonas. Now he has calls her about the case she is working on. Could she help him and his son without breaking her heart again? The phone was key evidence in the death of the young housekeeper of the senator who was shot and his son killed.
could this be the break through they have been looking for?

A great journey to finding love, forgiveness, and wholeness. God always has a plan and it's always much better than the one we do. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Explosive Alliance by Susan Sleeman,,,,,,,

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Explosive Alliance. This is the second book in the First Responder Series. I love Susan's writing, her suspense stories are unbeatable. This one didn't disappoint me, it's well written, full of action, and faith is interwoven throughout the story. I love that about Susan. You will want to run out and get a copy of this book.

Krista Curry has returned home to care for her grandfather. She had been widowed several years ago and been the main suspect in her husband's murder. The daughter of a con-man and a murder, (now in prison) she went on the run but returned with a new name praying that no one recognized her. Her grandfather is going through chemo, she takes him to a soccer game but spills his glass of water. She takes the cup and walks by a handsome guard standing by the fence. When she returns a man leaves a back pack in his seat and walks out. She calls him back but he just glares at her with cold hate-filled eyes. The game is interrupted when she finds a bomb.

Cash Dixon was standing by as a guard for the game. He noticed the beautiful woman as she walks by, he gives her a flirtatious smile but doesn't receive much encouragement. He's shocked when she comes back to him and tells him of the bomb. While she was telling him another woman sees the bomb and screams, the crowd goes crazy. Cash goes up to check out the bomb but there isn't time for his team to get there so as a explosive expert he disarmed the bomb. Krista saw the bomber so now he must protect her and her grandfather without loosing his heart. Cash's team views Krista as their main suspect.

This is a journey of two broken people that are unable to trust and refused to let go of their secrets. Read how their secrets come forth and God takes control. He always has a plan for us. You will love this story.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Change of Heart by Molly Jebber

My review today is an Advance Reader's Copy so it won't be available for awhile but you can pre-order it and you will want to do that. This review is my own work and no one had any influence on what I have written. Change of Heart is an Historical Amish Romance that takes place in 1899. I love Amish books especially if they are a little different. I haven't read any of Molly's books before but this one is well written, and heart warming. I love the faith that is so much a part of the story.

Brokenhearted Becca Yost leaves her parents home and goes to visit her widowed sister who has left the Amish Community. Left at the alter on the day of her wedding she could no longer deal with the pity of her friends and family. A midwife she starts to work for the town doctor. Becca falls for the good looking doctor but his mother refuses to accept her and does everything in her power to separate the two.

Dr. Matt Carrington rescues Becca after a fall and instantly drawn to the beauty. He's in desperate need
of a nurse and is thrilled to have Becca work for him. They both share a heart for medicine. As he comes to realize he loves her he tries to make his society minded mother see her worth but she refuses to value the girl.

A journey of love that overcomes all obstacles thrown at it and a road to forgiveness and restoration. You need to order a copy right away.