Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, February 29, 2016

Dreamspell by Tamara Leigh

My review today is on the Medieval Time Travel Romance, Dreamspell.  I loved this book. I must warn you though it is very difficult to put this book down once you start it, so beware. This like all of Tamara's book is well written, humorous, but filled with twists and turns. The characters are intriguing and hard to let go of. I especially enjoyed the way she ended the book.

Kennedy Plain is a Sleep Disorder Specialist. She is working with a veteran, MacArthur Crosley who claims to travel through time when he is in a deep sleep depravation state. He assures her that when in the fourteenth century he has the use of his legs and is healthy and strong. He gives her a book  with the story of an evil earl and claims that his travel changes the outcome of the story  but her research subject soon dies. Kennedy has been diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor and decides she will become her next subject, so in a state of sleep depravation she is sent back to the fourteenth century as Lady Lark. She keeps telling herself it is but a dream.

Baron Fulke Wynland has been given guardianship of his young nephews at the death of their father the Earl of Sinwell. Rumor has it that Fulke killed his brother that he might become the next earl but the king gave him guardianship anyway. An Arthur Cosley is sent to care for the boys but he abducts the boys to keep them away from their uncle. Then the king sends a woman believed to be his mistress to care for the boys and to marry the earl, a Lady Lark. Fulke is intrigued by this woman even though he is repelled by what she stands for.

A wonderful journey of two people each full of doubts and distrust yet drawn to each other. As Kennedy returns back and forth the original story alters and she finds herself believing the man she has come to love. Can she prove his innocent before she dies and is unable to return. A great read that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Instant Frontier Family by Regina Scott

My review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, Instant Frontier Family. This is one of the Frontier Bachelors Series. I have really enjoyed this series and especially this one. This story is well written, humorous, and heartwarming. I love the faith that is woven into the entire story. Regina is a great author. The characters in all this series have been intriguing especially Maddie.

Maddie O'Rourke was orphaned in New York. She had two leave her brother and sister so she could travel to Seattle with the Mercer Belles to make a life for the three of them. Doing laundry for the men in town and trying to open a bakery she now has saved enough to send for the kids. She included enough money to pay for a woman to chaperon the kids and work for her once they got there.

Michael Haggerty was in trouble in New York so his Aunt Sylvie sent him to escort the children. He had spent a lot of time with the children and had a real need to protect these two. A sister who would go off and leave the kids behind wasn't his idea of a good mother.

A journey to two people who have lived through a horrible life in the New York Tenements. Now that they were in the new world trouble seems to have followed them. Only God could help them survive the horror that was surrounding them and the other Irish living in Seattle. A great story! God has a plan for this little family. God has a plan for your life, all you have to do is trust in God and watch Him move. God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Frontier Hearts by Angelica Rose

 My review today is on A Mail Order Bride Romance, Frontier Hearts. I do like the mail order bride stories. I hope you are not tired of hearing about them. This story is well written, humorous, and heart warming. I know you will enjoy it very much

Calvin Summers sent an ad for a mail order bride. Cal is a simple rancher living with his sister. He receives a letter and writes back and forth with her. He finally asks her to come out and marry him. He and his sister fix up a room for her and are so excited.

Aaron Stump sent for a mail order bride. Aaron is the mayor; he dresses in the latest fashion, has servants that do his beck and call, and sees himself as the social leader of the town. His wife must be able to fit into that place of society.

Elizabeth Winn was born a southern belle but lost her husband, father, and brother in the Civil war. She has been living with her uncle but with no hope for the future she begins writing to a rancher. When he asks her to marry she catches a train and heads west.

The newspaper sent a message to Aaron that his wife is on the way so with a card with her name on it he walks up and introduces himself to Elizabeth

Cal is thrilled Elizabeth is coming. Cal goes to meet her but his least favorite person gets there before him. What a mess.

With two men wanting her hand in marriage Elizabeth isn't sure what to do. They finally agree that she will spend one day with each man. This is a great read. God has a plan for these people and it's quite humorous how it all works out. He has a plan for you too. Just trust Him and let Him move in your life.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Two Suitors for Alice by Angelica Rose

My review today is on the story Two Suitors for Alice. This is A Mail Order Bride Romance. I really enjoy Angelica's mail order bride stories and I'm sure you do too. This one is humorous, sweet, and well written.

Jack is a Forman for the railroad. His life is the same thing every day. He is so lonely and unhappy that he has got to the point he doesn't want to even get up in the morning.  Eugene, the railroad accountant suggests he send an ad to the paper and find a wife. Eugene helps him draw up the ad and sends it off.

Alice suffers from a broken heart. She was to be wed but then Edward broke it off to seek adventure and went to Boston. Unable to stand the shame and the pity in everyone's eyes she answers an ad in the paper. She knows that with the war just ending she wouldn't find a man to marry. Her father likes the idea of a marriage but is worried she will get out there and not have any options but to marry. He pays for a week in the hotel for both of them, a chaperone and a return ticket.

This couple is deeply attracted to each other but after they decide to marry Edward show up. Edward has every intention of taking her back to Boston with him. How could Jack compete with the well dressed man who had came after her?  A great read.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Plain Danger by Debby Giusti

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Plain Danger. This is one of the Military Investigations Series. I have really enjoyed this series. I come from a military family so I appreciate what the men and women of our military do for us. Debby's books are always awesome. This book is well written, full of action, and based on Christian faith. I appreciate the characters, although flawed they persevere. They will touch your heart.

Carrie York's father died and leaves her his home. The only problem is that her mother told her her father died in the war. Where was he all these years? He must have known about her or he wouldn't have put her in his will. Torn up by the situation she takes a leave from her position of a speech writer for a congressman and heads to the property to find some answers and to get the property ready for selling. When she arrives her father's dog find the body of a soldier in her back yard. Footstep follow her to the house and fear floods her heart.

Army Special Agent Tyler Zimmerman notices the flashing lights at the home next door. He walks over to see if he can help. What he finds is a dead soldier. Was he from the base where Tyler's assigned. He starts his own investigation since he appears to be one of his men. Tyler doesn't really trust Carrie because she works for the man that had killed his father, but it's obvious someone is out to kill Carrie too. He steps into the position of protector, can he keep her safe and find the killer?

Their journey is to find trust in each other, find a way to stay alive, and hopefully catch a killer. God has a plan and once they come to trust Him then He makes a way where there seems to be no way. God always has a plan for us. When we can trust God he will turn our lives around too. Nothing is to hard for God. Just give Him control and trust Him.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet by Carrie Turansky

My review today is on the second story in the novella Where Two Hearts Meet, Wherever Love Takes Us. I really enjoyed this book, most of our romance stories end with marriage and they all lived happily ever after but this story deals with a problem in a marriage. Is it worth saving? I liked the way Carrie handled the whole situation.

Tessa Malone is one of the partners of Sweet Something Teashop. Her and her sister have struggled to make it a promising business. Tessa's husband had tried a business of his own. His partner was a man Tessa didn't trust and now they have lost everything and are trying to rebuild their lives. Tessa no longer trust her husband and feels very insecure in her marriage.

Matt Malone is working in a job he hates. He struggles to repair his marriage but Tessa refuses to forgive him. Now his uncle has died and left him a lodge in Oregon. Tessa wants to sell and stay in Princeton but Matt sees it as a way to get out of the job he hates and make a fresh start.

Matt talks her into going to check out the lodge but while he sees all the possibilities she only sees the work, money that will go into it, and leaving her home and family. The kids fall in love with the place but Tessa refuses to move there. A struggle of a married couple that have let the cares of this world tear them apart. The devil tries to seduce these two and to keep them apart. BUT God has a plan! God always has a plan but we must get to the place where we will trust Him and choose His way. His way is always far greater than anything we could have ever hoped for. How about you? Have you let the cares of this world pull you a way from God and His plans for you. If you don't feel His presence I can assure you He didn't move, all you have to do is turn towards Him and He will intervene and get you out of your mess.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Where Two Hearts Meet by Carrie Turansky

My review today is on the novella, Where Two Hearts Meet. Today I'm reviewing the first story, Tea For Two. I enjoy Carrie's work and this is a good example of why. The story is well written an heartwarming. Faith is interwoven throughout like a tapestry. I'm sure you will enjoy the story.

Allison Bennent owns the Sweet  Something Teashop. The business is really struggling until an anonymous check comes in. She thinks it might have come from the guy next door that she is sort of dating. She is shocked to see her own true love has returned to town. Can she learn to live again with him so close?

Tyler Lawerence left Princeton six years ago, now he has returned to make things right with the only woman he has ever loved. 'Can he make it up to her for abandoning her? Will she forgive him? Can he win her back or is it to late?' He asks himself as he witnesses a kiss on her doorstep.

A great story of forgiveness and trust. God has a plan for these two and He will work it out if they will but trust Him. This is often the case in our own lives; if we can just trust Him to work it out for us, the end will be far greater than we have ever dreamed. " The Scripture says "Have Faith in God!" That is all we really need.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Navy Seal Security by Liz Johnson

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Navy Seal Security. This book is the fourth book in the Men of Valor. I don't know if you have read any of them but this series has been awesome. I really enjoy Liz's books and this is an excellent example of her work. This book is well written, action packed, and full of faith. I must confess I have a weak spot for military men especially special ops, (my son was Special Forces) so this book and the series is great as far as I'm concerned. The characters are complex but will steal your heart. I'm glad she brought back Luke.

Navy Seal Luke Dunham was seriously wounded. He is back in the States to recuperate.The doctors have told he might never return to his Seal team. Being a Seal is his whole life so he takes the advice of a fellow team member and goes to see a special physical therapist. She refuses to help him but after he saves her from an attack on her life, she agrees to help him while he protects her.

Mandy Berg is one of the best therapists around but she had fallen for one of her patients and it had almost destroyed her. She vowed that would never happen again so when the gorgeous Navy Seal came for help she refused him. She soon found out that someone was out to kill her and she turns to Luke for protection. Was the killer the ex-boyfriend, his wife, or an unhappy patient.

A journey of two people carrying a boatload of baggage. They must learn to trust each other and God.
God has a plan and when we can learn to trust Him he will deliver us out of our messes and create a future you never even dreamed of. God is so good. Don't let the devil eat you for lunch; as the scripture says, "have faith in God." He will turn your life around. God bless you all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mistaken Assassin by Cynthia Hickey

My review today is on the book Mistaken Assassin. This is Book One in the Overcoming Evil Series. This is an excellent example of Cythia's work; I do so appreciate the way she writes adventures and intrigues. This book is well written, action packed, and full of adventure. I know you will enjoy it. Especially her characters. I once had a severe seizure (allergy attack) when I came to I didn't know who I was or where I was for several hours. It was forty years ago but I still remember the trauma well. Now imagine loosing your memory for ten years then waking up with bits and pieces but knowing the life you are now leading is all a lie. This is what happens to Marilu.

Marilu Hutchin  wakes up in the middle of the night next to the man that had been her husband this last ten years only now she knows part of the truth. This man isn't her husband and her abusive marriage is a lie. Her husband had been killed in front of her eyes, she had been shot, and had wandered off. Who was this man? Would the other pieces of her memory return? She tries to keep it to herself but John Hoover knew she is remembering. In a violent struggle she brakes free and runs.

FBI Agent Brad Morrison is helping out a friend when Marilu comes charging into his life. She tells him she was the assassin that was hired to kill his twin brother but she was unable to kill him when she heard him practicing his sermon. She had accepted Christ as her Savior and had ran. That is what had caused the death of her husband. Brad is trying to find out who had killed his brother so he helps Mari escape from her husband and his attacks. How does he keep finding them?

Mari needs answers to all her questions about the holes that fill her memories, Brad needed answers about his twin brother's death, and John needed Mari dead. A journey of struggles for these people. Mari and Brad must learn to trust each other and to trust that God has a plan. Only He was going to get them out of this mess. God always has a plan for us; we might not face guns, assassins, and terrorists but we live in a war. God is our only hope out there. His plan is far greater than anything we ever imagined.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Choosing to Stay by Angelica Rose

My review today is on the Historical Romance, Choosing to Stay. This book is one of the Mail Order Bride Romance Series. I really enjoy mail order bride books so of course this is a no-brainer for me; I also really enjoy Angelica's work. This story is well written, humorous, and heartwarming. I know you will really enjoy it.

Susanna Crawly was born to a Quaker couple. Her father is a doctor and felt called to minister to the world. Her mother worked side by side with her husband and Susanna helped in any way she could but she didn't feel called to work beside them. In fact she didn't feel as if she belonged in this small town at all. She answers an ad in the paper and moves to Texas to become a mail order bride. She needed adventure.

Will Sotherly needed a wife. He had watched his Forman who married a mail order bride, they were very happy, he felt this might be the way to go. Unfortunately he failed to mention the fact that he had five young children that needed a mother to care for them. He marries her in town before he takes her home. Upon arriving the children all come running. then he mentions there will be no honeymoon because he has to leave on a cattle drive. He should only be gone a couple of weeks.

Thus starts the journey of two individuals that must learn to trust each other if they are to survive. Are there any more secrets that stand between them? They soon learn that God has brought them together and it's going to take all their trust and faith to get them through these trials.

God always has a plan for us. If we will just get out of His way and trust Him, He will do awesome things in your life. God bless you all.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Compromised Identity by Jodie Bailey

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Compromised Identity. I do enjoy Jodie's work and was thrilled when I received a copy of it. This an excellent example of her intrigues. This story is well written, fast paced, and action packed. I love the way she weaves her faith throughout the book like a tapestry.

Staff Sargent Jessica Dylan is a medic now assigned to First Brigade. She was discouraged that her unit had deployed without her. Her commander wants her to heal from the horrors of war. Jessica is attacked by a fellow female soldier. A man steppes in and rescues her. The next morning the same man showed up to rescue her a second. time. Who is this guy? Why does he know so much about her? How can she trust this stranger?

Staff Sargent Sean Turner is investigating Jessica. He was wounded and is recuperating during a surveillance mission. He believes a ring of cyberterrorist have been attacking military bases. As he investigates it's obvious that these terrorist are out to kill Jessica. Can he keep her safe? He failed the last woman he tried to protect will he fail again?

This is a journey of two broken individuals; each suffering from the effects of fighting a war. Sean had been tortured, suffering physically and emotionally; Jessica as a medic had seen many things that she was unable to forget in Afghanistan. Both of them are trying to prove they still have what it takes to be strong and courageous. God has a plan for these two, a plan to heal their wounds and give them a future they have never dreamed of. As they learn to trust God and each other they find the answers they seek. God has a plan for you also. Give Him control of your life and watch Him fix the mess you made of things. God bless you all and thank you for reading my blog.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Peacock Throne by Lisa Karon Richardson

My review today is on the Historical Novel, The Peacock Throne. I'm not sure if I've read any of Lisa's book before but I really enjoyed this one. This book is well written, full of adventure, and well researched. My only complaint would be that Lisa's vocabulary is much better than most of the young women who have come from public schools. They don't teach that any more. I know my granddaughters would have a hard time reading this book and the dictionary at the same time. (They are all in their twenties so you  might consider that in your next work.) I love the language that is in this story, she hasn't used any of our modern slang that sometimes slips into other's work. 

Lydia  Garrett is the vicar's daughter but upon her parents death she was sent to an uncle where she worked as a servant. Her uncle had been good to her even when his family hadn't, so when he is murdered she's determined to find justice for him. She goes to the home of the Earl of Danbury to talk to him about the murder. When he isn't home she tells the servant to come to her place to talk about the murder. She's sure he can help her in her search.

The Earl of Danbury is murdered in his own home. His son Anthony is going to find out what happened to his father and destroy the murderer for what he's done. He answers a request from a young woman stating she wanted to talk to him about the murder but when he arrive to the little coffee house he learns she is talking about a different murder but obviously they are related. When he cousin comes home drunk and attacks her the earl takes her home.They team up to find answers.

Agent of His Majesty's Intelligence Service Marcus Harting is investigating the murders and is led to  the new Earl of Danbury. He gives money and a new wardrobe to Lydia to spy on the earl. He's convinced he's the spy from France.

When this trio finds out about the Peacock Throne they set off on a journey to rival Indiana Jones. They soon find out they must learn to trust each other but when secrets are revealed trust is tried to the limit.
Trust is a big issue in our lives. We must do as the Bible says and Trust God. He has a plan for each of us and it is far greater than we have ever dreamed of. Jesus is the answer to all your problems.   

Monday, February 1, 2016

Three Times Bride by Terri Grace

My review today is on Three Times Bride by Terri Grace. This is one of the Mail Order Brides of Bridge Creek Series. I really enjoyed this book. It was well written, humorous, and heartwarming. I enjoy Terri's work very much.

Erin Hathaway eloped seven years ago. She thought she married the man of her dreams but he turned out to be a con-man and a gambler. He left her to face a man he owed money to; the man beat her, knocked her unconscious,  and set her home on fire. Erin lived with the fear he had violated her. Erin went home but her father refused to even talk to her. Edna a retired school teacher took her in to help her and her unborn child. Now Edna has died and left her an inheritance but she must go out west and live a year with the man who almost destroyed her to receive it. Upon arrival she attacks her husband and ends up in jail where she is forced to marry the man again.

Ross Eldridge went back to try to find his wife but the home where they had lived was burned to the ground. Her parents knew nothing of her whereabouts so he went out west a broken man. Six years later Edna showed up; she had found him through a PI and told him about his wife and son. Ross was engaged to another woman but was thrilled to find out about his wife and his son.

This is a very cute journey of two people very much in love but she isn't about to forgive him or trust him again. Trust is such an important thing when it comes to marriage so is forgiveness; for that matter life in general. We must trust in God and give him control of our lives. He has a plan for each of us and I is so much greater than anything we had hoped for. Give Him your heart and trust Him to take control and you will never be sorry.