Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Weeping Willows by B. J. Robinson

My book review today is a short story, Weeping Willows by B. J. Robinson. I haven't had a chance to read any of her work(except blog post) so I was glad I found it. I once lived in Mississippi for a year and fell in love with the whole southern thing, so I did enjoy the story. I also enjoyed what she wrote about how the whole idea was conceived in her childhood. It would have been nice if they were able to free the ghost though.

The story starts when Angela drives up to the old mansion, Weeping Willows. Brad had entered a contest to win a trip to Hawaii, all they had to do was stay in the haunted mansion longer than the other couple, Kevin and Molly. The trip will be perfect for their honeymoon.

Kevin meets them at the door with stories about the wife, Willow and how she killed her servant girl but in the process killed her own little daughter. On finding them dead Willow killed herself and still wanders the halls weeping. Her husband drinks himself to death and also wanders the hall way.

The first night Angela meets Willow, who want to be free but no one stays long enough to free them. Molly meets the husband, screaming loud enough to wake everyone in the house. Molly wants out of there right now. Kevin talks her into staying.

There is also a proper butler who tells of all the sordid past and then feeds them the same seafood jumbo that Willow had suppossedly poisoned her family with. He has put them in rooms on the thirteenth floor, except for Kevin.

It's quite the tale, very well written, and I know you'll enjoy it. I hope you all go get a copy. God bless you and have a great week.


  1. Glenda, I'm so glad you stumbled across this one and enjoyed it. Thanks so much for taking the time to review it. I'm honored to be included on your blog. Here is information if readers want to purchase Weeping Willows. It's available at
    Only 99 cents for a haunting tale set in Louisiana. A young couple tries to outlast another couple and survive a haunted mansion to win a honeymoon in Hawaii. Angela peeked out the window. “They’re beautiful. What are they?”
    “Beautiful and deadly if ingested.” Kevin stressed. “Oleander bushes.”
    Angela glanced out the window again. “They sure bloom beautiful flowers. It's hard to think something so pretty could be so deadly.”
    “Yes, their beauty is deceptive, like a woman.”
    When I was a little girl, Daddy was in the process of building my mother a home on an Angie, Louisiana red cliff. I remember standing on the edge and looking down into what was an abyss to me. Of course, I was small so perhaps that cliff wasn't as high as it appeared and the gulley may not have been as deep. This story was born out of that experience and the use of my writer's imagination. Daddy sold the house in Angie before he finished it and moved us to another part of Louisiana so Mom could be near her people. He knew he wouldn't be around much longer. We lost him when I was four on Christmas Day, so I have only my early childhood memories of Angie, Louisiana, which neighbored Bogalusa, Louisiana, and a paper mill we could smell when the wind blew. When the wind blew just right, we could still smell it all those miles away in our new Louisiana home. This is a contemporary short story set in Louisiana

  2. God bless you, Glenda, for reading and reviewing my book. BJ

  3. By the way, there will be a sequel to Weeping Willows, hopefully in February :) BJ

    1. I can't wait.I received the one you sent me I'll read it as soon as

  4. Hi Glenda,

    How is life for you? What have you been thinking about and learning lately? How is your manuscript going?

    Have a great week,
    jennifer Dougan

    1. Life is good. I have my own place now and I'm enjoying it greatly.I'M still trying to edit my work. I still love my books but I can't seem to get anyone to read them, Oh well. God bless you I hope God is doing great things in your life.