Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Day In Budapest by J.F. Penn

My book review today is on the book One Day in Budapest. I really enjoy the way J.F.Penn writes. Her stories take place all over the world and contain so much information about religious antiquities and artifacts. It always makes me want to go out and see the world. This one, although short and only lasting one day, is one of those stories. Isn't it wonderful that you can go anywhere and be involved in anything through books.

Morgan Sierra of the ARKANE is back. She still hasn't completely recovered from her injuries from the last story and is waiting for her partner to recuperate from his injuries, so she takes a short assignment. ARKANE is returning two precious artifacts to the Synagog in Budapest, an early painting by a Jewish-Hungarian artist and an antique Torah. Both were stolen from the Gold Train during World War II. Morgan volunteered for the mission in hopes of it bringing her closer to her Jewish father. Although she was brought up in Israel she had never embraced her fathers religion.

When Morgan arrives at the Synagog to meet with the Curator of the Museum, the Synagog is attacked.
A priest at the Basilica had been murdered and the Holy Hand of St Istvan has been stolen, the symbol of the Hungarian nation. A Star of David was painted in the priest blood at the Basilica and a message in Hebrew. A anti-Semitic group is out to destroy the Jewish people of the city.

Security Consultant Zoltan Fischer works with Morgan to find the Holy Hand and calm the terrorist threats to destroy the city. He leads her through another world where Jewish are hated and unrest has taken over the city. This is a fast moving, well written story. I love Morgan and was glad to read more about her. I recommend this book, it is a great intrigue.

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