Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, August 5, 2013

Harvest Time

My post today isn't a review, I'll go back to that on Wednesday. Right now I want to share with you how God is dealing with me about the laws of sowing and reaping. All my Christian life I have been taught about sowing and reaping, I am a tither and a giver, I give at least 20% of my income and then there are special things that come up when God tells me to give.

I had always been taught to give, and confess God's Word over it and that was all I needed to do but recently I got my hands on a set of tapes by Keith Moore about reaping.  Several years ago God ask him if reaping was automatic? Do we think we can sit back and God will do all the work? After all He makes are seed to grow, He brings the rains, He keeps the devourer from eating our seed, must He harvest it too?

I had never thought of it that way. The laws of sowing and reaping are told to us by the example of nature. Farmers don't plant the seeds and then forget about it when harvest time comes, no he is out there working and bring in his crop. Proverbs has a lot to say about a man who sleeps through his harvest and yet we do that all the time. I've been giving for over thirty five years and have just expected God to bless me. He has blessed me but I know I haven't received what I was meant to have because I haven't been active in reaping I have repented.

I now am asking the Holy Spirit to lead me each day, to show me where to go to help me be the best reaper this world has known. I am starting to see this work in my life. God is so good, He doesn't want us to flounder down here. He wants to be an active part of our lives. I just want to Praise Him for what He is doing in my life. Glory! Glory! Glory! If you want to hear these tapes they are free!
You can go to his web site and down load them today. I suggest you do that right away. God bless you all, have a great week.

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