Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

My review today is on the Christmas Collection Book 6, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas. I don't have the time to review each one of these stories but they are all great and I know you are going to love them.
Scrooge Falls in Love by Susette Williams
Charity Fletcher and Tate Stephens have a problem with the school Christmas play and his nephew playing Tiny Tim. Matthias is thrilled he has gotten the part but is very upset when he finds his uncle will be at the practices. Tate agrees to play Scrooge to keep everyone happy. 
Perfect Strangers by Sherry Chamblee
Emela Roberts returns home to care for her mother but her mother dies and leaves her twin brother and sister to a complete stranger, and actor no less. She will stay with them even if the man is gorgeous.
Dean Anderson is a successful actor, until his ex decides to destroy him for dumping her. He accepts the guardianship of the four year old twins as a great way to win his fans back. To bad their sister, Em isn't one of his fans.
Christmas at the Cactus Cafe by E.F. Kennedy
Anoinette (Toni) Nash owns the Cactus Cafe but she is about to close her door. There is no way to save the place. This is her last night. Toni is a widow with a small son. She has no idea what she will do now. Christmas eve brings in an older couple on the way to see family but a storm comes up and they are stranded.
Handsome cowboy Bill Hoffman looses control of his truck and trailer turns over and blocks the other cars in the parking lot so everyone must wait out the ice storm. They end up with two calves, a veterinarian, his wife covered in jewels, a robber with a bullet wound, and an old customer who loved her and her son. A crazy way to celebrate Christmas Eve.
Premieres & Paparazzi by Carol Moncado
Kevin Rogers is a lonely teacher. He goes on a date but she skips out on him. A beautiful woman tells him his date just took off with her food. The beauty ends up to be an actress who helps him with an ex-girlfriend. Things are looking up until an article threatens to ruin everything.
Actress Claire Cruz Cartwright is moving to Serenity Landing permanently. She is ready to settle down with a life outside of the Hollywood. A night in the emergency room, premiere of her new show, and a conversation that bares her soul changes everything. Can their new relationship survive the paparazzi and can they make it to Christmas?
A Recipe for Family by Lynette Sowell
Heather Lambert and Jason Finn share a seven-year-old daughter Jenna. Heather has raised her by herself. She’s managed to finish her degree and works as head of marketing for Lambert Farms. Jason Finn, Jenna’s father, moves back to town and wants to be a part of Jenna’s life. Just sending child support definitely wasn't enough and now he was going to have to court Heather all over again.
Gracie's Gift by Diane Lil Adams
Paramedic Simon Crabtree answers a 911 call and rescues Gracie's grandmother and saves her life.
Simon is seven years older than Gracie, but she becomes infatuated with the handsome young paramedic. She prays he will wait for her to grow up, but Simon marries someone else.
Gracie returns to her small town with a master’s degree and begins a career as a social worker. Gracie and Simon occasionally cross paths but God has a plan for these two?
Six great stories that will make your Christmas. God has a plan for you too. Turn your life over to Him and watch Him work in your life.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Loving the Horseman by Davalyn Spencer

My review today is on the Western Romance, Loving the Horseman. This is the first book in The Canon City Chronicles Series. I really enjoyed this book and I'm sure you will too. This story is well written, humorous, and heart warming. Faith is interwoven through out the entire story like a tapestry. I love that.
Annie Whitaker has been brought up by her aunt to be the perfect lady but that's not what Annie wanted. She moves with her father to Canon City, a young mining town to start up a mercantile for the miners. There is no place for them to live so they now live in a stall in the livery. She goes to the saloon and talks to the owner of the store to ask to live in the backroom of the mercantile and pay extra for it's getting very cold. Annie is pushed into the owner and felt that this was a serious mistake but he does agree leaving Annie very uncomfortable. Annie is angry with her father when he feeds a young cowboy and refuses to charge him, especially when she is so drawn to him. The man is hiding something.
Pastor Caleb Hutton left his church and rode west to work on a ranch. The woman he thought he loved chose another man.(a rich deacon member) How could he stand in the pulpit and look at them each week? When he goes to the ranch, there is no opening and he returns to Canon City. Mr. Whitaker helps him get a job at the livery and befriends him. Caleb is drawn to Annie and soon forgets all about the other woman. How can he tell her how he feels when he has nothing? Besides he is still running from God and how can he explain it to her.
A journey of two lost souls drawn together by God's own hand. God has a plan for these two, a good plan and not for evil. God has a plan for you too, give Him your heart, surrender control, and watch Him turn your life around.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Undercover Amish by Debby Giusti

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I did.
My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Undercover Amish. This is the second book in the Amish Protectors Series. I really enjoy Debby's work and this book is an excellent example. This book is well written, action packed, and full of faith. I know you are going to love this story.
Hannah Miller is returning to Willkommen to find out some answers about her mother's death and her sister's disappearance. She stops at a gas station and a man points to her and says she looks like the woman on TV. She looks at the TV to see her middle sister refuse to talk to the press and gets on a bus. Can she find Miriam and find out what has happened to her family. A man messed with her car at the station and she doesn't get far when the car over heats. A man from the station pulled over to help her offering her a ride to town, the man grabs her but she is able to run off into the woods. She hides in a deer stand in one of the trees. Exhausted she falls into a light sleep but is awoken by footsteps climbing the ladder.
Former police officer Lucas Grant rescues Hannah. Dressed as Amish, he tells her he is Amish in training. He convinces her to hide out in the Amish community as a Plain Woman. As he gets involved he finds out that the people after them were involved in the death of her mother and the disappearance of her sister. Can he protect her without getting lost in his old life again? Could these men be the same men who killed partner.
A great adventure of two brokenhearted souls searching for answers to their loss. God has a plan for these two, a good plan and not of evil. God has a plan for you too, just give Him your heart and turn over control and watch Him turn your life around.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Betrayed Birthright by Liz Shoaf

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Betrayed Birthright. This is Liz's first book with LIS but I must say this is an excellent story and I look forward to her next book. This story is well written, fast paced, and full of drama. Faith is interwoven through out the story and I know you are going to love it.
Widowed Abigail Mayfield moves to Texas with her guard dog to get a way from her stalker but when someone breaks into her house leaving a picture of her parents and a child she has never seen; she knows he has followed her. She can't figure out why someone would be after her. She's but a music teacher. After the sheriff rescues from a  snipers bullet she must depend on his help to save her.
Former FBI Agent Noah Galloway is now the sheriff of Blessing. Noah is a widower with a small son. He is determined to keep Abigail safe and find out the secret that is trying to destroy her. Can he do that without losing his heart to her? Can he risk causing his son to become an orphan?
This is journey of two broken hearts struggling to stay alive and find out the secret behind the killer. God has a plan for these two(three actually) a plan for good and not for evil. God has a plan for you too, a plan for a hope and a future all you have to do is trust Him and give Him your heart.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Amish Witness by Diane Burke

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, The Amish Witness. I always love Amish stories and this one was excellent. This story is well written, action packed and full of faith. I know you are going to love it.
Elizabeth Lapp was brought up Amish. When her best friend had to leave the community Elizabeth went with her. She just witnessed the murder of her friend and this time she runs home but the killer follows her. He attacks her in the barn and she is rescued by a neighbor. Thomas was the love of her life before she left the community. A man who is unable to forgive her.
Widower Thomas King helps the Lapp widow (Elizabeth's mamm) after her husband's death. He is shocked to find out that Elizabeth has returned home, he helps her from a man trying to kill her, and even though she betrayed him he vows to protect her. Since he has two small children he can't risk his heart to his first love but he will keep her alive.
A journey of reunited hearts that beat just for each other. A killer trying to destroy them and find the evidence Hannah left behind. God has a plan for these two; a plan for a hope and a future. God has a plan for you too, a good plan and not for evil. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Heaven Sent by Sherri Schoenborn Murray

My review today is on the Christmas Romance, Heaven Sent. This book takes place in 1965 and brought back a lot of old memories. I really enjoyed it. I remember my parents sitting around watching Lawrence Welk. The story is humorous, well written, and quite believable where the Seven Blocks of Granite are concerned. I know you are going to love it.
Isabelle Bucknell has been selected to attend a Christmas Choir in Silverton about twenty miles a way. She will live with the Cooper family for the next five weeks. Her boyfriend Albert doesn't want her to go, he gives her an awful proposal and promises if she goes he will put her engagement ring on some other girls finger before she comes home. It broke her heart but she goes anyway. She reads what he has written in her autograph book hoping for something sweet but its nothing memorable.
Pastor John Hugg has agreed to host the choir girls but soon realizes it is a way to find him a wife. The seven Granite Girls are praying, gossiping, and doing everything they can to set him up. He meets Isabelle at the grocery story while taking a widow of the church shopping. He is stunned by the woman and begins to flirt with her but the girl disappears. What did he say?
What was the man thinking? He was flirting with her in front of his wife. What kind of a town was this? Izz soon finds out that this is the pastor. What had she got her self into? John assures her he's not married. Attracted to him she assures everyone that she has a sort-of-boyfriend. She tells John she has loved Al since she was eight. She left out the part about being mad at him now. No one believes he's real until one of the Granite girls finds a secret post in her autograph book saying he loves her. Everyone in town knows about the note but Izz. John tells her about it now she's really confused.
Its a journey of one complication after another. You will wonder all through the story which man she will end up with and you will find yourself routing for both of them. You are going to enjoy the journey.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mail Order Bride: An Indian Bride by Leah Laurens

My review today is on the Western Romance Mail Order Bride: An Indian Bride. This is the next book in the in the Ackerman Saga. I have really enjoyed these books. There is still one unmarried Ackerman so I assume there will be another one soon. The book is well written and action packed. I know you will love it.
Biawacheeitchish is a member of the Crow Tribe. Her parents have died and her uncle has raised her and her three brothers. Now he is ill and her oldest brother is about to marry her off to their enemy as a peace offering. Bia runs off to Indiana to marry her best friend's brother. She hasn't mentioned that she is an Indian but his sisters don't seem to care what she is. She will be a good wife and she knows how to farm. The Blackfoot shouldn't find her here.
Tom Ackerman was badly injured in a farm accident. When he put an add in the paper for a wife he hoped that she would be able to help him and his brother in the fields. Tom tried but was unable to hold up his end of the work. He never dreamed Bia was an Indian. He refuses to marry her until his brother Henry throws a fit. He then takes her as his wife and the whole town turns against him. Has he made a terrible mistake?
A journey of two struggling cultures coming together when the whole world seems to be pulling them a part.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving Protector by Sharon Dunn

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Thanksgiving Protector. This is the first book in the series Texas Ranger Holidays. I always enjoy Sharon's work and this is an excellent example of her work. I know you are going to love it. This book is well written, action packed, and full of faith.
Border Patrol Agent Kylie Perry promised her informant that if anything should happen to her Kylie will raise her baby. Now her informant has been killed and Kylie finds herself with a baby to raise as she struggles to capture a drug kingpin. She soon finds that she and the baby have become targets of the killer and must rely on her partner to stay alive.
Texas Ranger Austin Rivers is a lone wolf. He's determined to live his life alone and under his own terms. He has been attracted to his partner in the task force that is after Rio Garcia for some time but will do nothing about it. Now as she has a child he vows to protect them with his life but can he keep his heart from wanting to become a part of this little family? He knows he's not father material.
A struggle of two lonely heartbroken individual drawn together while being targets of a ruthless killer. God has a plan for these two, a good plan and not for evil. God has a plan for you too. Give Him your heart and find out what He has in store for you.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Arise from the Dark Places by Connie Almony

My review today is on the novel Arise from Dark Places. This is book two in the series A Dark Forest Novel. I haven't read any of Connie's work before but I did really enjoy this book. It was quite different than most of the books I read. It is a modern day version of Sleeping Beauty. I know your going to love it. The story is well written, heart warming, and with a touch of intrigue.
Rebecca Copeland has been hiding from her family for years. Her parents were killed and she moved in with an aunt but as she is the heiress of great company, members of her family are trying to kill her. They were forced to move often and her name was changed with each move. Now she is returning the one place she had been happy and a man she has loved. When she goes to his home it is empty with no sign that anyone lives there. How can she find him. She walks back to town but is struck by a car
She's taken to the hospital but is in a deep coma.
Emanuel (Manny) had fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Ari. She was the only bright spot in his abusive world but she suddenly disappeared. He has come to faith through Ari and is trying to make a better life for himself. One of the things he really enjoys is going to the hospital and spending time with the kids. As there were no kids to talk to he is led to a woman in a coma. The nurse asks him to talk to her or read to her. It might help her come back. swollen and covered in cuts and bruises he can't see her face but she makes him think of Ari.
A journey of love, forgiveness, and of being reunited. You are going to love it.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Love at First Date by Susan Halter

My review today is on the romance Love At First Date. I really enjoyed the book I read a few weeks ago so I'm reading the first book in the series, Better Date Than Never. This book is well written, humorous, and heart warming. You are going to love it.
Ellen watched her mother go through one relationship after another so she has a plan. She signs up for a dating service, Detailed Dating to make sure she and any man she dated would be compatible. She narrows it down to two men but she didn't consider chemistry or sparks. She is dog sitting her best friends puppy when the dog eats something out of her purse and is choking. She runs to All Things Furry Vet's Clinic. A gorgeous man with dark grey eyes rescues the dog. Caught up in those eyes she signs the pup up for obedience classes.
Henry Holbrook III is an artist and is about to have a show at the art gallery in a few days. He has rescued a dog that was left out on the street and takes her to an obedience class. He rescues a beautiful woman's dog but he can't get Ellen out of his mind. He goes home and paints a picture of her for the show. He soon finds that she is into on line dating. He checks out her profile and finds she is way out of his league.
A really cute journey of love, maybe not compatible on paper but unable to live without each other.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cowboy Christmas Guardian by Dana Mentink

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Cowboy Christmas Guardian. This is the first book in the Gold County Cowboys Series. I really enjoy Dana's books and this is a great example of her work. I know you are going to love this one. This book is well written, action packed, and full of faith. I do like cowboys and their stories, although I don't really know many Christian cowboys around here.
Shelby Arroyo has come to town to assess her uncle's mineral rights in a gold mine. The problem is that the mine isn't on her uncle's ranch but a neighboring ranch. This rancher refuses to allow her access to the mine. Someone is trying to keep her from going in the mine. She is rescued by a cowboy who is against her family.
Barrett Thorn is a widower. His wife and child was killed by a drunk driver, an Arroyo. He has forgiven the boy who killed his wife but can't forgive his father who had let his son run wild.
He is shocked to find the man's niece in danger on his property. He rescues the girl and feels like he must help her even though she is his the niece of his enemy. A killer is trying to kill this beauty and keep her out of the mine.
A journey of trust and forgiveness for these two and their families. God has a plan for these two; a good plan and not for evil. God has a plan for you too. Give Him your heart and watch Him work in your life. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Secrets of the Egoles' Nest by Daniel B. Royer

My review today is on the Science Fiction book, Secrets of the Egoles' Nest. This is the first book in The Egoles' Science Fiction Series. Daniel asked me to read and review this book. I gladly agreed although it is not a genre that I commonly read. I did enjoy it. It's well written, colorful, and full of adventure. I know you are going to love it.
Aben Egole is a young boy who has been sheltered from the real world since his mother's disappearance when he was but four. He does attend school but he has a nanny who watched his every move. A young girl moves in next door and changes life. It turnes out she's a mystic who is to introduce Aben to the life he is destined to live. As his DNA is being transformed he encounters powers within himself that he never dreamed of.
Colonel Ivory Egole, Aben's father, is soon drawn into this new life and they are moved to another planet. The Colonel is promoted to General and has a young team of super beings to work with; they go throughout the universe in colorful, action packed adventures. Where they encounter Aben's mother who had to leave her family to protect them.
A journey of battles of good warring over evil. The evil, dangerous Imperial General Warnod is out to destroy the young team.