Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prophecy by J. F. Penn

My book review today is on the second book in An ARKANE Thriller,  Prophecy by J.F.Penn. This is one of the few books I actually bought, I have so many given to me to read and review, I seldom buy any. I liked the first book so much I had to have the second. The books deal with end of times prophecies and religious artifacts. I really liked the book although it was a little more graphic in some areas than the first book.

Morgan Sierra is back home in Oxford and bored with her situation. She has decided she needs the excitement of working for ARKANE. Her job isn't giving her enough challenge but before she can make that happen. She receives a call from a dear friend, Dinah Mizrahi, in Israel. There's something strange going on at the mental health facility, Ezra Institute, where she works. Two suicides have taken place and are linked to the end of times prophecies that Morgan studies. Dinah asked her to come and help her.

Upon her arrival, Dinah shows her the rooms where the two people lived. You could still see the faint outline of the pale horse of the end times on the wall of the one who died there. The other patient had a picture of the pale horse as he jump off the Western Wall. The picture of the pale horse is now used by the evil group known as Thanatos. Morgan asks about their medications and therapy. Dinah tells her they are on new meds from Zoebios and an audio therapy. As Morgan examines the headsets, they are attacked and the hospital wing is blown up. Morgan saves her friend but as the ambulance is about to pull out, she see that the man who attacked them is the paramedic. Having no choice she shoots the paramedic and is arrested for murder, she immediately call ARKANE.

Landing quickly in England, her former partner, Jake Timber meets her and takes her to headquarters. Where she becomes involved in mission to discover The Devil's Bible before Thanatos can get there hands on it. The search for this book begins an incredible journey for the two of them. Thanatos and Zoebios are connected an out to destroy a quarter of the human population. You are taken to places you never heard of and places I have no desire to go to. It was an intriguing book, with characters that were deeply flawed and in some cases possessed. Not a journey I would want to take.

As all good fiction good wins out over evil and just in time to send Morgan off to another religious crisis. An outstanding story line, characters bigger than life, dead bodies, old bones, blood and guts, what's not to like. You may purchase it at I hope you read it and enjoy it. God bless you all.

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