Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, August 2, 2013

Seal Under Siege by Liz Johnson

My book today is a Love Inspired Suspense Book. It's the second book in the Men of Valor Series. It was written by Liz Johnson. It's a well written book about the working of Navy Seals. I love the first book of the series and wasn't disappointed with this one. I love the books based on the military as I come from that kind of a background. The men and women are all heroes in my eyes. This story was fast paced, authentic, and hard to put down. I know you will all love it.

Staci Hayes is a prisoner in a Middle East cell. Navy Seal Tristan Sawyer comes to her rescue and she is brought back to San Diego end of mission, right? Not so, during her stay Staci over heard a plot to blow up a target in the USA. As her guard leaves the cell, a paper falls on the floor. Staci takes the paper and finds a map. She hides the map and brings it back to the States with her.

Staci is unable to get anyone to believe her story. Finally in an act of desperation she looks up the one man who she feels will believe her, a Seal named LT.

Tristian is not supposed to have anything to do with hostages that are rescued and brought back He can't believe that the girl found him. He does his best to try to get rid of her, even after she shows him the map. He follows her home and witnesses some one running her off the road. Later a bomb is found at her house. Her life is in danger, can he save her without losing his place on the team?

An awesome story, you need to run right out and find a copy. God bless you and have a great weekend.

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