Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Carpenter's Inheirtance by Laurie Alice Eakes

My book review today is on the Heartsong Presents book The carpenter's inheritance by Laurie Alice
Eakes. I really enjoyed this story. It's always great to read about women's struggles with the past concerning their occupations. We don't see a lot of that now but it is still a problem in some cultures. It's amazing what some women have had to endure when they were just following God's leading for their lives. We have come so far.

Lucinda Bell is called to be an attorney, she comes from a long line of them and just wants to keep the legacy going but in 1893, Virginia refuses to allow women to practice the law. Lucinda buys a dying practice in Loveland, Massachusetts. She is determined to prove herself qualified. She has great dreams of acceptance, friendship, and hopefully in time a husband and children but that's not what she finds. She finds few people will not have anything to do with her, several are trying to force her to leave town. Her office has been gutted before she arrives but is broken into on several occasions, she's then threatened and is eventually abducted.

Matthew Templin is the local carpenter. Lucinda hires him to fix her office. A quiet man with a less than desirable past, he finds papers that prove his parentage, so now has need of a lawyer. Matthew is drawn to the beautiful lawyer but knows there can be no future for them until his situation is resolved. There are men that want to keep his past hidden and will stop at nothing to  cover up the past.

It's a great story, well written and with intriguing characters. A must read. You may find it through Heartsong or on Amazon. God bless you all.

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  1. This story has quite a history, from being rejected by the same editor who bought it eight years later and a journey in-between, to me having to write it in 13 days. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Professional women's role in history has fascinated me for a long time.