Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, April 29, 2016

Code of Silence by Heather Woodhaven

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Code of Silence. I don't know about you but I'm very happy that Heather joined the LIS family. I really enjoy her books. This one is well written, action packed, and full of faith. I liked her characters; although flawed they struggle to overcome their background.

Gabriella Radcliffe is trying to deal with the death of her beloved mother when she is attacked and told she has twenty-four hours to hand over the evidence her mother had collected from the Mafia or her aunt would die. Gabriella wasn't aware that her own mother was the daughter of the notorious Mirabella Mafia Family. She was to show her home to an old friend in hopes he would buy it and renovate it but is forced to go with these thugs. Luke comes to help her but arrives as the men leave. She tried to make him leave too but when they enter the house it has been ransacked. He wants to call the police but that's not an option.

Luke McGuire was ready to go to Gabby's home for a tour but she doesn't come into his office but is seen arguing with two men and then taken away with them. He gets in his vehicle and goes to her ranch. When he arrives a black SUV is leaving She is obviously shaken as they go inside only to be attacked by another man. He takes their phones and keys and demands a tour of the property. How can Luke protect her from this new mafia guy? How do they survive a internal mafia war?

A great journey to find the hidden evidence and survive these mafia killers. They are drawn together as they search the panic room they lock themselves in and her mothers other favorite spots. God has a plan for these two and he will bring them through. God has a plan for you too. You must learn to trust Him and give Him control of you life and He will show you great and wondrous things to come.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Seaside Secrets by Dana Mentink

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Seaside Secrets. This is the second book in the Pacific Coast Private Eyes Series. I love Dana's work, she writes a great suspense novel. This one is well written, fast paced, and full of action I know you will enjoy it.

Navy Chaplain Angela Gallagher has returned home after a traumatized tour in Afghanistan. She has lost the ability to pray and minister to others. She is now working with her family's PI firm. She was to meet Tank Guzman, the twin brother of the man who died in her arms trying to protect her, on the Fisherman's Warf but he hasn't showed up. Instead she hears a woman talking to him on the phone. What was going on? She tried to talk to the woman but she only warned Angela to leave and not come back. The woman fled to her car and as Angela watch the car blew up.

Doctor Dan Blackwell has returned from Afghanistan. He is unable to practice surgery due to an injury to his hand, at least that's what he tells everyone including himself. He had witnessed the death of Angela body guard and knew she was suffering from PTSD because of it. Now she was under attack again could he help her and keep her safe?

A journey of two broken people struggling to find their way back to civilian life. Can they ever find the way back? Dan wants to help Angela find her way back to God knowing they have no future. God has a plan for these two, a plan much greater than they ever imagined. God has a plan for you too. You must give him the right to move in your life and bring about your future. It far greater than you have dreamed.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Protect and Serve by Terri Reed

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Protect and Serve. This book is the first book in the continuity series Rookie K-9 Unit. I love Terri's work, continuities, and K-9 stories so this one is a no-brainer for me. I loved every bit of it. I'm sure you will too. This book is well written, fast paced, and full of action.

Shane West has come to Desert Valley, Arizona to become a K-9 officer. After twelve weeks of training he is ready to return to his home town and the father he has never been able to please. Before the rookies receive their new assignments there is a murder of the lead dog trainer. He and his dog found one of the other trainers hiding in a bush, terrified. Could she be the killer?

Gina Perry has come to town to hide from her twin brother, Tim. Tim has a mental disorder; he had killed their father; she had turned him in, and now he was out to kill her. She was sure he had killed her boss. Could she convince Shane and the other officer that her brother was the killer and that she was innocent?

A journey of two broken people thrown into survival mode. Can they find the killer before he kills them? God has a plan for these two and it's much greater than anything they could imagine. God has a plan for you too. He will turn your life around. You just need to accept Him as your Lord and allow him to take control. Listen to Him and do what He tells you to do. It will be better than anything you ever dreamed of. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Bachelor's Homecoming by Karen Kirst

My review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, The Bachelor's Homecoming. This is one of the Smoky Mountain Matches. I have really enjoyed this series. Karen does an excellent job with these books. This story is well written, humorous, and heart warming, I know you will enjoy it too. Faith is woven in throughout the book. I like that!

Jane O'Malley is heart broken when her childhood friend, a man she adores, asks her sister to marry him and then flees when she said no. He didn't even tell her goodbye. When he returns two years later she finds that her feeling are even more intense than when he left. She has tried to forget her love for him, she even tried to marry another but nothing has worked.

Tom Leighton returns to Gatlinburg only to run into his childhood friend. Jane is fleeing from her wedding. He is shocked by how beautiful she has become. Tom has brought his young niece to raise. He asks Jane to watch her while he fixes up the ranch but Jane refuses. After his niece is hurt under an older woman's care she agrees to care for her. Jane soon takes over his thoughts but how can he prove to her and the town that is Jane he loves her not her older sister.

A journey of two one time friends trying to find their way in this new situation. Can they learn to trust each other? God has a plan for these two and as He draws them together it becomes much greater than they had ever dreamed. God has a plan for you too. If you can give Him control over your life I promise it will be much greater than anything you ever imagined.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Falling for the Enemy by Naomi Rawlings

My review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, Falling for the Enemy. I loved Naomi's first book, Sanctuary for a Lady so I was thrilled to get this one. I enjoyed reading about the French Revolution. This book is well written and you will love the characters. You need to get a copy.

Lord Gregory Halston feels responsible for his brothers capture by the French. He sets off with his valet to rescue him but the man in captivity with him is the Lord's enemy. He must rescue them both. Betrayed the four of them are left inside France with no way to get back to England. They capture a young French girl and promise to pay her to get them out. Gregory is drawn to the beauty but knows there is no future for him with a peasant.

Danielle Belander and her brother are on their way home. Serge goes off to find something to eat when she is captured by four Englishmen. They try to pressure her into taking them to the channel but she refuses. She discovers they are going to find her brother so she waits until they have him and they can sneak off. By that time she has compassion on Gregory's brother who has become very ill while in the dungeon so she finally agrees to help them.

A journey across France with a huge bounty on their heads. Can she get these men to safety?  Can she keep the Lord Westerfield alive when he is so ill? God has a plan for these two and it hasn't anything to do with him being a Lord and her being a peasant. God has a plan for you too. You must trust Him and give Him the right to move in your life and He will turn it all around.

Monday, April 18, 2016

More Than Gold by Terri Grace

My review today is on the first book of the Mail Order Brides Of Rainbow Mountain Series, More Than Gold. I liked this book very much and look forward to the other books in this series. I have always liked stories of the mail order brides or marriages of convenience. What a desperate situation to find your self into. This story is well written and heart warming.

Seth and Constance MacLeod are married. It's the happiest day in their lives but it soon comes to an end when Seth loses his job. Fearing for the future, Seth heads to Montana territory to find gold. He promises to only be gone a couple of weeks.

Constance has a really hard time being left behind but hopes for the best. As weeks passed by she becomes aware that she is expecting a child. Things become much harder for her as all of their savings is spent and there is no sign of her husband. Ladies from the church step up and help her as things become more than she can handle.

They both must learn to trust God through all the trials and tribulations. God has a plan. We to must learn to trust God through our trials. God has a great plan for us you just have to make Him your Lord and give Him the right to intervene in your situation. You will be amazed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Lady and the Mountain Man by Misty M. Beller

My review today is on the book, The Lady and the Mountain Man. This is book one in the Mountain Dreams Series. I'm not sure if I have ever read any of Misty's books but I really enjoyed this one. I like mail order bride stories and I really like mountain men so this was a great read for me. This book is well written, heart warming, and at times very humorous, I know you will enjoy it.

Heiress Leah Townsend over hears her fiancĂ©e's plot to kill her once their wedding take place as he had done with his first wife. He finds her outside he door and threatens her. Leah and Emily, her companion figure out a way for her to escape. Emily helps her pack. On her journey Leah finds a newspaper in her bag with an ad for a mail order bride in Montana. Leah is drawn to a rugged man on the train and on the ferry but ignores the feeling because of the mess she is already in.. When she arrives at St. Louis she tries to find work but discovered she has been followed. She send a telegram to the mail order bride ad saying she is coming. Upon landing in Montana she finds she has been robbed. A kindly old freighter  offers to take her to Abel Bryant. She arrives only to find out that he had been killed.

Gideon Bryant went out East to settle the estate of his diseased wife. As he returns home to Montana he is drawn to a beautiful city girl on the train and the ferry but refuses to act on it. He had married one city woman and that hadn't worked out, he wasn't about to make that mistake again.

A journey of two broken souls trying to survive the hardships of the Montana territory. God has a plan for these two and it's much greater than either of them had imagined. God is like that! He always has a plan and when we allow Him to take control we are amazed at what He does.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine

My review today is the futuristic thriller, Chasing Freedom. I haven't read any of Marina's work before but I really liked this one. This book is well written and could very easily happen if the Socialist running for office win this election. The story starts in the year 2040 and follows a group of teens through the next eighteen years. Although I really liked the book, it was in some ways very disturbing because of what is going on in our world today.

These teens; Julie, a girl with every advantage money could buy but a heart for the freedom that was lost, Randy, a computer geek that wants to win Julie and is willing to anything she wants of him, Joseph, who recently lost his sister because of the system, Daniel, a young artist who finds trouble anyway he turns, and Chris a young orphan that will do anything to protect his little sister, lead a rebellion to take back the basic freedom they have lost.

These teens manage to turn the world upside down with their technology. The government does everything in it's power to destroy these kids and the rebellion they lead. As I said before parts are disturbing when we see people that aren't allowed the freedoms that our men and women of the military fought so hard to give us the rights we now enjoy.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Sit Stay Love by Dana Mentink

My review today is on the book, Sit Stay Love. I love Dana's books but this one was different than most of her suspense, although there was some suspense. This book is delightful, well written, and I know you will really enjoy it. I really enjoyed her characters, especially Tippy.

Gina Palmer just lost her job as a substitute teacher and has broken up with her boyfriend. She misses Matthew, his son more than Bill. She loves children and teaching. Her cousin starts her as a dog sitter while she is forced to have minor surgery. She's not thrilled to be a dog sitter especially for this egotistical ball player. But she loves dogs. Tippy, an older dog is a joy to care for. Everyone loves the dog, except her new owner, and Tippy soon takes over twitter.

Cal Crawford is a professional ball player. He just lost his mother and is left with her dog. He wants no part of this distraction but this dog sitter turns out to be even more of a distraction than the dog. They seem to take over his life. When exactly did he lose control of his world?

A delightful, humorous story of a dog that takes over the lives of every one that comes in contact with her. God has a plan for these two people. They are forced to function with each other. Can Gina help to bring Cal back to his faith? God has a plan for you too. You just need to give Him control of what ever mess you have in your lives. He will turn your life around.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tucson Knights by Robert C. Mowry

My review today is on the historical novel, Tucson Knights. This is book 2 in The Stone Justice Series. I have really enjoyed this series and was very glad when I was asked to read and review this story. I enjoy Robert's work. The story is well written, full of adventure, and I know a great deal of research went into this work. I know you will enjoy it.

Parson Justice P. Stone has been called to Washington to visit President Lincoln. Abe has a mission for him in the Southwest. It seemed the Knights of the Golden Circle are trying to take over the South in an effort to help the confederacy to win the war. What can an old one-legged preacher do?

The parson is armed with a pocket full of letters from the president; one making him an active Colonel in the Union Army, another made him an Army Chaplain, and the third gave him unlimited requisition powers. A silver star was pinned under his vest making him a special US Marshal answering directly to the President.

Stone heads back to his beloved Southwest. He wants to reconnect with close friends and get a chance to become closer with his estranged son. He becomes aware of a plot to murder the new Governor. The Knights try to get him to join their cause but when he refuses he is watched night and day.

A hard journey fro a man of God trying to preach the Word and save the world at the same time. This book is a great read and I'm sure you will want to get a copy of it. I look forward to the next book of his adventures.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Rector by Michael Hicks Thompson

My review today is on The Rector, A Christian Murder Mystery. I haven't read any of Michael's work before but I enjoyed this book very much. This story is well written; the characters are complex but intriguing, and I found the book humorous and entertaining.

The story is written in the first person of Martha McRae. Martha is a widow in the small town of Solo, Mississippi in 1950. Armed with her newspaper, a boarding house, and an inquisitive mind, she becomes obsessed when Rector Baddour dies suddenly at a restaurant. She is sure that isn't natural for such a young man to die so suddenly of a heart attack. Rumor had it that the rector was having an affair with one of the ladies in the church. Could her husband be behind the rector's death? To investigate his murder could destroy one of the women in her Bible study.

The church asks for another rector but are told there isn't one available at this time, but one shows up shows up at her door. Rector Cain is an unusual man, and Martha catches him in one lie after another.
As they try to check out his appointment things begin to happen. Another mystery unfolds on her door step.

A journey of how evil can easily take over a town. Satan does everything in his power to destroy one church and its people. I think you will enjoy this book. Just remember God has a plan for each of us and if you will trust Him He will fight the battle for you.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Covert Cargo by Elizabeth Rees

My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Covert Cargo. This is the third book in the Navy Seal Defenders Series. I love stories about the special ops units in the military. I do love the Navy Seals. I come from a military background so they really speak to me. Human trafficking is very close to my heart so this book was a winner in all areas.This book is well written, action packed, and full of adventure. I also like the way Elizabeth weaves her faith throughout the story. I know you will want to read this book.

Beth Forrester is suffering from a broken heart. Her fiancee left her at the alter humiliating her beyond her ability to handle it. She has withdrawn from her home town and now lives in a remote lighthouse. She has only one elderly neighbor that she deals with. During a storm she finds a young boy and rescues him as a man tries to snatch him a way from her. She is later attacked.

Coast Guard Captain Dillon Randall, ex-Navy Seal is sent to the island to find leads on the human trafficking ring operating in this area. He is drawn to Beth and is determined to protect her as she becomes a target. Dillon is dealing with his own demons and keeps the fact he was a Seal from her but when she learns this fact she feels betrayed once again.

This is a great journey of two broken people trying to survive when their world blows up in their face. God has a plan to break this ring wide open, they just must trust God and each other. God has a plan for us too. We might not have people trying to kidnap or kill us but we are in a war. God knows exactly what you need and how to get it to you. Just give Him the control and watch him move in your behalf.