Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, March 30, 2015

I Have The Victory

Today is going to be different because I want to tell you about what has happened to me and some of my family. God is doing great things in my life and in my family. God is so good!

My church has started a Bible school it's called Christian Life Bible Institute and I've been attending it for over a year now and we have learned so much. The last few weeks we finished The Principles of Releasing Faith 101, which was a great blessing and I learned so much. Now we are on Pneumatology; which is the study of the Holy Spirit. What a great teaching it has been!

My Pastor is convinced that few Christians know who the Father is. Jesus came to show us the Father; who He is, what He wants from us, and what He has done for us. People don't have a relationship and that is what wants from us. To love Him, walk with Him in the cool of the evening, and to ask Him what to do about every decision we have to make. He wants to be a part of our lives, a Father. People don't know who Jesus is either. Yes, He is our Savior but He is so much more. If people really knew Him they wouldn't live like they do. Have you watched The Passion? Jesus did all that for us; He took those stripes so we wouldn't have to be sick, He paid the price, why do people pray if it's Your will? Of course it's His will that why he took those stripes, why He died on a cross for us.

The Holy Spirit is also a being, a part of the Godhead. He isn't an it! He has a personality, He has  emotions, He has a will, and He is sensitive and He can be grieved. I have so enjoyed this class, next week will be the end of this class and I'll hate to see it end but this last week we had a mini course by a guest speaker and that's what I want to share right now. The mini course started Wednesday night and ended Saturday. It was awesome we learned so much. During this time my daughter has been blessed in a mighty way. She and her husband has been praying for a home, They live in a HUD house because there weren't any other homes to rent when we moved here. Because of Obama's new laws the house they now live in will soon double in rent. Which is a ridiculous amount for such a house. They were told about it last fall and they have been looking ever since but there just isn't anything available here. They looked at a house but it was going to take a lot of work. Things they would have to hire done.
Wednesday her employer called and told her about a house that just came on the market that day, Thursday they looked at it, Friday morning they made a bid, and Friday afternoon they signed the contract. If that's not a God thing I don't know what is. The best thing is that it is everything she had wanted and even more.

A week ago on Sunday I was told that someone was giving me a car. I have been praying for one for two years and now God has given me one at no cost to me. Praise God! On Saturday the series ended and then the speaker laid hands on us to receive what the Spirit wanted to impart to us. I must confess that I was kind of disappointed because when he laid hands on me he imparted boldness. I do need boldness but I was hoping for more. There were so many marvelous blessings, Word of Wisdom, and Prophecies given. My daughter was truly blessed as were most. After the service one of the men came to my daughter and gave her a Word from God; he told her her house was paid for and that she needed to declare it. She did so but one of the other women said she was going to claim that Word and she declared it too. I told them I wanted to have my own home and off of Social Security. The man rebuked me and asked what I plan to do to make that happen. I was crushed; I have been obedient to God, I written the books He has given me, I have published them as ebooks and have asked Him what else I could do. I have asked Him what I need to do to be blessed and what was causing me fail. I went home and repented for being upset, then spent most of the night praying, and seeking God.

Sunday I fasted, (I even gave up my coffee) we have a prayer core that meets each Sunday before the service and I was praying when that same man came and told me he had a word for me. He told me he knew he had been hard on me the day before and that God had given him a Word for me. God said 'that I needed to stop seeing myself as a victim. I had the victory! God said that I know I have faith, I know how to use it and how to receive it but I must see myself as victorious.' That really ministered to me as I tend to expect things to be harder for me than others and for things to go wrong. It is such a blessing to find out that hidden in my heart was the problem that has been holding me back. Praise God!

How about you? Do you know God in an intimate way? What about Jesus? Do you even know that the Holy Spirit exists or that He is inside of you to teach, to lead, and guide you in the way God wants you to go? If not I suggest, 7 Vital Steps to Receive the Holy Spirit by Kenneth E. Hagin.

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