Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, March 13, 2015

Health Food Devotions by Kenneth E. Hagin

My book review today is on the devotional book, Health Food Devotions.This book was given to me by my Pastor last October at a banquet for the Helps Ministry. I have gotten so much revelation from this book and I just have to share it with my followers.

Last winter I fought a battle with Shingles. It went deep with in me and I developed digestive problems. There came a time when I wasn't sure if I would survive it. and really didn't want too. It was by far the worse battle I have encountered and it has been a long struggle to get back what the devil stole from me.

In my mind I knew that God healed. Jesus bore my pain and sickness so that I don't have to but it so easy to question when something like that happens. This book has fortified my mind and my heart on God's provision for healing. It's His will for all of His children to be prosperous, and be in good health. III John 2. We seem unable to believe that God wants us well. He made a way for people to be healed in the old covenant and how much more is our new covenant.

Here is a quote from today, "Our faith isn't founded on what man says, but on what God says. In Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8:17, and I Peter 2:24, God says it's His will for all to be well. So don't question that healing is the will of God. I have found again and again in my dealings with people that the majority of people are hung up on this issue of whether or not it's God will to heal them Even though they're seeking healing and want to be healed, they're not really sure if it's God's will. Something lurks in the back of their minds that was probably a religious teaching. Even though they may have seen others receive their healing, they still aren't sure that healing is for them."

How many of us fall into this category? God is not trying to teach you something! If He wants to teach us He uses the Word and His Spirit. He showed you His will when He sent Jesus. Jesus did all that He is going to do but it is up to us to take it. It's just like the gift of salvation; you have to receive it, take it, and believe it is for me. Healing is the same way. You just take it, even though some times it take a while for it to manifest, it's still true. Jesus went through all of the pain and suffering so we don't have too. I hope this post helps you as much as it has helped me. I have been set free and you can be too. God bless you all.

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