Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Amish Man of Ice Mountain by Kelly Long

My book review today is on the book, An Amish Man of Ice Mountain.This book is the next book in the Ice Mountain Series it was sent to me by Kensington Publishing Corp. as an advance reader. I love being a little part of their team and give them my honest opinion of the books they send me.

I love Amish books,especially those that are not cookie cutter stories. Kelly's books are just that. Her books are different than most books but they are funny, adventurous, and heart warming. Most Amish books portray their men as staid, unfeeling, and harsh but the man in this book is broken yet gentle and loving. I wish I could find a man so caring. Of course faith in the Lord is a big part of Kelly's work.

Priscilla Allen is a broken woman, she is running from an abusive ex-husband who is trying to kill her and take their daughter away. She and her daughter, Holly are living in a car while she works as a waitress for mere pennies in a small town by the oil rigs. Her first day she takes towels up to a room and sees a huge almost naked man standing in the door. He grabs the towels and slams the door in her face. She was left shaken but soon this man apologizes and starts inserting himself into her life. He takes them food to the car, takes them fishing, and takes them out on adventures. He then takes them home to Ice Mountain where they will be safe and he can protect them.

Joesph King was abused as a young teen, the woman had seduced him and forced him into an ungodly alliance, leaving him feeling unclean and unholy, now seven years later he lives with that horror and has decided he was unworthy of marriage and a family so he followed his younger brother to the oil rigs to try to keep him out of trouble. That first day when he meets Priscilla brought back the life he had once been forced into but he vowed to help the young family especially when he sees the hopelessness that hides in her eyes. He makes sure they have food to eat and brings them to his room when a bad storm hits and he can hear Hollie screaming in fear. Finally he takes them back to his home so that he can be there for them and his family can care for them. But the bishop writes a letter to her father to tell them where she is and that she's safe unknowing that he would tell her ex-husband.

A great journey of two broken and abused people trying to find God's plan for there life. A must read! This book is not yet out but can be pre-ordered and is well worth the wait. It will bless you.

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