Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, March 2, 2012

End Times

This week has been one of the strangest weeks I have had in my sixty-six years. We had to take my son-in-law to Kearney the first part of the week. When we left  home it was a beautiful spring day. We had birds singing, even the trees are budding. In Kearney it began to rain just like a spring day is suppose to right. It smelled wonderful and is so much better than snow and ice. When we left Kearney it was really windy but the rain had stopped. Praise God! We could see clouds rolling around in the sky but with such high wind we weren't worried.
We had no more than walked into the house when it began to snow.

The next day was absolutely beautiful. Such a blessing and all the snow disappeared. The next day was my daughter's twenty-fifth anniversary. They decided to go to Kearney for dinner and a movie. They left at about
eleven. It was another beautiful day, it was in the sixties. They went out to eat but by the time they finished their meal, the sky was beginning to roll again. They decided to forget the movie and just come home.

With Kellie and Scott gone that left us with one car. Jeremy had taken the other car to work. He is the maintenance man at McDonald's. They have an inspection coming up so he was to work on cleaning the parking lot. It began to rain, it poured, washing away the parking lot. They sent him home because he was just playing in the puddles. (there was nothing else to do outside)He came home early but the rain had stopped. Paul had to leave to go to work at four so we decided to let him take the car. We heard a terrible noise and looked out, it was pouring again, you could hardly see across the street. Jeremy had left the window open so he ran out.

Schanae came home just then and told us she had to were a ball gown to her music concert that night. She was soaked.) Then the hail came. It was horrible, I have never seen such hail. It wasn't large but we had so much. Two hours later there were still drifts of hail. I mean drifts. I couldn't believe it. Going to the program it was so slick. That night it snowed. we woke up to several inches.

The next day we had tornadoes in February. That is really hard to believe. The Bible talks about signs in the heavens that will usher in the end times, can anyone not believe that this is a sign? Every time I hear someone say we have never seen this before you kind of cringe. God is good and He hasn't given us a spirit of fear. What do you see happening?

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