Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, March 12, 2012


I want to update everyone on my son-in-law's surgery. Last week we were to take him to Kearney on Monday for surgery. I was planning on going with my daughter. (she doesn't like driving in cities.) On Sunday our Blazer had a blinking like showing a problem with the alternator. We had just had to replace it twice so they couldn't drive it. My son-in-law is a really big guy and he is not really comfortable in our other car. I ended up having to work and was unable to go with them, but Kellie took the little Buick and drove there anyway. When they arrived they were told they that they had run out of the tubing that was needed for the kind of cataract he had.  They told them it would be at least a week. He was so discouraged.

Two years ago he was scheduled to have surgery and they had to cancel because their table wasn't able to hold his weight level. He had gone into a major depression. His health had deteriorated a great deal in this last two years. Now he was facing another disappointment, Kellie led them both in prayer about the situation and before they had arrived at home (it is a little over an hour away but they had stopped to get something to eat) they called and told him they would take him in the morning. A real Praise God!

I took the Blazer to work knowing it might not get me home but I didn't think I could manage to walk to work, be on my feet for hours, and then walk home. I didn't have any problems, another Praise God. Scott's mom came and they took her car Tuesday. Kellie still had to drive, I had to work and Scott's mom doesn't like to drive in Kearney either.

Scott's surgery went well. It took them longer than normal. The doctor said the cataract was like leather and was difficult to remove. They need to remove the other one as soon as possible.

My grandson took the Blazer to work so that I wouldn't be left stranded. He came home on his break and told me that the Blazer was working fine. The light was no longer flashing and everything was working fine. I asked him what he thought was going on. He said, "You prayed didn't you, it worked." Sometimes to hear them say something like that takes your breath away. He does listen after all. God is good.

Well that is your update. we go back on Friday and they will set him up for his next surgery. He is like a new man. He is so thrilled with being able to see something, he has been working on the cars and he even made dinner a couple of times last week. Which really helped me when I have to work. We are all thrilled and Praising God. How are things going for you? Is God moving in your life?  


  1. Glenda: I read several "Praise the Lord" messages in this. I can only echo the thought.

  2. Thank you for your comment, yes their are several "Praise the Lord" in there. God is so good all the time. Thanks for following my blog, I do so appreciate you.