Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's start the year right

A couple of days ago I read a blog from a woman trying to understand a horrendous tragedy done to a small child by her babysitter. It's really hard to try to understand this world we live in today. We are at the end of the last days. As Christians we are aware of that fact. We need to be aware that the devil also knows that fact and is doing everything he can to do as much destruction to this world that he can before his time is up. He will use everyone that will listen to him. We allow his corruption into our homes daily. The movies, games, and yes even books are full of his devises to destroy us. We are made in God's image and he hates us for that.

I am not trying to judge anyone here but God has put it in my heart to share what He has been dealing with me about. This is a time when you must be led by the Holy Spirit. He knows what is going to happen in your life this day. His job is to lead you , to guide you, and to protect you, but He can't do that if you don't listen to Him. What would have happened to the Families of Israel if they had not put the blood over their door posts? If they hadn't believed Moses or just didn't have the time? Our lives depend on what we learn from the Spirit of God. We might think that nothing like that can happen to me but that just isn't true.

As Christians it is our duty to spend time in prayer. We must have a relationship with God! I have heard wonderful testimonies about how God told someone to stay home instead of going to work the day of 9/11. Soldiers that listened to God and were miraculously saved from injury. Families that were stopped from going on, who stopped for the night only to find out later they missed a huge accident.

We need to be in prayer before we ever get out of bed. We need to spend time with God. He is a really smart guy. We need to stop praying give me, give me, give me and ask God what He needs me to do today. We need to have a conversation with God. A conversation is a two way street. We need to listen! God knows what is going to happen to you and your family this day. LISTEN!

Pray with and for your kids and your spouse before they leave the house. That is your job. Bless them. You don't know when the next Combine Incident might happen or a postal worker might go beserk. Life is short but we don't want to lose any time with our loved ones that we could save. Don't live in fear, that only ties God's hands, live in obedience.

What is God dealing with you about this next year? This is going to be a year of intercession for me. I'm starting off this year in fasting and prayer. This will be my best year ever! I believe that with all my heart. I pray it will be your best one ever too.

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