Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Day of Highs and Lows.

My journey to publication took on several highs and lows today. I was on Seekerville and saw where Ramona
Richards was there guest speaker. I enjoyed her post very much.  In her post she offered to receive query letters from unpublished authors.  I was thrilled. I prepared three queries on my manuscripts and sent them in. A serious high.

I drove to town to find a copy of "Heaven is for Real" to give to a new acquaintance to invite her to our event at our church. (Todd Burpo is speaking Friday night) Could I find that book in town anywhere? (We no longer have a book store here) No! A serious low! I did give her an invitation though. I went to our community college to see if I could find out about any on-line creative writing classes and about any grants.
Was there anything I could take? No! Any classes on police work, forensics, or criminal justice? No! Serious low!

I had an email from Ramona when I returned. I received a rejection for my first book. it was 25,000 words to short. A serious low. It was my testimony. I received a notice that I had won a free book from Victoria Burks. A serious high, I love her books. I received another email from Ramona. She liked Little Girl Taken but she already has several books on human trafficking about to be released. Serious Low!  She did tell me to send a query next year if I hadn't found a publisher. (That good right?)  Her next email said she really liked my "Hidden Memories" but it was about 15,000 words to short. Would I consider expanding it? Serious high!  Would I send a book proposal? Serious low! I have no idea how to write a proposal!  I will write one though. I can assure you I will learn how to do that and quickly.

So my journey has been eventful today. How has your journey gone today?  I had asked God to use me and guide me. I'm not sure I did what I was suppose to. It sure didn't go the way I thought if would. My journey continues.

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