Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heaven is for Real

Well tomorrow is our big day. We have been preparing for months for this. We are a small church of an average of fifty people. Tomorrow night we are expecting around six hundred.  Todd Burpo is a New York Best Seller and has been on some of the big name shows on TV, including Today, Good Morning America, The Early Show, 700 Club, Praise the Lord, Fox news, Marlyn Hickey, and all kinds of talk shows.

His PR people say that thousand have shown up for his meetings. To deal with the crowds we will be having two services; one a 6 pm and one at 8 pm. Everyone that attends the church is involved in the meetings; greeters ushers, video workers, sound systems workers, computer programmers, ect.  We will start working at four and will be there until well after midnight.

My granddaughter and I took cookies and candy to all our neighborhood with invitations to come.  We really want people to be saved.  We live in a huge county. A poll shows that over six thousand people in our county that do not attend any church. We have claimed thousand six thousand souls.  For tomorrow we claim two hundred souls.  We have sown for that number, we have prayed for that number, and we believe for that number.  God's heart is for the lost and I know he is pleased that we are reaching out to the lost.

This year has been a year of miracles for our church.  We had been told that we couldn't update anything in the church because of the electric capacity. We needed a new heating/ac system, needed video capabilities, ect. It was going to cost us a huge amount of money to get our electricity upgraded. It was impossible.  No way!

This year the city changed their electric cables that ran right by our church.  We were offered to upgrade our electric capacity for practically nothing.  It was a miracle.  We were able to get a new air conditioner/heating system. It is up and running.  We now have large screen TV in every room at the church.  We have a new web site where you can watch our services on video and we have hits from all over the world.  We were able to have our very first Mission Conference this fall.  We have just been able to replace our women tiny little bathroom for a new three stall bathroom that is simply beautiful.  It has been a glorious year and it is not over yet.

Tomorrow night will be another chance for God's glory to fill our sanctuary.  We are expecting miracles and expectation is the breeding ground for miracles.  I am expecting great things. His story is awesome.

What is God doing in your life? Do you expect great things?  Are you putting God in a box and not able to believe He can do anything to help you?  Please God deliver us from small thinking.

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