Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nebraska Game

Saturday was the Nebraska, Penn State ball game. I'm sure there are a lot of you who don't follow football but to me it was a great game. I'm sure every one has heard of the controversy at Penn State.  I posted how awesome it was to see my team and Penn State on their knees and I received a few negative posts. This is my thoughts and feeling about the whole event.

My prayer team at my church pray for the hidden evils in our world to be brought to the light. This I feel is one of those cases. The sexual abuse of these children has been going on for awhile but God brought it to light. I feel for those children and their families. I know what it feels like to have a child sexually abused. It is something you never really get over but God can heal them and turn their lives around.  Not only can God heal those children and their families but it is His desire that is why we have the need to pray for them.

Our coach, Bo Polini suggested that because of all the rioting that maybe Nebraskan shouldn't attend this game. Of course that wasn't going to happen but the rioting did end with the kids becoming more concerned with the events that actually took place.

Ron Brown, one of our coaches, said today on My Bridge Radio that he felt a need to pray for the school and for the kids and their families. One of the coaches from Penn State wanted to pray so they decided to take it public on the fifty yard line. They received permission from the head coaches and both team went out and prayed at the four minute mark.

Three of the four news commentators are Christians and made sure there were cameras  down on the field to catch the event. Coach Brown said that there was a reason that Nebraska was the team to play them after such a trauma to the school.  We were there for such a time as this. How awesome it was to watch both teams kneel together and pray, not once but twice. They prayed before the game but they prayed after the game too. We won the game but just barely but that was not the important thing. I was so thrilled with how my team handled the whole thing.

We live in a time when our own president says we are not a Christian country and does everything in his power to prove that. I live in a Christian Nation and I see people every day doing wonderful things to show the world that we do truly love the Lord our God and we will not be defeated. Nebraska's team is not perfect and we have struggled in this our first year in the Big Ten but we are doing some great things and it is more than just football.

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