Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

I just want to share my views of Veteran's Day.

I come from a military family.  My father, along with several of my mother's first cousins, joined the Army during World War II.  They served in Italy and other parts of the world that they would not talk about.  They was involved in the Korean War and Viet Nam. One of my cousins was a Green Beret in Viet Nam.  Dad was a career man, when the Air Force broke off from the Army my dad went with them.  He served faithfully for thirty years.  He was promoted to the highest rank available to him.

I have two brothers who were in the military.  My oldest brother Glenn joined the navy after his first year of college.  He made such high scores on his testing that they sent him to Purdue University.  He retired after twenty years as a Lt. Commander.  My youngest brother joined the National Guards while he was in college.  After college he quit the Army and went into the Navy.  He became a medic and served the Marines during Desert Storm.  He is now retired also.

My husband was in the Air Force and he served in Viet Nam.  He lost a lot of dear friends and comrades over there.  He was in the military police and was in the thick of things.

My son, Michael joined the Air Force at the age of seventeen.  It was the desire of his heart to join the Air Force.  He was in the Special Forces.  He served in Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.  He served on numerous tours.  He would still be over there if he hadn't contacted a cancerous tumor in his eye.  The radiation they treated it with caused him to lose the eyesight in that eye.  They forced him to retire early with a medical discharge.

My grandson, Michael McAlevy is in the Marines and is currently in Afghanistan at this moment.  You can see his picture on my facebook page.  I am very proud of the men in my family.  Our country is very important to all of us.  My family has fought for our religious freedoms and I pray for this nation daily.  I didn't get to serve but I stayed at home and kept my children safe but i do pray that I can do.  That is my job.
I pray for my President every day.  I don't (or try not to) say anything negative about him.  I pray that he renounces Islam and has a true Damascus Road Experience and is truly born again.

I love my country.  God chose Israel as His people.  He has led them through endless trials and tribulations but my country is the only nation ever that was founded on God's principles.  He chose them but we chose Him.  We formed a country so that we could love Him and serve Him no one else ever did that.  He has promised to remember that.  We have done a lot wrong and we have given power over to the wrong people but we are taking it back.  There are more people serving God today that ever before and we will make a difference. 

What do you think about our country?  Is there hope? Can we take it back?

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