Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, May 30, 2014

His Chosen Bride by Rhonda Gibson

My book review today is on the Love Inspired Historical, His Chosen Bride by Rhonda Gibson. This book is a very cute story where you will laugh at the antics of the characters but there are times when you will cry and your heart will go out to them in there sorrow.

Millie Hamilton is in trouble at home. Her controlling mother has made life unbearable for her but beyond that, she had an accident that caused a fire to burn down the home and business of her friend, so in desperation she answers a mail-order bride ad. On the tripe to Texas she decides that she doesn't want to marry a man and have him control her like her mother has. She stops along the way and earns enough money to pay the man back. She arrives six months later only to be met by her future groom, who has also decided he doesn't want to marry. Now she can chase her dream of an art gallery of her own,

Levi Westland and his brother Daniel are forced into a contest for the ranch by their mother. The first one to marry and give her a grandchild will inherit the ranch. Daniel is married and really wants the ranch while Levi has his own interests in town. His heart has been broken and he has no desire to marry ever. After Millie's arrival he assures her that he doesn't want a wife but his mother isn't to be beaten, she has three mail-order brides living with her and says he must marry one or Daniel will lose the ranch. The announcement of a coming grandchild doesn't change her mind. Now Levi is in a hard place, the woman he wants refuses to marry him but he can't bear to see his brother lose the ranch he loves.

A great journey of love , devotion, and redemption. I know you will love reading the book. Now have a glorious weekend and God bless you with all good things.

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