Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, June 2, 2014

Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard

My book review today is on Sandra Orchard's latest book in the  Port Aster Series. I received an advanced copy to read and review; I love Sandra work. This book wasn't a disappointment. Sandra does a great job in intrigues and the book is quite humorous at times. It is a hard book to put down.

Kate Adams is still reeling from the the death of Daisy, her research partner. (The first book in the series) Trying to move on with her life as they wait for the upcoming trial. She goes to the grocery store for her next door neighbor only to be held by security because the money was counterfeit. The police are called and she finds herself in the investigation with her favorite detective, Tom Parker. She has been staying away from him because of the trial that is still pending. She doesn't want to ruin his reputation by having his named linked to hers in this small town. How can she have a relationship with the man when she keeps being thrown into his cases?

Detective Tom Parker is frustrated with Kate. He wants a relationship with this woman and she won't even give him a second date. He answers a call at the grocery store only to find Kate holding three counterfeit bills. The small town has had an abnormal amount of counterfeit bills lately and it's his job to find out who's doing it.There is no way she can be the person he is searching for. He goes with her to her neighbor's to talk to the eighty year old. Could this sweet old lady be a counterfeiter or could it be her son?

As Kate sets out to prove her neighbor's innocence she is thrown into a journey of intrigue that is full of secrets, a past that she couldn't imagine, and pulls her into dangers that she never imagined. Could her budding relationship stand through the horrors they uncover.

A great read, you have to get a copy. Now God bless you all through this coming week.

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