Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, May 2, 2014

Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand

My review today is on the book, Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrand. This is the first book in The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill Series. I love this series! I read the second book first but now I will read it again. They are so delightful, you just have to run out and get a copy. I love Amish stories and Jennifer's are wonderful.

Anna and Felty Helmuth are in their eighties. They (Anna really)determine they're ready for a new adventure. Their ten children are all grown and doing well but someone must step up and find a wife for their grandson. He has been hurt and it's obvious he isn't going to go find one on his own. So they take things in their own hands.

Moses Zimmerman was once engaged but Barbara started distancing herself from the community and then from Moses. Moses loved her and promised to wait for her when she left the community and the church to try to find herself out in the world. It was suppose to be a couple of months, now after three years he still wrote to her faithfully and kept away from other women. His Mammi tells him of her plan and tells him his new wife is down in the basement. She sends him down to meet her.

Lia Shetler has been asked to come and work the summer for Anna and Felty. Thrilled to get away from her home and family she accepts the job. Lia's sister Rachel is the love of her fathers life. After almost dying twelve years earlier, (Lia's fault as far as their father was concerned) Rachel's parents have spent their lives giving her what ever she wanted. They called her the pretty one and Lia was the tall one. (not a good thing) Her parents have assured Lia that she will never marry because of her size. Lia was convinced that was true and had accepted it as fact.

When Lia went to the basement, she dropped a glass jar and cut herself trying to clean it up. Moses told her he would get the broom. When he came back carrying a first aid kit she was mortified. Moses stood a good five or six inches taller than her. He loved that she was tall but quickly assured her he didn't want a wife. She assured him that she wouldn't marry anyone so arrogant.

Then Lia makes the mistake of telling her family about Moses and her father decides Moses would be perfect for pretty little Rachel. (she had gone through all the boys in their community and found them wanting) Rachel goes to Huckleberry Hill determined to marry Moses. Moses wants no part of the spoiled selfish girl but to get Lia back he must be nice to her. So goes this wondrous and humorous journey of love and faith while trying to find God's plan for their lives.

This book, this series really is a must read, whether you are into the Amish or not. It is awesome. God bless you all and have a great weekend.


  1. Glenda,
    Thanks for a wonderful review. I am so glad you enjoyed Huckleberry Hill. It was so much fun to write. Anna and Felty are my heroes! :)

  2. I can't wait to read the next one. I love that couple.