Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, May 23, 2014

Being George Washington by Glenn Beck

My book review today is on the book, Being George Washington by Glenn Beck. I loved this book. It isn't anything you are going to read in history books. It is a true look into the life of a man that I have always highly respected. I knew our country was dedicated to God when the Puritans came to America but I didn't realize what a difficult war the revolution actually was. I have heard stories of George Washington and some of the difficulties the army went through. To think about what this man went through that we might have the freedom we have today and then to see the people throw it all away is heartbreaking.

These are stories you thought you knew about a man you thought you understood but these stories show you a man, General, and President that was indispensable. A man who will ever remain the man against who other men will be judged. I have to tell you it makes our politicians look really pathetic.

The book begins with the battle in July 9, 1755 on the banks of the Monogahela River and continues through the battles of the war, both the winning battles and the ones that were lost. George Washington himself said that if he had not been a witness to the Battle at Monogahela River he would not have believed it. Two horses were shot out from under him, three bullet holes were in his uniform, one went through his hat, all the enemy shooting at George and yet he remained touched. You will see hunger, sickness, nakedness, pain, and sorrow, and yet the troops remained true and faithful to their leader.

You will see how George led his army into every battle, not caring about himself or his welfare. A man who only wanted to live at home with his beloved wife and farm but a man called to serve his nation. These true stories will continue right up until his death. I know you will be amazed as I was.

This is a great read and one each American should read. God bless you over the holiday weekend. Stay safe and remember those who have past on before us.  

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