Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Unconventional Lady by Cynthia Hickey

My review today is on the Heartsong Presents Book, An Unconventional Lady by Cynthia Hickey. I think this might be the first book I read by Cynthia but I did enjoy it. I always enjoyed the books about the Harvey Girls. They had such a great concept of how to serve the passengers from the trains. We could use that kind of an institution today. She did a good job with that corporation.

Annie Rollins is a woman out of place. She longs to do great things, instead she is stuck in a small town on the edge of the Grand Canyon. She dreams of ways to make her mothers B&B thrive since the El Tovar Hotel has moved in next door but her mother won't take any risks. Annie dreams of leading tours down the Grand Canyon, that would help their business. She tries to get her mother to let her do it but her mother hires someone else. Because business is down her mother gets her a job as a Harvey Girl. Annie is very frustrated.

Dallas Baker is the youngest son of a rancher in Texas. There is no respect for him at home. He answers an ad in the newspaper and travels to Willians, Arizona to the Grand Canyon to make his way. Dallas is drawn to his bosses young daughter, even though he doesn't understand the way she dresses or her modern hair do. She isn't Dallas' idea of a lady but she is delightful. She has no desire to marry and settle down. He can't understand this attitude how can he change her mind.

It's a cute story that you will enjoy reading. These two struggle to understand that people don't fit into a box, that those differences can be what makes the heart soar.

God bless you all and have a great week. We are busy getting ready for my granddaughter's graduation. Such a great day. It's always hard to believe they could be that grown up.

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