Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Lazarus File by Donn E. Taylor

My book review today is on the book The Lazarus File: How Often Must an Undercover Agent Die in Order to Survive? by Donn E. Taylor. This book is a very well written and well researched work of fiction. It is fast paced and full of life threatening adventures. I enjoyed every minute of this book. I have never read any of Donn's book but I hope to change that soon.

A meeting of five men from the Agency explains how their agent has been murdered, he makes the third. There must be a security breach in their organization. They agree to put another agent deep undercover, it will be a long term assignment.With the new changes in policies they decide only a few would know this new agent identity.Dub Minden has a man that would be perfect but he was believed to be dead. There are good reasons why he would have accepted the assignment. While they are talking about it, Minden's secretary comes in to tell him the man is alive. They then name the case the Lazarus File.

Mark Daniel has lost everything he holds dear. He accepts the assignment with nothing to lose or care about. A year and a half later he is deep undercover with a drug lord named Paolo Guzman in Columbia. His name is now Carlos Ortiz, a dishonorably discharged veteran of Vietnam. Carlos is about to be introduced to a very important Cuban, when he is hijacked and taken into the mountains to bring an important person back to Medellin. Carlos know if he misses his interview his mission may be over but at gun point he flies into the mountains.

Sol Agueda de Roca is an elegant, beautiful woman. She is in danger of being kidnapped when Mark lands the plane in the mountains. Sol is the wife of a very rich and important man, but he has had a stroke and is in poor health.  Although thirty years younger than her husband she loves him very much but is somehow drawn to this pilot.

Kidnapping Sol would bring her attacker much ransom. After the foiled attempt, Mark flies her home and goes directly to his interview. He meets with Guzman and the Cuban Raul Tizon. They accept his excuses but don't trust him. They have three flights of guns they want him to fly int the mountains and three load of drugs to bring back.

Mark's life becomes entwined with Sol's as the story progresses. Both lives are in danger as Guzman, his brother, and Tizon set out to overthrow the country, while Sol's husband dies and his family tries to destroy her. Sol's faith is a matter of wonder to Mark. His wife had once had the calm peace that Sol exhibited but he didn't understand where it came from.

A powerful story of spies and national security, it is a must read. You may find this book on Amazon or Lighthouse Publications. Well God bless you all. 

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