Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Devil's Peak by Michael Wallace

My book review today is on the book The Devil's Peak by Michael Wallace. I recently review the fist book in this series, I was so caught up in the locked-in concept that I had to buy the second book. My great-grandfather, my grandmother, my uncle, and my mom all had Alzheimer's. I use to work at the nursing homes here in Broken Bow and I have been fascinated with the thought of; were they still in there somewhere. I am a strong Christian and so were my family. I know we are first a spirit, we have a mind and emotions, and we live in a body, so what happens when the body is unable to function? Is the mind still there? What about the spirit? If you are born again your spirit is still alive, where does it go, what happens to it? It's an intriguing  concept and I loved the way Michael handled it. This is not a Christan fiction book but it is amazing.

Walter Fitzroy is supposedly in a Permanent Vegetative State, at least that is his diagnosis. He's in a mental heath facility, actually suffering from the locked-in syndrome, unable to communicate to anyone but one other patient, who loves to torture him.

Darlene Trost is a psychopath. She was once in the military and can read Walter's Morse code eye movements. Jealous of her relationship with Walter, she hides his ability from everyone. If necessary she will kill to protect there relationship.The staff all think it's cute; Darlene and her boyfriend; kind of like an invisible friend. They don't see the abuse that she inflict on him day by day.

Wes Pilson and Becca Gull (Book one) come to Vanderzee Medical Clinic to test a woman who her family feel might be helped by the Locked-in Syndrome Foundation. Dr. Li runs the tests and they are all disappointed when there was no reaction to the tests. While they are packing up there equipment Dr. Li mentions there are many people who might be tested at this facility but there was hostility when they went before the board. He felt like they were hiding something or someone.

The book is about one man trying desperately to escape his prison, a woman trying desperately to use and abuse her Toad, a doctor trying to hide his greed and the evil deeds he has done, and a team of advocates who are trying to free one more man from his body's prison.

A truly excellent read, although there is some graphic violence. If you like thrillers, this book is for you. God bless you all, see you on Friday. 


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