Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Devi;s Deep by Michael Wallace

My book today is The Devil's Deep. I don't usually read secular books but somehow I picked this book up in my Kindle. For my followers this is not a Christian Fiction Book, There is some foul language, adult conduct, and some sexual encounters, although there is not much of any of these things. I did like the book. There was a  very good story line and I found the whole concept intriguing. The characters are awesome. You find yourself rooting for a man that is just a vegetable. How cool is that?

Rosa Solorio is an aide at Riverwood  Care Center. She notices that one of the patients, Chad Lett, is able to follow her even though the man was diagnosed brain dead. She is able to communicate with him and get a response. She tells the doctor but he doesn't seem to believe it. She decides to run off with the patient but disappears after the attempt.

Westley Pilson takes a job at Riverwood. His twin brother is a patient there and he believes Eric is being abused. Wes is a law student studying to be a medical advocate, so he takes some time off of school to make sure his brother safe. He replaces a woman, Rosa, from Costa Rica. She just walked off in the middle of her shift. A couple of her friends hear him speaking Spanish and try to find out if he knows what happened to Rosa.

The rest of the book is a journey to find out what happened to Chad and how the cover up changes the whole world for Wes and his family. A story of greed, manipulation, murder, and vengeance. I am very thankful that I don't have a family like these people. Maybe it is a good thing not to have a fortune because it causes men to do horrendous acts of violence. I love the way the book ended. I will have to read the next book, The Devil's Peak. You can find out more about Michael's  books at or get it from Amazon.  God bless you for reading my blog today.

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