Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Door by Lorilyn Roberts

My book review today in on the Young Adult Fantasy Seventh Dimension Book; The Door by Lorilyn Roberts. I was given a copy of this book and asked to do a review but what I write is my own opinion. I really enjoyed this book and I am sure your preteen, teen, or young adult will love this book too. My only criticism would be there are a few words that might be difficult for some kids but the story was great.

Fourteen year old Shale Snyder is having a difficult time. Two years ago there was an accident and she fell killing the neighbors puppy. He and one of her other supposed friends put a curse on her, that she would never have any friends. Now two years later it looked like the curse was working. Shale in an act of self defense attacks him. She is taken to the principle's office, her new step father is called in, and she is suspended from school.

Depressed and discouraged she sees a small, dirty, white dog. The dog calls her name and Shale follows the dog into the woods and through a door that leads to a magical garden. In the garden she meets a donkey named Baruch and a rabbit named Cherios. both of these animals can talk to her. They are forced to leave the garden are now entered into Israel two thousand years ago. There she meets her real father and his new wife, a mute step brother, a wonderful friend named Daniel, and several animal friends. There she also meets the King.

How awesome to go back in time and meet Jesus and the people of the Bible. I loved the concept and the story around it. I love the message and the biblical accuracy. I enjoyed Shale, she reminded me of my late daughter who suffered from bipolar disorder. She never felt like she fit in anywhere, Shale had this same feeling about herself. I enjoyed watching her change and grow.

I know you will enjoy this book or you can get it for you kids. It is for sale by Amazon.


  1. Thank you, Glenda, for featuring my book. I do think it would be awesome to go back in time and meet the King. That is actually how I did meet Jesus. I was about 12 and read the Gospel of Matthew. I imagined myself sitting on the mountain listening to Him speak and was awed by His love for people, and especially His love for children.

    I read in your profile that you raised your four children alone. I am a single mom also, by choice. I adopted my two children from Asia. As a single mom, I feel like Jesus is my husband:) and my children's father:)

    1. Thanks for sharing with me. I have considered Jesus my husband for the past thirty years and then on July 7th, 2011,on a mission trip to Ecuador I participated in an actual marriage ceremony. I have a marriage license and a wedding ring(made out of a nail)so it is official. Isaiah 55:5 For thy maker is thy husband, the Lord of Host is His name. God bless you.