Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Cowboy Target by Terri Reed

My book review today is the next Love Inspired Suspense Book in the series of Protection Specialists, The Cowboy Target by Terri Reed. I love Terri's books! This cowboy brought back a cowboy I once was madly in love with.(or at least I thought I was) Cowboys are great and we have a lot of them around here, unfortunately most of them are on the wild side and I don't know any who serve God.

Wyatt Monroe is a single dad, he has some serious issues he's dealing with and just wants to be left alone. His wife died several years ago, most of his neighbors believe he killed her, his father was an abusive drunk, his mother ran off and left them, his mother is now married to the sheriff, and now he is trying to raise a four year old daughter. He opens the door to his ranch and finds a dead body on his doorstep. Wyatt is being set up for the murder.

Jackie Blain is a bodyguard for Trent Associates in Boston. She was in law enforcement at one time and her uncle calls and asks her to come help his boss, Wyatt Monroe. She answers there plea for help and finds cowboy hunk that is really in trouble. A mining company is trying to buy mineral rights from Wyatt and free access across his land. His refusal is causing more problems with his neighbors, who are in financial trouble. Several threats and attempts on his life put Jackie in full bodyguard mode. Can she find the answers to her questions before they are able to destroy Wyatt?

I really enjoyed the book. I have really enjoyed this series. I love having the woman protecting the man especially in this case. Cowboys don't handle that well but Wyatt handles it better than most of the cowboys I know would. It was full of intriguing characters, subtle conflictions with family, and  dawning understanding and forgiveness. I love the faith that woven into the story. It was a great read and I know you will be thrilled with it. You can find more about the book at, please check it out. God bless you until Wednesday.


  1. Thank you Glenda, I'm so glad you enjoyed The Cowboy Target. These characters were fun to work with. Bless you!

    1. You are welcome, thanks for reading my work. God bless you.