Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, February 15, 2013

A shadow on the Land by Krystina Kercher

My book review today is a new series called Legend of Astarkand, A Shadow on the Land by Krystina Kercher. I received it from Amazon as a free book. (I love free books) This book is very different from the books I normally read but I enjoyed it very much. It is a fantasy version of King Saul and David's story. A man of God and a man running from God who has lost his anointing.

Bjorn Horsa is the prince destined to be the king. He and his twenty-five men are guests at the kings palace. There is something wrong and soon Bjorn and his men are thrown into the cellar as prisoners. Bjorn is sentenced to be beheaded. Bjorn and his men dig their way out of the cellar and are able to escape from the city. As he travels he tries to help the people who have been wronged by the foolish king and his men. The people love him and sing praised to the prince.

King Olaf has heard all about the prophecy. According to the prophecy Olaf must give his crown to Bjorn and step down. Olaf decides he's not going to do that. He will somehow stop the elfin god, Woden from destroying his country. He pursues Bjorn across country.

I liked the story as I said it was very different from what I normally read but she did a good job of creating this fantasy world, it was intriguing, although I sure wouldn't want to live there and I would really like to know what a fleuder is. I hope you go get a copy of this book. God bless you all.

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