Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, February 18, 2013

Like a Child

My post today isn't a book review, I would like to share a piece of my heart. If you follow me on facebook you might have seen my announcement that my grandson Jeremy asked Timarri Speer to be his wife, they are planning a wedding in July. I live with Jeremy's parents and we are very happy about the relationship. So it is now a busy time with wedding plans running rampant in our home.

Timarri has a little girl named Harmony. Her name is right on because she absolutely loves music. I babysit Harmony quite often, she's only eighteen months old and a real joy. I felt really bad for a while because they only gave her to me to put to sleep. It didn't take long until she had that figured out and didn't want much to do with me. I had to do something, right?

I introduced her to some of the movies on our DVR. One of the things I found she really loves is Piglet's Big Movie. It has songs in it too. I dug out my Winnie the Pooh stuff. (I have a bunch left from my grandson Cade) Now she has decided I'm her new best friend.

Jeremy, Timarri, and Harmony went on a short trip to South Dakota. They were only gone over night but it did seem longer. When they got back I was in my room, I had just got back from our Financial Peace University class and was changing clothes. Harmony came and got me by the hand and led me to my chair. She doesn't talk much so she pointed to my end table where the remote for the TV was. I picked up the remote and she climbed in my lap, laid her head on my shoulder, and sighed deeply. What do you do? I hugged her and turned on the movie.

We sat snuggled together most of the night. (I really need a new Pooh movie) and loved every minute but the thing I really want to share is that God told me that is what He likes too. He loves when I crawl into His lap and just snuggle with Him. We don't watch movies but we share everything. I love those times and so does He. Do you know Abba like that? You can have that kind of a relationship with Him. It really is what He wants from us. Seek Him with all your heart, He is just waiting for you. God bless you.


  1. a very dear entry. I can see this little toddler going up and taking you by the hand and leading you to your chair.

  2. Glenda! Congratulations to Jeremy!

    Jennifer Dougan