Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards

My book review today is on the book Memory of Murder by Ramona Richards. It is a Love Inspired Suspense for March. This book was an excellent read. It was fast paced and full of suspense and intrigue. I loved this book. You should run out and get a copy. I know you will enjoy it.

Lindsey Presley moves to a small town to be close to her sisters. The three Presley sisters were badly abused. The two oldest sisters left years ago and only Lindsey was left at home until her drunken father killed her mother and her brother. After years on foster care, she has forgiven her sisters and came to town to attend her sister's wedding. She stayed and opened her dream restaurant.

Deputy Jeff Gage worked with Lindsey's brothers-in-law.  He took Lindsey to the bank each night to do her nightly deposit but tonight there was something wrong. A vintage 1968 Pontiac GTO pulled into the parking lot. Jeff tried to get the young kid to leave but was attacked with a stun gun and Lindsey was taken. The second man told Jeff he had failed her, she was already dead.

Lindsey was use to being in bad situations and managed to get control, and caused an accident. This was just the beginning of the attacks against her. Were these men from her past? What could they want her dead for? She couldn't remember much about the last days before her mother's death, could this be related?

Lindsey's sisters came to her rescue to keep the restaurant open, but finally because of the strain on the small sheriff's department, they closed down the shop. Jeff was amazed at how Lindsey reacted to all the threats and injuries. How had she survived all the abuse from her past. His soul goal was to protect her.

This story is a story of evil men, filled with hatred and bitterness for years, trying to destroy a young woman, but God was there all the time to keep her safe. For Lindsey it is a journey of love, redemption, and forgiveness. For Jeff it is a journey to overcome the past and protect the woman he loves. I loved how Ramona weaves her faith into her story it is like a tapestry. I loved the book, you can find out more by going to, God bless you all. 


  1. Thanks, Glenda! I appreciate you sharing your review, and I'm honored you enjoyed the book. Blessings to you.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad you liked the review.