Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Monday, October 1, 2012

Vision for Victory

My post today is on what my pastor taught us yesterday. It was so good I want to share it with you. One of the things he shared with us was the scripture Psalms 119:164 "Seven times a day I will praise you, because of Your righteous judgements." To practice this scripture will change your life. I told you last week about how God told me there had been a change in the spiritual realm, God showed me praising God daily is what has made that change.

Joshua 6:1-5 Now Jericho was securely shut up because of the children of Israel; none went out, and none came in. And the Lord said to Joshua; "See! I have given Jericho into your hand, it's king, and the mighty men of valor. You shall march around the city, all you men of war; you shall go all around the city once. This shall you do six days. And seven priests shall bear trumpets of rams' horn, and when before the ark. But the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets. It shall come to pass, when they make a long blast with the rams' horn, and  when you hear the sound of the trumpet, that all people shall shout with a great shout; then the wall of the city will fall down flat. And the people shall go up every man straight before him." What is standing between you and the victory?

#1 You must have a vision. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Verse two said "See, I have given you." You must see it. you must have a vision. Ask God if you don't have a vision. He will give it to you.
#2 You need a strategy. How do you do it? What do I do? God has a strategy for you. Many times He gives us that strategy one step at a time. When it seems like God is silent, keep your eyes on the vision He has given you.

Genesis 13:14-18 And the Lord said to Abram after Lot had separated from him;."Lift your eyes no and look from the place where you are as far --northward, southward, eastward, and westward; for all this land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever. And I will give you so many descendants that like the dust of the earth; so that man could number the dust of the earth, then your descendant also could be numbered. Arise, and walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you. Then Abram moved his tent, and went and dwelt by the terebinth trees of Mamre, which are in Hebron, and built an altar there to the Lord."-

Lift up your eyes... All the land that you see... it's not what God sees, it's what you see... Rise Up! Don't wait for what God has for you, Take It! The name of the city Mamri, in the Greek, place city of prosperity. The name Hebron means place of fellowship. Your prosperity is linked to the fellowship! You will have to put somethings on the altar.

I hope this teaching blesses you as much as it blessed me. It really touched my heart. God bless you all today.

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  1. "Seven times a day I will praise you" -- wow, I have never noticed that number in there before. Curious! That grabs my attention tonight.

    Thanks, Glenda.

    Jennifer Dougan