Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Denied by Michael Rushnak

My post today is on the book Denied. I won a copy and promised Michael a review. I didn't promise a good review just an honest review. I do appreciate a copy of a book from a new author and I hadn't read any of Michael's books before. I will read more of his work. I found the story fascinating.

The story is about Cardinal Joesph Gallagher. A man of God secretly suffering from pyromania. His struggle to hide his mental illness. He asks his long time friend, Doctor Jonathan Rodgers, to help him right a wrong from his past.

Bishop Shuls is the Cardinals mentor and has been instrumental in his fast rise in the Catholic Church. He has managed to keep Gallagers mental condition hidden through out the years. He deeply resents Dr. Rodgers involvement in Church affairs.

Jonathan sets out to help his friend but does everything in his power to influence the Cardinal to get medical treatment. His journey to help his friend pulls in his daughter Ashley, a psychiatric nurse Beth, a patient Andrew Barrister and his sons, an ex- girlfriend of the Cardinal's, and a PI Panini.

Evil forces are out to stop their quest. The story is full of life threatening situations for each of these characters as the plot is revealed. The story is a book that is hard to set down. The characters are flawed but very intriguing. I know you will enjoy this book if you like action packed suspense.

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