Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dead Wrong by Susan Sleeman

My book review today is on the November Book of Love Inspired Suspense. Dead Wrong is the recent story of The Justice Agency. I love Susan Sleeman's books. This one is one of her best. I want stories to have a message, I want them to lead you to Jesus. These books might be the only Jesus they ever hear of. I know that it's hard to believe but I know girls who will read these books but would never go to a church. Susan does a wonderful job sharing her faith without turning people off.

Kat Justice is a PI and is hired to help her old college roommate, Nancy. Someone is following Nancy and she thinks it might have something to do with her twin brother's death. Nancy calls Kat to come over but when Kat gets there she find the lights are out at Nancy's home. Entering the house she find her friend has been killed. The man is still there. He threatens her and attempts to kill her.

Police Detective Mitch Elliot comes to her rescue. Mitch is a man she once cared for when she was on the police force but he had rejected her in front of all her peers. He was the last person she wants to help her.

Kat comes from an abusive home. She had seen her father beat her mother and finally kill her. No man would ever control her. She worries constantly about her loved ones be put in harms way.

Mitch allows Kat to be involved in the investigation but he is in control. Not what Kat wants or needs. Mitch has troubles of his own. His former partner and fiance` was killed right in front of him. He still blames God and can't risk another relationship.

Both are on a journey to to learn to trust God no matter what is thrown at them. I hope you run out and get this book it is excellent. you can find out more about Susan's books at God bless you all.

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