Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Promise to Protect by Liz Johnson

My book review today is on a Love Inspired Suspense for December. A Promise to Protect by Liz Johnson was a very good book. I highly recommend it. Liz Johnson has written several books for Love Inspired Suspense. I really enjoy the way she writes. Her books are fast paced, action filled stories with lots of romance, a great combination as far as I'm concerned. I love the fact that faith has an intricate part in her stories.

Ashley Sawyer is running a home for abused women and children. She has been abused in the past and wants to help these battered souls. She helps a young girl by moving her out of town to another shelter. The men that had her kept hostage resent that and go after Ashley and her clients.

Navy Seal Matt Waterstone is best friends with Ashley's brother, Tristan. Tristan is on the phone with Ashley when she is attacked. He send Matt, a wounded warrior, to protect her. Coming from several foster homes with abusive fathers he knows first hand about the problems Ashley deals with. His main problem is how to care for her, the women, and children without getting involved. He know he could never be worthy of a woman like Ashley and he fears what her brother would do to him if he did.

Ashley has always had a crush on Matt and even though she was badly hurt by her abuser she is now drawn to this wonderful man. Their journey throws them together in intimate ways so that both are struggling to not care for each other. While they are forced to rely totally on God.

I know you will enjoy the book, please check it out and more of her books at
God bless you all.


  1. Thanks for your kind review, Glenda! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed A Promise to Protect. It was so much fun to write about a Navy SEAL. And Ashley is the kind of heroine I love, spunky and just a little headstrong. She and Matt are such a fun couple. Thanks again!

  2. My family is a military one so I love the Navy Seals, Rangers, and Special Forces. My son was Special Forces in the Air Force so I love stories about them. Keep writing those awesome stories.