Journey to New Heights

Journey to New Heights
We need a heart for the lost

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hurt But Not Forsaken

Today I want to share what happened with my granddaughter this weekend. I want you to know that bad things happen to good people and that God is there right in the midst of it all. I praise God that we have victory and that God is always there for us.

Last fall Schanae, my granddaughter had problems with a boy that goes to her school. He has some mental issues and Schanae felt bad for him because of what her mother had gone through. This boy became a stalker and made Schanae's life a nightmare. The police were called in when several of the girls were chased by this teen and ran into a store and 911 was called. He was taken to Kearney to a mental facility. He was put on medication and has been doing better.

Last week I saw him on the corner of our block and was concerned, Schanae told me he was on meds and was doing good. He just wanted to walk with her. I was very concerned. This child had potential to become a real threat to the kids in our school and we have had enough trauma in our school this year. (We just had a Junior found dead in his home this weekend, he was in Schanae's classes) I talked to my daughter and she talked to Schanae about this boy.

Saturday Schanae went to her friend's house to watch the Nebraska Football Game. She was walking home around six-thirty. She was just two blocks from our home when this boy attacked her. He told her he loved her and needed her as he struck her and kicked her. She did fight back, bless her heart. A older couple saw what was happening and yelled for him to stop. Schanae managed to break away from him and run home. To some they might not see the hand of God in this situation but it could have been so much worse. I praise God for the couple and for her being able to get away.

The police were called, pictures of the bruises were taken, and the boy was arrested for third degree assault. We were told to get a restraing order. Tuesday I drove her to school and picked her up but the boy was back in school acting like nothing had happened. I don't know or understand why things like this happen to good people but they do. We live in an evil world and the devil likes to torment the Christians that cause him problems.

We pray for protection for her each day and we will continue to do so and with much more vigor. Our God is a good God and I know He will keep her in the palm of His hand. Do you know God as your protector. In this evil world we need to claim the 91st Psalm each day especiall for our kids. God bless you all.

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